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Stix Golf 12-Piece Complete Set of All-Black Premium Golf Clubs

The Stix Golf 12-Piece Complete Set of Premium Golf Clubs brings you 12 different high-quality golf clubs with a minimalist design that are guaranteed to help you increase your performance when playing golf. All of these 12 stylish all-black premium golf clubs feature a sleek design and are made of really high-quality materials. Overall, these perform really well on the field, feel extremely durable and sturdy, and reasonably lightweight. Best of all, they come at a very affordable price for a complete set of 12 different golf clubs.

Celebrity Sherri Shepherd & HealthyWage.com Partner to Pay $10,000 to Dieters Achieving Weight Loss Goal

Sherri Shepherd's second 'HealthyWager' initiative to again leverage the power and efficacy of financial incentives and expert-caliber online support to spur extraordinary success among...

BeYou Transforming Chair – Change The Way How You Sit, Forever!

Sitting is a concept that has been with us since the dawn of time, but this chair will completely change your perspective on how you view sitting. The BeYou Chair lets you sit comfortably in 10+ ways, for long hours on end! Forget everything you know about chairs and check out this revolutionary chair.

Koble Juno Desk – Smart Height Adjustable Desk

The Koble Juno Desk is a smart height-adjustable desk that can be adjusted between a sitting- and a standing-desk via its Control Panel with LED Screen, which can save up to 4 preset positions, while also featuring a built-in Wireless Charging Plate and USB Charging Ports.

Post Pandemic Meltdown: Online Gamified Dieting Success Rates, Sign-ups Surge Amid ‘Quarantine 15’ Concerns

Success rates skyrocket among pandemic-era dieters vying for huge cash rewards with HealthyWage, with many winning thousands for their pound shedding achievement Let’s face...

Smile-Inducing Holiday Gifts Wrapping a Tough 2020

It would be a profound understatement to say that 2020 has been a tumultuous and chaotic year. For all too many, it has been...

5 Digital Transformation-Driven Cybersecurity Considerations

Security Strategies: Enhanced post-pandemic preparedness as digital communication dependency escalates  On their road to recovery from the pandemic, businesses face unique dilemmas. This includes...

The Biggest Mistakes when Building a Home Office

Whether you're employed or run your own business, a home office can provide sufficient flexibility to manage your time and accomplish tasks with ease. Home offices have become popular throughout recent years. However, many professionals and entrepreneurs find themselves making the same design flaws and mistakes when building personalized working spaces. Here are 5 major mistakes that you should avoid when building your home office.