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Casper Hybrid Pillow Mid Loft – Ultra-Soft Ergonomic Sleeping Pillow

The Casper Hybrid Pillow Mid Loft is an ergonomic sleeping pillow which features a unique 3-layer design that combines an-ultra soft Plush Knit Outer Cover with two inner layers of 100% polyurethane foam and 100% polyester fiber. All in all, this ergonomic sleeping pillow offers you a marshmallowy soft feeling while simultaneously proving to be completely supportive for your head, neck and shoulders, making it perfect for any sleeping position. With it, you're guaranteed to have a much more relaxed sleeping experience from which you'll wake up feeling better rested after each and every night.

AWOL Vision LTV-2500 – Ultra Short Throw 4K Tri-Color Laser Projector

The AWOL LTV-2500 is an ultra short throw laser projector that can play video at 4K UHD with support to HDR10+ thanks to its Triple Color Chroma Pure Laser, featuring an adjustable projection size between 80" to 150" at just 6" distance from a wall, built-in 36W Stereo Speakers that also support Dolby ATMOS, and multiple input options (two standard HDMI, one HDMI eARC, two USB 2.0, one Ethernet port, a Digital Audio Output port, an AV Input port, and a TV-Stick Pocket). In sum, this ultra short throw laser projector boasts a Triple Color Pure Laser engine that completely revolutionizes the way you watch your favorite content at home. The AWOL LTV-2500 can display its 4K UHD resolution video for up to a 120" image-size by projecting its radiant colors onto any wall, all while simultaneously creating an enthralling listening experience thanks to its 36W Stereo Speakers and Dolby ATMOS integration. Best of all, you can have it neatly set-up just inches away from your wall, which means that you won't even have to deal with a bunch of tangled wires.

Monster Blaster 3.0 – 120W Portable Speaker w/ Dual Stereo Sound

The Monster Blaster 3.0 is a 120-watts portable weatherproof speaker that features Bluetooth Connectivity with NFC Pairing, outstanding sound and bass, Dual Stereo Sound Modes, and up to 12 hours of battery life. With an explosive 120 watts of power and innovative features like its Environment EQ technology which automatically optimizes the speaker's sound by triggering its Indoor or Outdoor Modes with the simply push of a button, the Blaster 3.0 is THE portable Bluetooth speaker to have for all 21st-century music lovers. In addition, its ultra-durable construction allows the speaker to be brought virtually anywhere, while its internal battery doubles as a portable power bank via a built-in USB-A Output Charging Port for conveniently recharging the battery of your other devices.

Nothing ear (1) True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds

The Nothing ear (1) are ultra-lightweight True Wireless in-ear earbuds that feature a unique transparent design, decent sound quality, ANC Mode and Transparent Mode, built-in Touch Controls, In-App Adjustable Sound Settings, and up to 34 hours of battery life. Best of all, these sleek True Wireless in-ear earbuds bring you all of these convenient quality-of-life functionalities at an extremely affordable price-tag. With them, you can enjoy all of your favorite tunes while simultaneously displaying a truly modern style.

Geekey Multi-tool – Compact Stainless Steel Key-Shaped Pocket-Tool

The Geekey is a pocket-friendly key-shaped multi-tool made of Stainless Steel which boasts over 16+ unique functionalities that can quickly and conveniently aid you in many different scenarios. It features a Scoring Tip for cutting and opening objects, a Multi-Head Driving Tip that not only fits most screw- and bolt-head styles but also doubles as a Can Opener Tip, a Serrated Edge, an Open Wrench that also works as a Bottle Opener, a built-in Smoking Bowl and Smoking Pipe, an integrated Linear Edge File, a Ruler and a Protractor, a built-in Bit Driver Hex Pocket, a Closed Wrench, a Bike Spoke Key-Wrench that can also be used as a Wire Bender, and a Wire Stripper with a sharp wedge that doubles as Lanyard Hole for your key-chain. All in all, this pocket-friendly key-shaped multi-tool comes equipped with everything you need to face a multitude of everyday handyman scenarios, no matter if you're simply looking to give a quick-fix to your mountain-bike, or even if you're looking to explore the outdoors and enjoy Mother Nature while always remaining versatile.

OnePlus Buds Z2 – Best Budget TWS Earbuds w/ ANC & Dolby Atmos

The OnePlus Buds Z2 are 2nd-gen TWS earbuds that feature 11mm Dynamic Drivers for great sound quality, Active Noise Cancellation, Dolby Atmos Support, built-in Touch Controls, Bluetooth 5.2 Connectivity, and up to 38 hours of battery life. With these newly released TWS earbuds, you can dive straight into your favorite playlists with Google Fast Pair, which allows you to instantly pair the earbuds either with any OnePlus device, or alternatively, with non-OnePlus devices via the HeyMelody App.

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Rise Gardens Indoors Gardens – Smart Indoors Gardening Units

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