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Bright Health Red Light Therapy Foot Pain Relief Device

The Bright Health Foot Pain Relief Device is an innovative and effective device for treating foot pain that works based on Infrared Therapy and Red Light Therapy, ultimately offering you a great therapy method for dealing with foot pain relief. This device can assist you with dealing with foot pain resulting from Arthritis, Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, Tendonitis, and some other common causes of chronic foot pain. Thanks to its Infrared Therapy technology and Red Light Therapy technology, this unique device for foot pain relief can accelerate healing, repair tissue, and relax all the muscles within your feet, as well as enhance your recovery from extensive exercise or even from injury.

FootNanny Olive Oil Power Kit – Moisturizing Olive Olea Oil Foot Cream

The FootNanny Olive Oil Power Kit is an olive olea oil foot cream that's whipped light, working great for keeping your hands and feet moisturized and featuring just a very light aroma of olive oil with no extra scents. Coming filled with special ingredients like Shea Butter, Cold Pressed Olea Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Soy, the moisturizing properties on this unisex skincare product for hands and feet are simply astonishing. With it, you can very easily keep the skin of your hands and feet perfectly moisturized by simply applying this olive olea oil foot cream on those areas when necessary.

Orchyd – 3-in-1 Connected Period Care Set & Advanced Period Tracking App

The Orchyd is a 3-in-1 connected period care set for women and everyone who has a period, and the set is composed by a Bluetooth-enabled Smart Wallet, an advanced Period, Fertility and Health Tracking App and a OB/GYN (obstetrician-gynecologist) Network. Featuring a Smart Wallet that can hold one-day supply of any menstrual care product, a small Bluetooth Tracker that's used for the Bluetooth connection between the wallet and the Orchyd App, and a very user-friendly Period, Fertility and Health Tracking App that works as a flow, fertility, ovulation, and overall health tracker that's compatible with Apple Health Kit for data transfer, this period care set can completely change the way that women look at their menstrual care routine, making it much easier to manage as well as completely worry-free. Not only that, but the Orchyd App also features a Reminder System that regularly alerts users to change or remove their menstrual care products at the appropriate time, both for peace of mind as well as for reducing the risk of developing Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), all while also reminding users about upcoming menstrual cycles for ease and flexibility while on-the-go. Last but not least, the Orchyd App also provides users with 24/7 direct access to a medical network of certified healthcare professionals that's integrated by board-certified ob-gyns (obstetrician-gynecologists), which are are available for chatting at any time and without insurance for any potential questions and/or concerns. All that makes the Orchyd Period Care Set the last solution that any woman will ever need for her menstrual care routine.

UVC Labs Wave Sanitizer – UV-C Light Sanitizing Tool for Smartphones

The UVC Labs Wave Sanitizer is a portable UV-C light sanitizing tool for personal use that can be attached to the back of your Smartphone and then paired with its Companion App, which anyone can use to fight everyday germs, viruses and bacteria. Featuring 5 UV-C Lights that boast a safe 265-280nm Wavelength for disinfection purposes, this portable UV-C light sanitizing tool can sanitize any surface in just 15 to 30 seconds, effectively killing up to 98% of pathogens like viruses and bacteria in that time frame. Additionally, the unit also features 5 built-in LED Lights for better lighting conditions when using the device. Together with its Wave Sanitizer App , which guides users through all of the sanitization steps to properly sanitize an object or surface while using the device, the UVC Labs Wave Sanitizer ultimately makes ultraviolet technology easily accessible to anyone by seamlessly integrating with just about any Smartphone. By getting yourself this innovative portable UV-C light sanitizing tool, you can easily turn your Smartphone into a portable UVC Sanitizer to conveniently sanitize any surface or object when required. All that ultimately makes the UVC Labs Wave Sanitizer the only sanitizing travel gadget that you’ll ever need.

Achedaway Cupper – Smart Cupping Therapy Massager w/ Red Light Therapy

The Achedaway Cupper is a multifunctional smart cupping therapy massager that combines dynamic suction, smart massage and red light therapy all into one device. Working based on Dynamic Cupping Technology to offer you a rhythmic alternation of suction and release for a faster blood circulation to its cupping area which ultimately helps you achieve a shorter recovery time, all while simultaneously offering you Red Light Therapy, for pain relieve and for treating inflammation, this multifunctional smart cupping therapy massager makes for an incredible recovery tool both for professional and for at-home use. Lastly, since you're offered 5 different Suction Modes and 5 Intensity Levels to choose as well as the possibility to use and adjust up to 6 cups at a time, that only makes this gadget a much more versatile recovery tool.

A Whiff of Fresh Air – uHoo Indoor Air Quality Monitor for a Healthier Life

Meet uHoo, a beautiful and super-comprehensive indoor air quality monitor that can detect VOCs, Dust, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Ozone, Air Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity. Not only that, but this state-of-the-art air quality monitor also integrates information about your health and home environment so that you can see what you breathe in, predict when it is not safe to breathe, and ultimately to also help you prevent asthma, flu, and allergies.

CalmiGo – Breathing Regulation Device for Immediate & Long-Term Relief

The CalmiGo is a pocket-sized calming device that can help you relax so that you can ultimately manage anxiety and panic attack symptoms via guided breathing for helping you with breathing regulation, via aromatherapy with relaxing pleasant scents and via multi-sensory stimulations, with all these three proven anxiety-relief methods working in just 3 minutes to help you create a sense of calm. Working as an effective anti-anxiety and anti-stress solution, this portable breathing regulation device can easily help you to deal with any potential daily stressors that you might have to deal with throughout your day, thus allowing you to calmly get back to your normal daily routine. Whether you're having a stressful and busy day at work, having trouble dealing with noisy and/or stressful situations during your daily commuting, having a hard time concentrating, or even having a hard time falling asleep, using the CalmiGo allows you to more easily calm your body and mind and stay in control of your anxiety and/or panic attack symptoms.

SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Seat – Chair Lift-Assist Device for Seniors

The SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Seat is a portable medical chair lift-assist device for seniors that can be attached to reclining seats, working with a simple remote that slowly inflates/deflates the unit to gently help seniors raise from and sit down on their seat. Featuring a Washable Seat Cover, 4 different height levels, and an easy-to-use remote control for controlling the unit, this lift-assist device is perfect for elderly users, but it is also great for any disabled / movement-impaired person that struggles to get on / off their seat. All and all, the SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Seat can help seniors (as well as any potentially movement-impaired person) to better maintain their independence, thus making it the perfect living-room and bedroom accessory for those that are living alone and separately from their younger family members.