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Marketing Techniques That No Longer Work

While some marketing techniques should always be used, others are now considered ineffective. Here are the best marketing techniques to follow today.

3 Cool New Age Gadgets for Marketing Your Brick and Mortar Business

Brick and mortar store owners can use Virtual tours, VR, and Virtual Interactions companies to spread awareness about their business. Here's how.

How Long Is Alimony Paid: The Average Duration?

When filing for a divorce after a marriage ends, there are many things to be settled and discussed, one of which is how long is alimony supposed to be paid. Here's what you need to know.

Stress Management in Students

Stress is becoming more entrenched in our daily lives on a consistent basis. For students, stress management can be just as hard as for anyone else. In addition to affecting one's physical health, it also affects one's mental processes and socio-psychological functions, which have implications for all aspects of one's life.

6 Kinky Stuff To Try With Your Partner To Add More Spice To Your Sex Life

If you're in a committed relationship but found that your sex lives are stagnating, then consider trying some kinky stuff to spice up your sex life.

Best HR Practices for your Organization

There are certain universal strategic HR practices that need to be implemented regardless of the operation and industry of your organization in order to increase overall growth, better engagement, and employee retention. These are the best strategic HR practices that business owners can implement on their organizations today.

Ways Of Finding The Best Infographic Maker For You

Infographics can be great marketing strategy for businesses, as they offer a visual presentation of facts and information that are easy to grasp. Here are the best Infographic Makers available online.

SEO – A consistent tool you must never give up in 2021

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most required aspects when it comes to growing a business online. Here's why.