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Vioguard Cubby Plus – 360º UV-C Disinfection Chamber for Personal Items

The Vioguard Cubby Plus is a powerful UV-C Disinfecting Chamber equipped with a UV-C bacteria-blasting light that can deliver the precise amount of UV-C light required to destroy infectious agents. Overall, this powerful UV-C Sanitizing Gadget is very reliable, and does a great job at sanitizing just about any small everyday items with its 4 powerful UV-C Light Bulbs, which can completely cover any item's surface from all directions and ultimately kill up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses at the molecular level. Best of all, since both of its Disinfection Cycles only take you either 60 or 90 seconds of your time, that also makes this UV-C Sanitizing Gadget is very quick and very easy to use.

FocusCalm Headset – Wearable EEG Neurofeedback Brain Training Device

The FocusCalm Headset is a wearable EEG brain training device that can be used for stress reduction and concentration improvement, as it utilizes EEG technology to detect and analyze your brain's activity, which is then translated to a neurofeedback score that's displayed on its Smartphone App in order to help you train and strengthen your brain's ability to get into a state of relaxation and also to strengthen different brain functions such as memory, attention span and decision-making, all through a variety of engaging activities, while also providing you with real-time measurements of your current stress level on a scale from 0 to 100. By wearing it just a few minutes a day, you can learn how to control your thinking, ultimately allowing you to have much better focus and a calmer mind throughout the day, which can lead to higher productivity, faster decision-making and better results in sport and work.

Sharper Image PowerBoost Pro+ – Portable Hot and Cold Percussion Massager

The Sharper Image PowerBoost Pro+ is a portable state-of-the-art percussion massager powered by a whisper-quiet Brushless Anti-Stall Motor that comes with 6 interchangeable attachment heads which are specifically designed to target different body areas, including a unique specialized Dual-Temperature Hot and Cold massage head capable of reaching temperatures as low as 38ºF and as high as 115ºF, all while also featuring a built-in LED Display, built-in Temperature Controls, 6 Massage Speed Settings, and up to 5 hours of battery life. Designed for post-workout recovery and relaxation and targeted pain relief, this innovative percussion massager can be used for immediate post-workout relaxation and overall pain relief, to help alleviate muscle soreness and tight knots, and also to reduce lactic acid buildup.

GTX GPS SmartSole – 4G Shoe Insert GPS Tracking System for People that Wander

The GTX GPS SmartSole is a pair of wearable 4G-enabled water-resistant smart shoe inserts designed specifically for people living with mental disorders that can cause them to wander and get lost which work as a high-performance GPS tracking system that's used together with its GTX Smart Locator App, from which where users can create geozones and circular perimeters around any addresses, ultimately providing families and caregivers with a reliable way of keeping track of their relatives / assigned patients, working across all 50 USA States and Territories in areas of cellular coverage. By using these wearable 4G-enabled water-resistant smart shoe inserts, you can better protect people living with mental disorders from wandering, as well as keep better track of them if that situation ever occurs. Thanks to the App's accurate alerts you'll be able to prevent those people from going far and ultimately getting lost.

JOVS Blacken Photorejuvenation Device – Smart Skincare Treatment Device

The JOVS Blacken Photorejuvenation Device is a professional-grade smart skincare treatment device for at-home use which works based on a 500-650nm DPL precise narrow spectrum light technology that's irradiated through a Sapphire cooling surface area onto the dermis of your skin by generating a gentle heat, allowing it to be used for anti-aging of your skin, for skin tightening and skin lifting, and also for reducing skin redness as well as spots and acne, with the device featuring a simple Interface with built-in Controls, plus 3 different Skincare Modes. All in all, this smart skincare treatment device can offer you a way of taking proper care of your skin as well as rejuvenate your skin, all in a safe and painless manner.

Mode Toothbrush – Smart Electric Toothbrush w/ Wireless Charging Base

The Mode Toothbrush is a smart rechargeable electric toothbrush rated to have a IPX7 Waterproof construction, featuring a powerful Sonic Vibrations Mode that makes it capable of generating 38,000 vibrations per minute, a 2-minute built-in Brushing Timer that reminds you to clean all 4 quadrants of your teeth, and also a built-in Nightlight for illumination during nighttime, all while boasting an impressive 30 days of battery on a single charge, plus support to Wireless Charging via an IPX4 Splash-Proof Magnetic Wireless Charging Dock. All in all, this smart rechargeable electric toothbrush brings users a reliable and straightforward way to perform their oral-care on a daily basis, all while also packing additional quality-of-life features such as its 2-minute built-in Brushing Timer and its built-in Nightlight.

UVCeed UVC Mobile Sanitizer – Smartphone-enabled UVC-Light Sanitizing Device

The UVCeed UVC Mobile Sanitizer is an ultra-portable battery-powered smartphone-enabled sanitizing device that boasts medical-grade mercury-free LED UVC light-rays which can kill bacteria, germs and viruses on just about any surface within seconds, including COVID-19 and other flus, featuring compatibility with any modern smartphone, including MagSafe phones and MagSafe phone cases, plus Bluetooth Connectivity for operating the device via the UVCeed App, and around 1 week of battery life. All in all, this sleek UV-C Light sanitizing device is an effective, reliable, safe, and easy-to-use portable sanitization solution that can be used to disinfect / sterilize just about any surface or object that you require to clean and keep clean.

StickTite Lenses – Reusable Instant Stick-On Bifocal Reading Lenses

The StickTite Lenses are reusable instant stick-on bifocal reading lenses that integrate a patented adhesion technology which allows them to be applied to any pair of non-prescription eyewear without the use of adhesives and ultimately transform it into bifocal readers within minutes, all without leaving any sort of residue on that eyewear's lenses. All in all, these reusable instant stick-on bifocal reading lenses allow you to transform just about any type of eyewear into bifocal readers, meaning that by using them, you'll never again have to carry around an extra pair of prescription reading glasses with you just to be able to properly read things and see objects within your proximity.