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MOMAX Q.LED Desk Lamp w/ 10W Qi Wireless Charging Base

The MOMAX Q.LED Desk Lamp is a dimmable LED desk lamp that also integrates a 10W Qi-Enabled Wireless Charging Base that can recharge any Qi-enabled devices. This sleek aluminum dimmable LED desk lamp integrates an extremely flexible 180º Adjustable Lamp Arm that comes equipped with a 270º Rotatable Head, and this combination ultimately makes it possible for you to be able to position its LED Light at whatever angle you need it to be. Featuring 5 different Color Temperatures and 6 Brightness Levels for its dimmable LED light, users can conveniently change the lamp's light settings between 30 different possible light combinations for creating different moods or environments within the room, whether you need a stronger and brighter white light for reading, or a smoother and softer yellow light for studying for long periods of time. Lastly, next to its 10W Wireless Charging Base, we also have a 5V/1A USB Charging port that can be used for recharging a second device.

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