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Loop Earplugs – Discrete & Reusable Hi-Fi Noise-Reducing Silicone Earplugs

The Loop Earplugs are noise-reducing earplugs made of soft silicone that are thoroughly designed to reduce the noise-level of any surrounding loud noises by a minimum of 18dB. By wearing these noise-reducing silicone earplugs you can you make unwanted / bothersome loud noises more manageable, which ultimately allows you to more naturally experience any surrounding sounds (especially loud ones) without ever having to worry about getting your hearing damaged (for which said damage could potentiality even be permanent).

Foxie Curls Foxie Curler – Battery-Powered Automatic Hair Curler

The Foxie Curler is an innovative battery-powered automatic hair curler equipped with a high-end Ceramic curl chamber that greatly reduces frizz and adds shine to your hair, while also boasting both a Multi-directional Curl Action and Anti-Tangle Protection, as well as an LCD Digital Display that shows all settings, 4 different Heat Settings that can be set as high as 390°F, along with 4 Timer Settings, a 15-minutes Auto Shut-Off function, and up to 60 minutes of battery-life. Featuring a completely cordless operation, this battery-powered automatic hair curler is extremely easy to use, both at home as well as while on-the-go, and can be used to create any type of curly hairstyle, from tight to loose curls or even to give your hair some lustrous waves. Best of all, it can be even used by any woman, no matter their natural hair type.

Magic Weighted Blanket (Chenille) – Soft-fabric Weighted Blanket for Adults

The Chenille Magic Weighted Blanket is a super comfortable weighted blanket for adults made of a durable and very soft Chenille fabric that's both machine washable and machine dryable, all while also coming with an attached duvet cover. Best of all, there no zippers or ties to undo and re-do each time you need to wash it and dry it, meaning that cleaning it is a simple and easy task. All in all, this luxurious weighted blanket can offer you a truly soothing feeling that can really help you to feel more relaxed and also help you to more easily fall asleep.

Tend Deep – Direct Vibration Therapy Device for Tendinopathy & Tendon Pain

The Tend Deep is a compact and rechargeable direct vibration stimulation device that uses pinpointed direct vibrational stimulation to help ease the pain of tendinopathy or sore tendons, featuring 6 Vibration Patterns and 4 Speed Level Settings, and around 1 hour of battery life. Designed specifically for targeting any tendon or area of the body that has either pain, swelling, stiffness or simply needs more blood-circulation, the material surface and compact size of the Tend Deep works as a trigger point tool and trigger point release for targeting any area of the body where people are currently experiencing any sort of pain. Whether it's from practicing sports on a regular basis, from a sedentary lifestyle due to long-period stationary tasks such as intensive desk-work at the office, or even just from the typical stress from nowadays more chaotic lifestyle, the Tend Deep offers everyone an affordable tendon-pain and overall-pain treatment solution that's super easy to use.

Luster Premium White Pearl – Pro Light Dental Whitening System

The Luster Premium White Pearl is a professional light dental-whitening system that can be used as a flexible teeth-whitening treatment solution to remove teeth discoloration by simply following quick 2-minute treatments. The kit is safe-to-follow and comes with guided user instructions that are very easy-to-follow. Additionally, after using it for just one week, you'll most likely start to see visible results and be proud to rock a pearly-white smile like all the celebrities you commonly see on TV and Social Media. With the Luster Premium White Pearl you'll have an affordable and clinically-proven safe-to-follow teeth-whitening method that you can start right from the comfort of your home.

befree zipOns – Adaptive Zipper Pants for Children & Adults

The befree zipOns are ultra-comfortable and easy-to-dress adaptive zipper pants for children and adults that are made with a soft and moisture-wicking fabric, featuring side-zippers on both sides of the legs from the ankles / hem all the way up to the waist, along with an elastic waist and deep front pockets. Designed to be easily unzipped and opened completely on both sides of the legs, these adaptive zipper pants are extremely comfortable, as well as super-functional and very, very stylish. All in all, the befree zipOns Adaptive Zipper Pants give anyone that's limited by standard clothing designs a truly functional pair of pants that's both easy and convenient to put on and off, ultimately giving those individuals something that they'll be happy and proud to wear on a daily basis.

ISOtunes Sport DEFY Slim – Bluetooth Hearing-Protection Shooting Earmuffs

The ISOtunes Sport DEFY Slim are ultra-comfortable electronic hearing-protection earmuffs for shooting that feature a IPX4 Resistance Rating, Active Gunshot Noise-Suppression of 21 dB, a Background Noise-Dampening Microphone, built-in Tactical Sound Controls, Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity, and up to 25 hours of battery life. Designed with hearing-health and safety in mind, these electronic hearing-protection earmuffs offer you (and your ears) superior protection at any time you're looking to shoot a few rounds. By using the ISOtunes Sport DEFY Slim, you'll always be able to easily align your sights with pretty much any gun, and all that without ever sacrificing your safety. All in all, these hearing-protection shooting earmuffs are thoroughly designed to keep a user's hearing-health perfectly protected at all times. They're very comfortable, easily adjustable for almost any head size, and extremely safe when it comes to protecting your ears and eardrums from loud noises such as gunshots.

The Best Mini-Massage Gun: BOB AND BRAD Q2

The Bob and Brad Q2 is an ultra-portable mini massage gun that features 5 Adjustable Speeds up to 3000rpm, and with 5 Massage Head Accessories included.