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    Power Pony – Engine-Powered Ride-On Pony Toy for Children

    Ride-on-toys make for awesome toys for young children. Firstly, ride-on-toys are incredibly fun and exciting for children to ride. More importantly, they’re also a great way for kids to learn and develop their motor skills during their childhood, as it requires them to maintain their balance and coordinate their movements while riding them, while also helping to improve their spatial awareness as they contour and dodge obstacles in their path. Another great benefit of ride-on-toys is that they also provide kids with a means of physical activity in the form of a fun riding experience. Lastly, this type of toys can also help children to build their confidence in similar activities, such as learning how to ride a bicycle. With all that said, check out the Power Pony, an awesome newly released ride-on-toy that’s guaranteed to provide your kids with endless hours of riding fun.

    The Power Pony is an interactive ride-on pony toy for children which is powered by a patent-pending ZüME engine, featuring a soft body and a fluffy mane that kids can hug and brush, a removable saddle seat and harness, built-in foot pedal controls and built-in handlebars that make it easy for kids to ride, and interactive lights and realistic horse sounds, while also boasting Bluetooth connectivity, between 45 to 60 minutes of battery, as well as in-App controls via the ZüME App, which allows parents to configure its speed settings according to their child’s age, physical capabilities, and riding skills, for which they can choose between 3 different preset Speed Modes, including Beginner (trot), Intermediate (galop), and Advanced (race), plus a PRO Speed Mode for setting their own custom speeds, with a maximum speed limit of 6 mph.

    Imagined by kids, designed for kids, and built to ride like a real horse, this engine-powered ride-on pony toy is hand crafted for play and interaction. Not only does it make for a fantastic addition to any child’s toy collection, but you can be assured that it bring your kids endless hours of fun and excitement as they ride it in style.

    Now, let’s have a more detailed look at the Power Pony and see exactly how this interactive ride-on pony toy is designed to work, and also discuss how children are meant to ride it and control it.


    Starting with the toy’s size, the Power Pony comes at a reasonably large size that makes it safe and easy for kids to ride, with the toy measuring exactly 24 inches long from its tail to its handlebars by 20 inches tall from the ground to its saddle.

    Power Pony
    Power Pony – Dimensions

    The reach distance from the foot pads to the saddle is approximately 16 inches, so even younger kids can ride it.

    In regards to the appropriate age for riding the Power Pony, the company says that this ride-on pony toy can be used by children of all ages for as long as they’re old enough to reach the pedals, meaning that if a child can in fact reach the toy’s foot pedals, then its entirely their parents decision.

    Power Pony
    Appropriate to ride by children that can reach its foot pedals

    The company also recommends that kids always wear shoes for better control of the toy’s foot pedals and also a helmet for their safety when riding the Power Pony.

    The Power Pony also features a super cute and kid-friendly design that closely resembles a real life pony. For our review unit, we received the Champ color model, which comes in a gorgeous Tan (Light Brown) color that resembles ponies with a Buckskin color coat, along with Dark Brown accents for its saddle and harness.

    kid friendly
    Cute Kid-Friendly Design // Durable Construction ( max 150 lbs. / 58 kg weight limit )

    Moreover, this ride-on pony toy also packs a very durable construction, and is rated to have a maximum weight limit of 150 lbs. (58 kg), but no height limit.

    The Power Pony has a super-soft fur throughout its entire body that’s really smooth to the touch, along with a fluffy mane at the back of its head and neck (just like a real pony) that kids can hug and brush.

    Soft Fur
    Soft Fur & Fluffy Mane

    Moreover, this ride-on pony toy also comes together with a removable saddle seat and harness that makes it both comfortable and realistic for kids to ride.

    Comes with a removable
    Comes with a removable saddle seat and harness // Powered by a ZüME engine

    Lastly, the Power Pony’s movement is uniquely controlled by a patent-pending ZüME engine, which, similarly to an hoverboard, works based on foot pedal controls.


    When it comes to the Power Pony’s assembly, parents should know that the toy’s assembly is meant to be done by adults.

    Nevertheless, the toy is fairly easy for parents to assemble, and is also intuitive to set up through its mobile App, and the whole process shouldn’t take you more than 10 to 20 minutes. All the required tools for the toy’s assembly already come included in its package.

    Embedded below, we have the company’s official Video Guide of the Power Pony’s assembly, which is actually being done by none other than Mia, the Power Pony’s young inventor, along with the help of her super-supportive mom:


    When it comes to controlling the Power Pony, this ride-on pony toy also comes integrated with built-in foot pedals that offer kids simple foot pad controls, plus built-in handlebars for turning the toy left or right, making it easy and safe for kids to ride it in comfort and with confidence.

    Power Pony
    Power Pony

    The toy is designed to be fully interactive. As such, for controlling its speed and direction, kids simply need to press their feet down on its foot pedals to move it forward, press their heels to move it backwards, or stop exerting pressure to stop its engine.

    Foot pedal controls
    Foot pedal controls

    Kids can also have the toy spinning around in circles by pressing down on its pedals with one foot forward and one heel backwards.

    Turning sideways is just as easy, as kids just have to push the toy’s handlebars towards the left or right in order to have the Power Pony turn to that corresponding direction.

    Built-in handlebars
    Built-in handlebars for turning left and right

    In addition to its simple riding controls, the Power Pony also features interactive lights that integrated onto its ZüME engine, along with realistic horse sounds, including typical hoof sounds from when they gallop, and also squealing sounds.

    Your Alt Tag

    The toy’s interactive lights can be turned on by tapping the button on the horse’s neck, while its horse sounds can be turned on by tapping the smiley face button on the horses back-side.

    power-ponyThe toy’s dedicated Power button can be found integrated at the back-side of its left foot pedal.


    For establishing a wireless connection with its mobile App, the Power Pony boasts Bluetooth connectivity.


    For powering its ZüME engine, the Power Pony utilizes a built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery that offers children between 45 to 60 minutes of battery. The riding time will depend manly on a kid’s size and weight, plus the speed settings that are currently selected.

    When the toy’s battery is running low on power, parents simply have to connect the Power Pony’s dedicated Power Adapter to its power slot. The Power Pony’s internal battery takes approximately 45 to 90 minutes to recharge back to full power, depending on how low it is.


    For configuring the Power Pony’s speed settings, parents are required to download the ZüME App (free to download), which currently is only available for iOS devices.

    Via the ZüME App, parents can configure the Power Pony’s speed settings according to their child’s age, physical capabilities, and riding skills. Parents can choose between 3 different preset Speed Modes, including Beginner (trot), Intermediate (gallop), and Advanced (race).

    ZüME App
    ZüME App

    Additionally, there’s also a PRO Speed Mode through which parents can set their own custom speeds, with a maximum speed limit of 6 mph.

    Last of all, parents and their children can also choose a profile picture and also give a virtual name tag to each Power Pony toy in the family.

    ZüME App
    ZüME App

    This makes it easier for families with two or more kids to distinguish between different Power Ponies and configure each particular toy’s speed settings.

    ZüME App
    ZüME App


    All in all, this engine-powered ride-on pony toy is a great way for kids to explore their motor skills right from a young age, all while also offering them countless hours of fun as they ride it around.

    Power Pony
    Power Pony

    The Power Pony is currently available in four (x4) different color models, including: the Champ (Light Brown body w/ Dark Brown accents), the Princess (Pink body w/ Purple accents), the Crystal (White body w/ Purple accents), and the Hero (Black body w/ Black accents).

    Available in 4 different color models (the Hero (Black) is not represented in the picture)
    Available in 4 different color models (the Hero (Black) is not represented in the picture)

    If you’re interested in purchasing it, know that each unit is priced at $499.00. You can order yours online directly from Power Pony’s official shopping page.

    In addition, the Power Pony is also now available in select Target stores throughout the USA and at  It was named as one of Bullseye’s Top Toys this year.

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