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Armored Fitness Equipment XPO Trainer 2 – Workout Wheeled Push Sled

The Armored Fitness Equipment XPO Trainer 2 is a wheeled push sled for workouts equipped with a set of 3 ultra-durable built-in rubber wheels which work based on a resistance chain and resistance motor system that makes it exponentially harder to push the faster you go, all while featuring a nearly-silent operation. Designed to leverage the natural movement of walking, running, and pushing, not only does this wheeled push sled allows you to get the recovery and health benefits of walking and pushing movements both without as well as with weights equipped on it, but it also allows you to get to a maximum intensity during your workouts.

Yardball – Large Genuine-Leather Ball for Playing Catch (Perfect for Everyone)

The Yardball a is throwing ball that's uniquely designed to be used by anyone, with it coming at a slightly larger size than a traditional baseball, while its construction basically combines a baseball and a leather glove into a lightweight throwing ball that consists of a wool center and a hand-stitched genuine-leather exterior. All in all, the Yardball makes for an amazing throwing ball for playing catch with friends and family alike. Best of all, thanks to its light weight and ultra-durable construction, you can throw it both indoors and outdoors, so you can basically play catch with it pretty much anywhere you see fit!

Magneto Boards Bamboo Cruiser – Flexible & Durable Low-Ground Longboard

The Magneto Boards Bamboo Cruiser is a high-quality longboard that features a low-ground shallow concave deck made of bamboo and fiberglass that's ultra-durable and super-flexible, along with a nice arched camber and subtle kick tails on both ends, as well as dropped-through truck mounts equipped with super-durable SHR wheels with cut outs around them that help eliminate the possibility of wheel bite. Designed with stability and comfort in mind, this sleek longboard provides astonishing plush flexibility, making it perfect for hard carves, freestyle, dancing, and long easy rides through modern urban street areas, your local park, or even by beach-side areas.

LaScoota The Metro – Premium Adult Kick Scooter

The LaScoota The Metro is a premium adult kick scooter that features large 9-inch solid wheels, a patented Push Button Folding System, a high-end Front Suspension, a long and extra-wide non-slip deck, a Height Adjustable Handlebar with 3 height options, and a high-quality heat-treated Foot Brake for its back-wheel. This premium adult kick scooter is perfect for parents who want to hang out with their kids when they're riding their own kick scooters. Moreover, the LaScoota The Metro also offers college students as well as anyone working in a city environment an a reliable and easy-to-use transportation method for their daily commute. Last but not least, this sleek adult kick scooter is also perfect for anyone who just wants something fun, easy, and safe to ride.

Honbike HF01: Foldable Electric Bike with no chains

This HonBike HF01 is a low-maintenance folding e-bike that has better mileage without requiring the need for constant chain lubrication and maintenance, featuring a fully-enclosed shaft drive that's said to last 40,000km between servicing. It also features 5 Assist Levels, a Walk Mode, and On-Board Sensors that power its front-wheel-drive with a Hill Start Assist Mode that helps to deliver immediate power support when going up steep hills.

Freehands Light Up Running Gloves – Battery-Illuminated Running Gloves

The Freehands Light Up Running Gloves are battery-illuminated gloves designed for running in low-light conditions, coming equipped with a built-in presence LED light that feature 3 different finger-touch light settings. By simply pressing the built-in Power Button at the back-side of each glove, users can swap the Light Settings for their Light Up Running Gloves, which can be set between Rapid Blinking, Slow Blinking, and Steady Light (always-on). All in all, these battery-power illuminated running gloves are great for keeping both drives and cyclists alike aware of your presence when running in low-light conditions.

OODA Ball – Compact & Ultra-Portable Free-Weight Punching Ball

The OODA Ball is a portable free-weight punching ball that forces you to observe, orient, decide and act (OODA) during your workouts with it. Working based on a 4-step tactical decision-making process called the OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide and Act) Loop, the OODA Ball is the perfect training tool for boxers, martial artists, or anyone else who wants to exercise to get fit and lose weight, all while having fun during each and every workout. All in all, this portable free-weight punching ball is both functional and interactive, as it offers all fitness lovers a great and super-reliable alternative to traditional fighting training tools that ultimately allows you to get a killer workout anywhere. With it, you can be assured that you’ll never get tired of working out.

COROS VERTIX 2 – 2nd-Gen Multisport GPS Adventure Watch

The COROS VERTIX 2 is a 2nd-gen GPS Adventure Watch that features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, communication with all 5 major satellite systems, Dual Frequency satellite communication, global offline mapping, and up to 60 days of battery life during normal use. Not only does this 2nd-gen GPS Adventure Watch boasts a high-end touchscreen, a 10ATM Waterproof Rating, and an ultra-bright backlight, but it also packs many smart Tracking features, including a smart 24/7 Blood Oxygen (SpO2) Monitoring function, a Track Mode for running, and a Training Mode for accurately measuring any workout activity that you’re looking to do. Best of all, it also features built-in Camera Controls for easily controlling some action camera models.