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Sanikind mini dispenser – Reusable Eco-Friendly Sanitizer Spray Dispenser

The Sanikind mini dispenser is an eco-friendly sanitizer spray dispenser made from recycled ocean-bound plastic that's refillable and infinitely re-usable, holding 0.8 oz. of liquid sanitizer and lasting 450+ sprays per fill. By using this reusable eco-friendly sanitizer spray dispenser, you can ensure that you never have to buy another sanitizer bottle ever again. All in all, the Sanikind mini offers you a super-convenient hand sanitizer spray dispenser that not only is compact, portable, and easy to use, but also a better alternative to any hand sanitizers that come in plastic packaging.

Dosaze Contoured Orthopedic Pillow – Ergonomic Memory Foam Pillow

The Dosaze Contoured Orthopedic Pillow is a truly ergonomic pillow made of a Premium Memory Foam, featuring an orthopedic contour that cradles the natural curvature of your neck and promotes a proper alignment of your spine, ultimately providing the appropriate support for any sleeping position. Thanks to its unique orthopedic contour, this ultra-ergonomic pillow can give you the appropriate support during sleep that's necessary to relieve tension from your back, neck, and shoulders, no matter what sleeping position you prefer to sleep on. With it, you can be assured that you'll never wake up with pain in any of those areas, ever again. All in all, the Dosaze Contoured Orthopedic Pillow is a great choice to go with if you're looking for an ergonomic pillow that can greatly improve the quality of your sleep.

Snuggy Buddy 6-12 Month Wearable Lovey Blanket

The Snuggy Buddy Wearable Lovey Blanket is designed to be worn by babies from 6 to 12 months old, and features Adjustable Snaps on each shoulder, a Gently Weighted Plush Butterfly Lovey at the chest level that's always at hands-reach to make them feel safe, comfortable and secure, and Full-Zippers down each side that allow for easy diaper changes. Its Plush Butterfly Lovey's soft-plush fabric wings can greatly help babies to feel relaxed, as they give your little ones something soft and plushy for them to hold and soothe themselves back to sleep. Designed to be worn by babies aged between 6 to 12 months old, this ultra-soft wearable baby lovey blanket is a must-have for any parents that looking for a way to keep their little ones feeling both safe and comfortable during their time in a bassinet or a crib.

duoveo Gema – Smart Fitness & Wellness Tracker w/o Distracting Notifications

The duoveo Gema is a smart fitness tracker designed specifically for active lifestyles that discreetly tracks your daily activities without bringing up any sort of unnecessary notifications, all while featuring up to 1 year of battery life. In other words, this wearable fitness tracker is designed to get users down to the basics of a true fitness regime by eliminating unnecessary functionalities such as texting, calling and workout alerts. To put it simply, it only accurately tracks your fitness and health metrics all-day-long - including calories burned, miles walked, hours slept, and more - for which you can then simply check your personal progress when necessary via the DuoVeo App, which displays all of that collected fitness-data and health-data in simplified reports with accurate details. All in all, the duoveo Gema is THE smart fitness tracker to go for if you're looking to stay away from the ever-addicting digital screens, the distracting notifications, and the short-term battery life offered by other fitness trackers.

Pillow-Fight Haymaker – Adjustable Memory- & Reactive-Foam Pillow

The Pillow-Fight Haymaker is an adjustable ergonomic pillow that's features a specialized filling of noodle-shaped foams to easily conform its shape to any sleeping position and body size. In addition, the Haymaker's fully adjustable design also gives this awesome ergonomic pillow significantly more responsiveness, airflow, and comfort than traditional shredded or molded/block foam pillows. All in all, the Pillow-Fight Haymaker is designed with each person's comfort in mind to ultimately make anyone's sleeping time with it more comfortable than ever before.

Earfree NiteBuds – ASMR / Bluetooth Speaker Installed Pillow

The Earfree NiteBuds combine a speaker unit that boasts three-dimensional sound and Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity with a crater-shaped pillow that has room for this speaker, ultimately providing a comfortable sleep accompanied by music for those who need to listen to relaxing tunes for falling asleep. Designed with temperature, comfort, and health in mind, this 2-in-1 sleeping solution can be used to safely listen to music during sleeping hours in a more natural way than when using earbuds or headphones - which could potentially irritate your ears or even bring some serious ear-health issues. Thanks to its innovative design, the Earfree NiteBuds can ultimately ensure that you get the best possible sleeping quality each and every night when you're looking to listen to some music right before falling asleep.

Lyric Massager – Smart Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

The Lyric Massager is a smart handheld percussion therapeutic massager that features guided massage therapies with 3 different Speed Settings, a built-in Touch Screen, Wi-Fi Connectivity, and up to 4 hours of battery life. Working based on a breakthrough Rhythm Therapy that's designed to target muscles and safely stimulate the nervous system, this smart handheld percussion therapeutic massager offers you several different guided massage therapies that can help to temporarily relieve minor muscle aches and pains, as well as help to relax or energize, and even temporarily improve local blood circulation. All in all, this smart handheld percussion therapeutic massager brings you an extremely comfortable and non-aggressive massage experience that truly feels good each and every time you use it.

AVCOO Dual Channel TENS Massager – Portable Battery-Powered TENS Unit

The AVCOO Dual Channel TENS Massager is a pocket-sized battery-powered muscle stimulator TENS machine that can run up to 4 re-usable electrode pads simultaneously, featuring 2 Independent A/B Channels, 20 Pre-Programmed Massage Modes, 20 Intensity Levels, USB Charging and up to 20 hours of battery life. Featuring a total of 20 Pre-Programmed Massage Modes, this TENS machine is designed to help you reduce the pain and muscle spasms caused by sports injuries or by other conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, period pain, arthritis and more. By using the AVCOO Dual Channel TENS Massager, you can more easily keep your pain away so that you can ultimately achieve a more comfortable lifestyle.