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HUSO Home+ 2.0 – Portable Sound Frequency & Sound Therapy Machine

The HUSO Home+ 2.0 is a portable sound frequency and sound therapy machine that works via a pair of over-the-ear headphones, featuring 16 sound programs that can help to reduce stress, as well as 2 sets of Wrist and Ankle Bands that are used to deliver gentle vibrations. With this revolutionary sound frequency and sound therapy machine you can have less stress in your life, achieve a better sleep every night and ultimately have a clear mind for more focus and a better performance overall, whether that's at work or at school. All and all, the HUSO Home+ 2.0 can greatly improve your quality of life, and that goes especially for people that deal with stressful environments on a daily basis.

Reviiv Light Knee Plus – Wearable Light Therapy Knee Recovery Device

The Reviiv Light Knee Plus is an innovative wearable knee recovery device that utilizes LED light therapy and next-generation target laser technology for helping you recover from knee injuries and to deal with chronic knee pain. The combination of these two technologies allows the Knee Plus to produce an optimal wavelength of targeted laser and LED light therapy for treating knee pain and knee-related injuries in just one session, which gives this wearable knee recovery device a better tissue penetration to both joints and muscles when compared to other wearable health gadgets that only utilize LED light therapy. That ultimately makes the Reviiv Light Knee Plus much more effective for targeted treatment of knee pain and knee injuries than most other wearable health gadgets available on the market. The Knee Plus is lightweight, portable, and fairly easy to use, and with it, you can have a much more reliable way of addressing and treating any sort of knee injuries as well as chronic knee pain.

KAWASAKISEIKI TR Life Style M-9 Nose Hair Trimmer

The TR Life Style M-9 Nose Hair Trimmer is a battery-powered nose hair trimmer that's compact, lightweight, splash-proof and extremely versatile, featuring a curvy dome-shaped design that's combined with an anti-bacterial-coating, thus making it super-safe and extremely easy to use. It's the perfect nose-hair grooming tool for any fashionable man or woman from today's modern society. With it, both men and women can get rid of any unwanted nose hairs without having to experience painful plucks or even dealing with sharp blades from scissors and standard trimmers.

Willo Essential Kit – Smart Automated Tooth-Brushing System for Kids

The Willo Essential Kit is a smart automated tooth-brushing system for kids aged between 6 and 17 that's designed to give parents a reliable solution to kick-start their children's oral-hygiene routine. Featuring a very simple, straightforward, and anxiety-free design that makes it easy and intuitive for kids to use it, this smart automated tooth-brushing system allows kids to easily and conveniently remove plaque and stains from their teeth by simply having them placing the system's tooth-brushing mouthpiece into their mouth. Best of all, parents are also given an easy and reliable way to track their children's brushing technique via their Smartphones by using the Willo App, which can even provide them with valuable tips that they can then share with their kids in order to teach them better brushing habits.

Henson Titanium Ti22 Razor – Reusable Luxury Titanium Shaving Razor

The Henson Titanium Ti22 is an ultra-durable and extremely lightweight reusable luxury shaving razor made of Titanium, featuring a blade support that's designed to give you a minimal blade exposure for preventing razor burn as well as in-grown hairs. By using this simple, ultra-sturdy, and extremely reliable safety shaving razor, you can add a sense of refined elegance to your morning shave. All and all, this is an outstanding Safety Razor that's designed to work in a completely risk-free manner, keeping you safe from any nicks, cuts, razor burns or bumps that you commonly experience when using a disposable razor. When compared to a disposable razor, the Henson Titanium Ti22 Shaving Razor cuts noticeably better. Not only that, but the fact that it will cost you significantly less in a long-term scenario than whatever brand of disposable razor you might be currently using now only makes it even better.

Respiray Wearable Air Purifier w/ UV-C Light – Innovative Virus Protection

The Respiray is a battery-powered wearable air purifier equipped with built-in UV-C Light Modules that can disinfect the air a user breathes in with invisible UV-C Light, inactivating over 99% of viruses and bacteria in the air. Combining UV-C Light Technology to inactivate over 99% of viruses and bacteria in the air by damaging their DNA or RNA so they cannot multiply with an an Intake Filter that helps to protect users against any dust or any other larger particles that can also be carried in the air we breathe, the Respiray allows each user to personally disinfect the air surrounding them. Additionally, its Attachable Face Shield works great on offering each user some extra protection against direct coughs and sneezes when circulating within crowded areas.

Nobu Trading releases innovative Nasal Healthcare Products for All Ages

Nobu Trading has recently released a reliable line of innovative nasal healthcare products that are formulated to be used by babies, kids, and adults alike.

OBELAB REPACE – Personal & Customizable Smart Fitness Device

The OBELAB REPACE is a personal and customizable smart fitness device that allows users to check their muscular oxygen saturation levels without requiring them to draw blood, while also providing them with personalized workout solutions. Not only that, but the REPACE also allows you users to measure their lactate threshold without having to draw blood, for which they can then comprehensively analyze their current workout performance capacities. By using this smart fitness device, you'll have an easy-to-use solution that allows you to perform Lactate Threshold Tests as well as measure your muscles' oxygen saturation levels without ever having to draw any blood. Best of all, the personalized workout solutions provided by the REPACE's dedicated Smartphone App make this smart fitness device one of the best that's currently available on the market.