João Matos

Content Director, News Writer / Editor, and Social Media Manager

Soon after getting his Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, João Matos joined the GadgetGram team on May 2019. Since then, he has been working as the Content Director, with the main goal of publishing thorough reviews on all sorts of newly released tech-products. In addition, João has also been been working as a proficient News Writer and News Editor at Gadget Gram, as well as the Social Media Manager for the company's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Latest Articles

Monster Smart Home Digital Photo Frame (10 inch | 1280p Res | 16 GB )

The Monster Smart Home Digital Photo Frame is a smart picture frame that features a 10-inch high-definition 1280p touchscreen, 16GB of storage space for storing up to 4,000 photos, Wi-Fi Connectivity, In-App controls, and Voice Assistant Support for both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. Unlike smart digital photo frames from other brands that might require quite a bit of time for users to upload photos to their internal storage, this smart picture frame can have up to 100 photos uploaded at once to its 16GB memory via its Smartphone Companion App, which can save you a lot of time. Best of all, the Monster Smart Home Digital Photo Frame also comes with an additional 6GB of free cloud storage.

Freehands Light Up Running Gloves – Battery-Illuminated Running Gloves

The Freehands Light Up Running Gloves are battery-illuminated gloves designed for running in low-light conditions, coming equipped with a built-in presence LED light that feature 3 different finger-touch light settings. By simply pressing the built-in Power Button at the back-side of each glove, users can swap the Light Settings for their Light Up Running Gloves, which can be set between Rapid Blinking, Slow Blinking, and Steady Light (always-on). All in all, these battery-power illuminated running gloves are great for keeping both drives and cyclists alike aware of your presence when running in low-light conditions.

Solo New York Re:start – Eco-Friendly Underseat Rolling Laptop Case

The Re:start Underseat Rolling Case is an eco-friendly rolling laptop case made of 100% recycled and biodegradable materials that features 2 easy-glide wheels, a push-button telescoping handle, and a water-resistant coating, along with a padded 15.6" laptop pocket, an interior organizer section, and 2 front zippered pockets. Built with city-functionality in mind, this sleek eco-friendly rolling case offers you the versatility you need to carry all of your essentials while traveling, all while always completing your choice of attire with an uncompromising style, whether that's business clothing or a more casual look. Best of all, the Re:start Underseat Rolling Case is also cleverly designed to fit under the seat for most airlines. All in all, this eco-friendly rolling case is a great option to go with if you're looking for a travel bag that's lightweight, durable, and also extremely versatile, while also making a better and more sustainable option in comparison to most other travel bags on the market due to its eco-friendly construction.

Jabra Speak 750 – Portable Bluetooth Speakerphone w/ Full Duplex Audio

The Jabra Speak 750 is a portable Bluetooth speakerphone that features full duplex audio, compatibility with leading Unified Communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, Bluetooth and USB Connectivity, Dual Pairing, and up to 11 hours of battery life. Engineered specifically to power all of your virtual business meetings with its seamless, premium full duplex audio, this Bluetooth conference speakerphone allows you and your co-workers to hear and be heard simultaneously at any time during an online business meeting, working perfectly for meetings of up to 6 people. All in all, the Jabra Speak 750 makes for an outstanding Audio Conferencing device that's extremely reliable for any virtual meetings you and your co-workers might participate in. By using it, you can ensure that all of your business meetings have fewer interruptions and a better collaboration between the two online parties.

Sanikind mini dispenser – Reusable Eco-Friendly Sanitizer Spray Dispenser

The Sanikind mini dispenser is an eco-friendly sanitizer spray dispenser made from recycled ocean-bound plastic that's refillable and infinitely re-usable, holding 0.8 oz. of liquid sanitizer and lasting 450+ sprays per fill. By using this reusable eco-friendly sanitizer spray dispenser, you can ensure that you never have to buy another sanitizer bottle ever again. All in all, the Sanikind mini offers you a super-convenient hand sanitizer spray dispenser that not only is compact, portable, and easy to use, but also a better alternative to any hand sanitizers that come in plastic packaging.

Solo Stove Yukon – Portable 360º Smoke-Free Outdoors Fire Pit

The Solo Stove Yukon is a large portable fire pit that can fit logs up to 22" long, featuring a Double-Walled Design powered by a 360° Signature Airflow Technology which offers superior airflow and a prime secondary burn that respectively helps to eliminate smoke and create flames up to 4 ft. tall, along with an Ash Pan that catches loose ash to prevent clogging. Thanks to its clever Double-Walled Design and its innovative 360° Signature Airflow Technology, the Yukon is capable of quickly achieving an ultra-efficient burn that rapidly brings your kindling and chunkwood to brilliant flames in just a matter of minutes. All in all, this outdoors fire pit offers you some very convenient features that make it easy to use, fairly easy to clean, and great for keeping all of your friends and family nice and toasty while gathered around its roaring flames.

Ekster Laptop Sleeve – Multi-Storage Sleeve for 13″ Laptops, Tablets & Essentials

The Ekster Laptop Sleeve is a slim and durable laptop sleeve for 13" laptops and tablets made of premium leather that features a soft leather flap with a secure magnetic closure, 5 Custom Anti-Slip Elastic Storage Slots for carrying your everyday accessories, 2 Secret Pockets hidden at the front-side for storing other essential items, and Cut-Out Indents that allow for charging on-the-go. Designed for laptops, tablets, and tech accessories, this sleek laptop sleeve is made to make your workday seamless and stress-free, no matter if you're working at the office or straight from the comfort of your home. With this modern laptop sleeve, you're ensured to have a better and more convenient way of carrying all of the tech. devices and office accessories that you take with you for work, each and everyday.

Dark Energy Mavrik Pad – Wireless Charging Pad for iOS & Android Devices

The Dark Energy Mavrik Pad is an ultra-minimalist wireless charging pad that's fast charge optimized, featuring a built-in MagSafe Magnet for an accurate alignment of MagSafe-enabled devices, a built-in Light Guide for correctly aligning non-MagSafe devices, and 15W of Wireless Charging Power. Designed to be used for wireleslly charging both iOS devices (which tend to be MagSafe-enabled - meaning Apple's newest universal wireless charging technology for their most recently released and to-be-released devices) as well as Android devices (which are non-MagSafe), this sleek wireless charging pad makes for a great addition to any desk-space or nightstand. All in all, this is a really nice wireless charging pad if you're looking for a discrete wireless charging solution that allows you to charge your Smartphone and other Qi-enabled devices when necessary.