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iStorage datAshur SD – PIN Authenticated Hardware Encrypted USB Flash Drive

The iStorage datAshur SD is a Pin-authenticated and hardware-encrypted USB-C flash drive that utilizes removable iStorage microSD Cards, ultimately reading their stored data in the most secure way to date. Not only is this state-of-the-art USB flash drive very easy to use, but is also extremely secure. Rather than the classic USB flash-drive design of incorporating fixed memory, iStorage's brand new datAshur SD is uniquely designed with an integrated microSD Card slot that enables users this data-secure USB-C flash drive with as many iStorage microSD Cards as they desire, and these can even vary in storage capacity as users require. This ultimately offers you a unique, ultra-secure and cost-effective data storage solution that allows you to securely share and scale unlimited encrypted data for any purposes, whether those are business-related or not.

Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Light & Quntis 30W PD Fast Charger

The Quntis ScreenLinear Pro is a sleek LED Light Bar for PC Monitors that features built-in Touch Controls for adjusting its such as brightness and color temperature and an Auto-Dimming functionality. This LED Light Bar for Computer Monitors can perfectly illuminate your desk and keyboard while simultaneously blocking blue light and optical radiation to ensure that no glare is reflected on your monitor's screen.The Quntis 30W PD Fast Charger is a powerful 30W PD Fast Charger for iPhone and iPad that's fully compatible with all of Apple's most recently released smartphones and tablets, including both the iPhone 13 lineup as well as the company's latest iPad Pro. Offering wired charging at full 30W, this powerful Wall Charger can offer you up to 3 times the charging speed of a standard wall charger, thus allowing you to get the battery levels on your iOS devices up to 50% charge in just 30 minutes of time.

Meeting Owl Pro – 360º Smart Video-Conferencing Camera, Mic & Speaker

The Meeting Owl Pro is a WiFi-enabled 360º smart video-conferencing device camera that boasts a high-resolution 1080p video and great sound quality, which is even compatible with all Video-Conferencing Platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more. In other words, this all-in-one video conferencing device is designed to provide business workers of all sorts with an exceptional video-conferencing experience for all of their business meetings held virtually.

NerdyTec CouchMaster Cycon 2 – Portable Padded Lap Desk

The NerdyTec CouchMaster Cycon 2 is a comfortable portable padded lap desk that features large cushions, 6 USB 3.0 ports and a cable management system.

FlexiSpot Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk

The FlexiSpot Kana Pro is a high-end ergonomic standing desk that features a natural bamboo desktop with a scratch-resistant coating, a versatile Adjustable Height Setting that can go between 23.6”-49.2” and multiple Smart Functions like 4 Memory Presets, a Child Lock, and an Anti-collision Safety Function. In addition, right under the desk, there's also a Cable Tray that works as the desk's dedicated cable management system, which ultimately allows you to keep your workstation safe and nicely organized. All and all, this is a great height adjustable ergonomic standing desk to go with.

Electric Desks That Can Enhance Your Experience

Height Adjustable Electric Desks make for great additions to any office, as they allow you to regularly change the position of your body. Here are the best ones to pick from.

Firewalla Purple – Next-Generation Gigabit Cyber Security Device

The Firewalla Purple a software-based router that's designed to work as a next-generation gigabit smart firewall for home and work networks, featuring a ton of network security functionalities for any smart devices that are connected to said networks. This Gigabit Cyber Security device features a simple setup, as it can be connected directly to your ISP's modem, and it also features a very easy operation. Users are offered many different network security functionalities that can be easily configured and managed via the the Firewalla App. Those include Cyber Security features such as Active Protect for intrusion detection and prevention, device behavior analytics, and a customizable Network Rules Engine. There's also a Safe Search Filter for filtering adult content out of your browser's search results, a built-in ad blocker, integrated Parental Controls to protect children, detailed Bandwidth Usage Insights, and a dedicated and free-to-use VPN server from Firewalla, between many more useful network security features. Best of all, this Gigabit Cyber Security device is also extremely affordable, as it doesn't require you to subscribe to any sort of monthly fees in order to use all of its features. In sum, this device allows any concerned family to fully-protect an entire network, whether that's their home network or even a business network at your work location. With it, you can keep yourself protected from hackers at all times.

NYTSTND Quad Tray MagSafe – Multi-Device Wireless Charging Station

The NYTSTND Quad Tray MagSafe is a multi-device wireless charging station and desk-organizer that features Wireless Charging capabilities based on a 5-coil full surface charging area, as well as a Apple Watch Magnetic Charger and an extra Lightning or USB-C Output Cord for charging an additional device. Featuring Universal Fast Wireless Charging compatibility, this Magsafe-enabled charging doc integrates a MagSafe magnet that allows users to easily snap-on their Apple MagSafe Charger to the station, thus allowing them to create the most energy-efficient induction for their Apple devices.