Terra Luna
Terra Luna is one of the first bitcoin blockchains to offer fully computational stablecoins for e-commerce. Terra's smart-contract blockchain and stablecoin ecosystem are intended to bring upcoming generation digital currency.
IOGear UpStream 4K Game Capture Card
The IOGEAR UpStream 4K Game Capture Card is a game capture adapter for gaming consoles like the Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PS4 equipped with a UVC-based driver and powered by a USB-C to USB-A cable which features a 3.5mm Headset Input port and a 3.5mm Console Controller Input port that can be used together as a Party Chat Mixer, along with a HDMI Input port that supports up to Ultra-HD [email protected] HDR input and pass-through as well as a HDMI Output port that supports multiple pass-through resolutions including [email protected], 1440p @144Hz and 1080p @240Hz, all while also featuring compatibility with all OBS and Livestreaming Software. Designed to be used for Windows 10 or 11, as well as for Mac OS X (10.2.x or later), this 4K game capture adapter card for gaming consoles allows console players to easily and conveniently stream their gameplay at a fairly high-quality and without any virtual lag / latency whatsoever.
If you’re not using poker tools while playing online, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. With the level of competition increasing each year, it makes sense to make use of these tools as much as you can. There are loads of different types of poker software tools, each with its own purpose and advantages.
Become a Popular Football Streamer
Football streams have become quite popular among football fans. Unlike just watching players play, taking control of a football team and stream that gameplay can be hard at first. Here are a few useful tips that can help you become a popular football streamer in 2022.