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Victor DC830B Height Adjustable Compact Standing Desk

The Victor DC830B is a height adjustable electric standing desk that's designed to offer users both sitting and standing flexibility with the simple push of a button. Overall, this height adjustment standing desk can be a great addition for any office space, and that goes especially for those who have to sit countless hours working at a desk.

CoreChair Classic – Active Sitting Ergonomic Office Chair for Great Posture

The CoreChair Classic is a comfortable active sitting ergonomic office chair that's specially designed to improve your posture while also helping you to promote movement in order to help you build core strength.

GateKeeper Halberd – Wireless Proximity Security Token Authenticator & USB Sensor Set

The GateKeeper Halberd is a wireless proximity security token authenticator that works as a wireless access control system to authenticate users quickly and securely into computers and websites by wirelessly generating proximity-based 2FA tokens. With this small, yet ingenious device, you can easily eliminate the need of performing manual logins forever.

BeYou Transforming Chair – Change The Way How You Sit, Forever!

Sitting is a concept that has been with us since the dawn of time, but this chair will completely change your perspective on how you view sitting. The BeYou Chair lets you sit comfortably in 10+ ways, for long hours on end! Forget everything you know about chairs and check out this revolutionary chair.

Koble Juno Desk – Smart Height Adjustable Desk

The Koble Juno Desk is a smart height-adjustable desk that can be adjusted between a sitting- and a standing-desk via its Control Panel with LED Screen, which can save up to 4 preset positions, while also featuring a built-in Wireless Charging Plate and USB Charging Ports.

The Biggest Mistakes when Building a Home Office

Whether you're employed or run your own business, a home office can provide sufficient flexibility to manage your time and accomplish tasks with ease. Home offices have become popular throughout recent years. However, many professionals and entrepreneurs find themselves making the same design flaws and mistakes when building personalized working spaces. Here are 5 major mistakes that you should avoid when building your home office.

All33 BackStrong C1 Ergonomic Office Chair (REVIEW) – Made of Vegan Leather

The All33 BackStrong C1 is a super-comfortable ergonomic office chair that comes at a more affordable price than most other high-end ergonomic office chairs. Not only does it encourage a better posture at your workspace, but it could also potentially help to reduce any health costs associated with having a bad posture while sitting at your desk. Overall, you'll be highly satisfied if you do end up deciding to purchase this ergonomic office chair. While it might be indeed a bit costly, just look at it as a long-term investment for your health. You simply cannot put a price on health, including both yours and your family members' health.

SORA – The Ultimate All-In-One Reusable Planner for Life

The SORA Planner is a modern take on the traditional planner, specially designed to simplify and improve your life. Created by IPPINKA, a design company focused on creating functional, well-made lifestyle products, the SORA Planner is made with erasable whiteboard pages to stimulate goal-oriented and idea-driven scheduling over and over again. SORA is a multi-sectional planner designed to help you to organize your professional, personal, and creative endeavours.