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Blok 33 Wristwatch – Swiss-Made Kid-Proof Wristwatch for Children

The Blok 33 is a high-quality wristwatch for children that features a kid-proof construction, integrating a unique visual analog time management system that works based on a proprietary bi-directional rotating bezel that's divided into 4 simple Timer "Bloks” to help kids learn about time management, plus an easy-to-read dial with detailed time markers that help kids learn to tell time, while also boasting a 10 ATM Water-Resistance Rating that makes it water-resistant up to 100m, as well as an ETA Swiss Quartz movement for its time-system that's rated to have around 10 Years Battery. All in all, this children's wristwatch is a perfect first-time wristwatch for any kid, as it is comfortable to wear, built to be both environmentally-friendly and extremely durable, and most importantly of course, designed to teach kids how to tell time and manage time.

Time Concepts ProTek FIELD Series 3003 – All-Terrain Military Titanium Watch

The Time Concepts ProTek FIELD Series 3003 is a high-end all-terrain military-grade watch featuring an ultra-durable Titanium construction that's also rated to have a Water-Resistance Rating up to 100m, all while also boasting a self-powered ProGlo Swiss Illumination technology that provides a non-stop continuous glow for its watch hands and dial numbers for up to 25 years, plus an impressive 4-Year Battery. Built to have an outstanding durability and great style, all while also offering an elite performance for outdoors use, ProTek's Series 3000 FIELD line of high-end all-terrain military-grade wristwatches are perfect for outdoors enthusiasts from all background, no matter what your favorite outdoors activity (or activities) might be.

Time Concepts ProTek Dive Series 1004O Diving Watch

The Time Concepts ProTek Dive Series 1004O is a high-end and ultra-durable quartz diving watch that features a Water-Resistance Rating of up to 300m, all while also boasting an impressive 10 Years Battery plus a self-powered ProGlo Swiss Illumination technology that provides a non-stop continuous glow for its watch hands and dial numbers for up to 25 years. Built with both versatility and durability in mind, this amazing diving watch is simply one of the best models that you can currently find available.

A Few Wood Man The Xavier – Dark-Wood & Resin / Gold Men’s Wristwatch

The Xavier is a lightweight, durable, and stylish men's wristwatch made of high-quality wood and resin that portrays beautiful gold accents while also packing multiple modern features such as a day calendar, a stopwatch, and a chronograph, as well as luminous hands and time-markers that provide great visibility under low-light conditions. Not only does this wristwatch look super fashionable, but it's also designed with practicality and quality-of-life in mind, as it packs every functionality you'd want to have on a modern-day wristwatch. All in all, this is a really nice men's wristwatch for everyday-use, and it could also make for an incredible gift for any man that truly loves a good-looking and feature-packed wristwatch, no matter if that's a gift to celebrate their birthday, Father’s Day, a wedding anniversary, or even an engagement.

Time Concepts Szanto Heritage Aviator Small Seconds 2756 Pilot Wristwatch

The Szanto Heritage Aviator Small Seconds 2756 is a stylish and fairly durable high-end pilot watch for everyday-use that features a Thick Swiss SuperLuminova Lume layer on its watch hands and time-markers that ensures bright and long lasting visibility, along with a Water-Resistance Rating of up to 100m. All in all, this high-end pilot watch is both functional and stylish, which makes it a great everyday wristwatch for any occasion, whether that's a more casual environment or even a business meeting. Furthermore, it also makes for a great gift for any watch lover that's looking for a new timepiece that they can proudly add to their collection of watches.

Vincero The Altitude – Adventuring Pilot Watch for Everyday-Use

The Vincero The Altitude is a multi-function adventuring pilot watch for everyday use that features large Swiss Luminous Indices and Luminous Hands, Dual Time Dials, and a durable construction that's accompanied by a 10ATM Water-Resistance Rating. All in all, this unique pilot watch was designed to combine its stylish design together with an outspreading durability and with multiple exploration-worthy functionalities. In other words, the Vincero The Altitude comes ready straight out-the-box for both everyday endeavors and once in a lifetime adventures.

Time Concepts HLA 5401 Diving Watch (Water-Resistant up to 200m)

The Time Concepts HLA 5401 is a high-end and ultra-durable quartz diving watch that features a Water-Resistance Rating of up to 200m, as well as a thick Lume layer on both its watch hands and dial numbers. Additionally, since this diving watch is also part of the Official HLA Dive Collection, any professional diver, experienced lifeguard, or even dedicated surfer would know just how reliable this underwater timepiece really is. Coming built with both extreme-durability as well as deep underwater diving in mind, this awesome quartz diving watch is an excellent piece to keep you company while you explore what lurks in the ocean's deepest floors.

Nove Trident Automatic – Ultra-Slim Automatic Luxury Diving Watch

The Nove Trident Automatic is a stylish, highly-durable and ultra-slim automatic luxury diving watch that can withstand up to 660 ft. of water resistance, all while featuring a Swiss-made Automatic R150 Movement as well as Super Luminous technology for high visibility. Not only is this automatic diving watch extremely durable and very resilient underwater, but the luminescent coating from its Super Luminous technology on its index and hands also helps to create a vibrant glow for easy visibility in the dark, which ultimately offers users an easy time-telling, at anytime and anywhere. All that makes the Nove Trident Automatic the perfect diving watch for deep sea diving, even for darker waters. It's the perfect gift for any diving enthusiast that's been looking for their next premium timepiece.