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Nexvoo Health Adjustable Desk Chair w/ 3D Armrests & Health Monitor

The Nexvoo Health is a fully adjustable ergonomic breathable desk chair that comes equipped 3D Armrests which also integrate a built-in Health Monitor for tracking your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and your fatigue index. Overall, this fully adjustable ergonomic desk chair is very, very comfortable, and thanks to the smart integration of its 3D Armrests' built-in Health Monitor, you can conveniently track some of your most important health vitals at any time of the day by simply using the Nexvoo Chair App via your Smartphone. With it, you can have an ergonomic chair that's designed to keep you comfy and keep your whole posture properly supported during multiple hours of sitting at your office desk while simultaneously allowing you to easily keep an eye on your overall health throughout your working hours.

Twelve South HoverBar Duo – Hands-Free Adjustable iPad & iPhone Stand

The Twelve South HoverBar Duo is a height adjustable, multi-position iPad and iPhone Stand that can conveniently free your hands from your device so that you can interact with it in a hands-free manner, ultimately allowing you to really focus on whatever task you have at hand while still being able to use your device at the same time. You can install this stand just about anywhere, whether that's at your desk to use your device as your secondary go-to monitor, at your kitchen to easily and more conveniently follow any cooking recipes, or anywhere else in the house. With it, you can have your iPad (or iPhone) comfortably lifted to eye-level, which allows you to keep your hands free so that you can ultimately focus on other tasks at hand while still being able to interact with your device. Lastly, since the Twelve South HoverBar Duo is suitable for almost any iPad setup, you can be sure that this sleek iPad / iPhone accessory will immediately give you a boost in productivity and will ultimately level up your iPad / iPhone game with HoverBar Duo.

Quartet Adjustable Desktop Glass Monitor Riser with Dry-Erase Board

The Quartet is a height-adjustable desktop glass monitor riser that comes equipped with an integrated dry-erase board and a dedicated Accessory Tray slot, which can be easily hidden away to declutter your desktop. Featuring a retractable, non-absorbent, and glass tempered Dry-Erase Glass Board that's perfect for any of your note taking needs, this sleek height-adjustable monitor riser is a great desk attachment to have installed at your personal office workspace, as it allows you to increase your desk's available space, thus ultimately allowing to increase your productivity.

Poly Studio P15 – All-In-One Personal USB Video Bar (FULL REVIEW)

The Poly Studio P15 is an all-in-one USB video bar that comes equipped with a high-performance 4K camera, and a powerful built-in speaker and multi-microphone array. Integrating a 4K camera that features a built-in Privacy Shutter and an Automatic Camera Framing functionality and a high-quality built-in speaker and multi-microphone array that can respectively play and record audio at a very high-quality, this sleek USB Video Bar makes up for a great all-in-one video-conferencing solution that you can use at your home office for all of your online video-conferencing needs. Last but not least, its NoiseBlockAI Technology and Acoustic Fence Technology ensure that all potential background noise is kept at a minimum level.

Victor DC830B Height Adjustable Compact Standing Desk

The Victor DC830B is a height adjustable electric standing desk that's designed to offer users both sitting and standing flexibility with the simple push of a button. Overall, this height adjustment standing desk can be a great addition for any office space, and that goes especially for those who have to sit countless hours working at a desk.

CoreChair Classic – Active Sitting Ergonomic Office Chair for Great Posture

The CoreChair Classic is a comfortable active sitting ergonomic office chair that's specially designed to improve your posture while also helping you to promote movement in order to help you build core strength.

GateKeeper Halberd – Wireless Proximity Security Token Authenticator & USB Sensor Set

The GateKeeper Halberd is a wireless proximity security token authenticator that works as a wireless access control system to authenticate users quickly and securely into computers and websites by wirelessly generating proximity-based 2FA tokens. With this small, yet ingenious device, you can easily eliminate the need of performing manual logins forever.

BeYou Transforming Chair – Change The Way How You Sit, Forever!

Sitting is a concept that has been with us since the dawn of time, but this chair will completely change your perspective on how you view sitting. The BeYou Chair lets you sit comfortably in 10+ ways, for long hours on end! Forget everything you know about chairs and check out this revolutionary chair.