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Robot Mop Review: What You Need To Know About the Coredy R750

The Coredy R750 Robot Mop and vacuum cleaner is often among the highest-rated automatic cleaners. Is it worth the hype? Should you buy one? This article provides an in-depth review of the Coredy R750.

Atomi Smart Outdoor Plug – WiFi & App-enabled Smart Home Plug

The Atomi Smart Outdoor Plug is an App-enabled Smart Home Plug that works via WiFi, allowing you to control any basic device that you plug into it through the Atomi Smart App. By using this simple App-enabled Smart Home Plug you can easily control any outdoor appliances or devices that you have connected to it by simply using the Atomi Smart App. Best of all, since the App is also compatible with both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, you can also use simple voice commands that are supported by either of these Voice Assistants to control any device that you have connected to this Smart Outdoor Plug. All and all, it's a great Smart Home device to have around for anyone that's looking to upgrade their standard and "Non-Smart" home appliances and devices' with new connectivity features, thus taking their Smart Home to an even higher level.

JBL CLIP 4 – Ultra-Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL CLIP 4 is a compact and ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker that comes equipped with a sturdy carabiner, while also featuring a IP67 Waterproof and Dust-proof rating and up to 10 hours of battery life. Thanks to its integrated carabiner, you can conveniently clip it to your backpack, belt, buckles or even to any clothing item with straps, and then ultimately explore the world while bringing your music along with you. Best of all, since this awesome portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker supports Wireless Bluetooth Streaming, you can have it stream your music from any Bluetooth-enabled device, whether that's your Smartphone, your tablet, or any other device that features Bluetooth connectivity. Thanks to that, you can have your main Bluetooth device inside your backpack and streaming your music directly to the JBL CLIP 4, which you can have clipped to any part of your exploration gear thanks to its integrated carabiner.

Peril Protect System – Smart 24/7 Monitoring Water Leak Detection System

The Peril Protect System is a subscription-based smart water leak detection system that can monitor water leaks 24/7 by using multiple sensors and a cellular hub to generate text and email alerts whenever a water leak is detected. Overall, the system is quite easy to install and its sensors are fairly responsive when it comes to detecting any potential water leaks, all while also providing you with 24/7 dedicated Staff support that will quickly dispatch a contractor if repairs are necessary.

Car and Driver Copilot Fatigue Monitor – Helps Prevent Fatigue & Distractions

The Car and Driver Copilot Fatigue Monitor is a smart car driving active monitoring security system that's designed to help you avoid and prevent the effects of fatigued and distracted driving while working 24/7, thus making it the perfect car security gadget to have around for driving during both day and night times. This driving monitoring security system can achieve this by utilizing a cutting-edge facial recognition and head tracking technology that's powered by 6 Non-contact IR LEDS in order to monitor your eye-, eyelid- and head-positioning. Thanks to that, if you either get distracted, if you're texting while driving, or even begin falling asleep, the Copilot will immediately get your attention with its loud, beeping alarm and its optional vibrating seat pad. With it, you can be much, much safer on-the-road at any time you're distracted or at any time that you're feeling tired, and that goes for both shorter and longer car drives, whether you're going on a long business trip on-the-road or you're simply going on a car drive across the country to visit distant relatives.

Smartmi Air Purfier P1 – Smart Air Purifier w/ 99.9% Filtration Rate & Voice Assistant Support

The Smartmi Air Purfier P1 is a Smart-Home compatible air purifier that features a 99.9% Filtration Rate, Auto Allergen Detection and the astonishing capability of achieving a 250m³/h CADR air-purification within 200 sq. ft. in just 10 minutes, as well as seamless compatibility with all three major smart home systems (Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and The Google Assistant). Featuring one of the best air-filtration ratings you'll ever see and coming at a very affordable price, the Air Purfier P1 is one of the best smart air purifiers that are currently available for purchasing for any concerned homeowner to go with during 2021. Best of all, by using its Smartphone Companion App (called the Smartmi Link APP), you can control the air purifier's air-filtration settings straight from your Smartphone, which basically allows you to stay focused on any task you might already have at hand, whether you're relaxing or trying to finish some work tasks at your home office.

What are Some of the Top Smart Home Gym Equipment?

Here are some of the top Smart Home Gym Equipment choices you have to stay engaged on your fitness journey during the COVID-19 pandemic.

infanttech zooby kin Baby Monitor (2-1 Combo – Fox and Giraffe)

The infanttech zooby kin Baby Monitor is a portable travel car baby monitor that comes together with one portable car-ready monitor screen as well as with two portable plush-cameras. In my personal opinion, this portable travel car baby monitor is the perfect on-the-go solution for any parents of newborn babies that commonly find themselves on-the-road while bringing their babies along for a ride. Overall, the system is fairly easy to setup and install / remove before and after each car ride, and it is also reasonably easy to operate.