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Owlcam Classic 5 – AI-Powered Car Security Camera System & Dashcam

The Owlcam Classic 5 is an AI-powered car security camera system and dashcam equipped with high-end infrared sensors for an enhanced night vision functionality that enables both live view and video recordings at any time of the day, which can all be automatically saved on a Cloud via LTE connectivity by using simple voice commands. Overall, you're offered both a Driver-Facing and a Road-Facing cameras that can automatically record high-quality HD video and audio at pretty much any time, which not only has you notified via a Smartphone alert but also has the possibility to automatically be saved to a cloud immediately after recording, and that goes for both any potential car accident, or even during a potential car-theft. With it, you can be much safer while you're on-the-road, whether you're simply being pulled over, or in worst case scenario, if you ever find yourself in a potential road accident.

Car and Driver Copilot Fatigue Monitor – Helps Prevent Fatigue & Distractions

The Car and Driver Copilot Fatigue Monitor is a smart car driving active monitoring security system that's designed to help you avoid and prevent the effects of fatigued and distracted driving while working 24/7, thus making it the perfect car security gadget to have around for driving during both day and night times. This driving monitoring security system can achieve this by utilizing a cutting-edge facial recognition and head tracking technology that's powered by 6 Non-contact IR LEDS in order to monitor your eye-, eyelid- and head-positioning. Thanks to that, if you either get distracted, if you're texting while driving, or even begin falling asleep, the Copilot will immediately get your attention with its loud, beeping alarm and its optional vibrating seat pad. With it, you can be much, much safer on-the-road at any time you're distracted or at any time that you're feeling tired, and that goes for both shorter and longer car drives, whether you're going on a long business trip on-the-road or you're simply going on a car drive across the country to visit distant relatives.

infanttech zooby kin Baby Monitor (2-1 Combo – Fox and Giraffe)

The infanttech zooby kin Baby Monitor is a portable travel car baby monitor that comes together with one portable car-ready monitor screen as well as with two portable plush-cameras. In my personal opinion, this portable travel car baby monitor is the perfect on-the-go solution for any parents of newborn babies that commonly find themselves on-the-road while bringing their babies along for a ride. Overall, the system is fairly easy to setup and install / remove before and after each car ride, and it is also reasonably easy to operate.

Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged with Air Compressor

The Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged with Air Compressor is a portable car jump starter that also integrates a air compressor with a built-in universal nozzle and two USB-A Charging ports, and everything is powered by a powerful 55,500mWh internal battery. Together with its built-in bright LED flashlight (which can also be set to work as an SOS Red Light), this portable battery-powered car jump starter has just about everything you need while you're on-the-road, which ultimately makes it the perfect go-to powerstation to have inside your car. That said, you can always rely on it to handle just about any emergency that comes your way, and in just a couple minutes, you can be ready to get back on the road.

Duracell Bluetooth Lithium-Ion Jump Starter 1100 (with USB Charging)

The Duracell Bluetooth Lithium-Ion Jump Starter 1100 is a portable Car Jump Starter that's powered by a powerful 8010mAh (29.6 Wh) Lithium-Ion Battery, which also works as a USB Power Bank and as a 200 lumen LED Flashlight, and even features Low-Battery Smartphone Notifications via Bluetooth. Featuring a IP65 water-resistant rating, the ability to quickly jump start many different 6L Gas Engines as well as many different 3L Diesel Engines, and even an internal Safety System that runs with a spark-proof operation, which also features several Safety Functionalities, which all include protection against Reverse Polarity, Over-Voltage, Over-Temperature, and Under-Voltage. Additionally, you can also use it together with its proprietary PowerHub App so that you can be notified via your Smartphone whenever the jump starter needs to be recharged. With it, you can be better prepared for any inconvenience while you're on the road.

Invoxia GPS Tracker – Electronic GPS Tracker with Unmatched Battery Life

The Invoxia GPS Tracker is an electronic location tracker that uses mobile internet, GPS, and Bluetooth to alert you in case of theft or movement. This innovative GPS Tracker features an exceptionally long battery life that can last you up to 4 months, all while its Smartphone Companion App allows you to get both real time anti-theft alerts and geofencing alerts (by pre-setting custom zones) via your Smartphone in case of any suspicious activities.

Lanmodo Vast Pro – High-End Dual 1080P Dash Camera System with Night Vision

The Lanmodo Vast Pro is an affordable and high-end Dual 1080P Dash Camera System that features 1080p video resolution with Night Vision mode, Dual Recording with 45º front-view and 170º rear-view angles, up to 984 ft. of recording distance, and up to 128 GB of storage capacity. All that makes the Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision Dash Cam System one of the safest and most reliable ways of video recording any potential road incidents that you might face in the future. With it, you can have legitimate high-resolution video evidence that you can present at any time to ultimately protect yourself from any unwanted expenses related to road incidents that involve your vehicle.

Roav Bolt – Google Assistant Enabled Car Charger

The Roav Bolt is a Google Assistant Enabled Dual USB car charger that features Voice Controlled Navigation, easy-to-use Music controls and support to Hands-Free Calling. All of this allows you to enjoy simple and easy-to-use voice-controls that can be used while you drive, which ultimately allows you to stay fully focused on your driving without ever taking a look or even touching your smartphone.