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Archer Components D1x Trail Electronic Shifter – Wireless Shifting System

The Archer Components D1x Trail is a programmable wireless electronic shifting system that adds high-performance wireless shifting to your bike's mechanical drivetrain, simplifying shifting like you've never experienced before. With it, you can transform your bike's mechanical drivetrain into a high-performance electronic shifting machine that's digitally tuned and capable of shifting ultra-smoothly. Overall, this electronic shifting system is very, very good. It shifts super-smoothly and reasonably fast, and it is also very precise with almost no thumb pressure required, thus making shifting much more effortless than when using a mechanical shifting system. One other great thing that makes this electronic shifting system so cool is its ability to switch from say 11 speed to 12 speed with the same derailleur. Last but not least, the fact that this electronic shifting system is compatible with any rear derailleur on almost any bike models ultimately makes it one of the electronic shifting systems that you can currently get.

COROS VERTIX – High-End Waterproof Multisport GPS Adventure Watch

The COROS VERTIX is an ultra-durable GPS Adventure Watch that features a revolutionary touchscreen, a 150-meter Waterproof Rating, an ultra-bright backlight, a long battery life, and many smart Tracking features, including a smart 24/7 Blood Oxygen Monitoring function, a Track Mode for running, and a Training Mode for accurately measuring any workout activity that you're looking to do. Overall, this is a very sturdy GPS Adventure Watch that comes packed with a tone of smart tracking features and a cool smart Training Mode that can be used via the Coros App, thus making the VERTIX  the perfect adventure-ready timepiece for those who prefer to train and workout while exploring the outdoors.

Fluid Running H2Go – App-based Deep Water Running Workout System

The Fluid Running H2Go is an App-Based deep water running workout system that's designed to completely eliminate the harmful impact of running on land by simply offering you App-based coach-led audio workouts that can be performed in any deep water pool. With this awesome and very innovative deep water running workout system, you can work your legs, arms and core while having your body floating inside any deep water pool, and its all thanks to the system's flotation foam belt.

What are Some of the Top Smart Home Gym Equipment?

Here are some of the top Smart Home Gym Equipment choices you have to stay engaged on your fitness journey during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lander 27″ Complete Skateboard – Light, Strong, Eco-Friendly Skateboard

The Lander 27" Complete Skateboard is a lightweight, ultra-durable and Eco-Friendly skateboard that's made of a special blend of fiber-reinforced Nylon and different recycled materials. Overall, this is a really solid skateboard, proving to be durable and engineered to last.

A2 Speed Phreak (Shimano Ultegra Build) – High-Performance Tri-Bike

The A2 Speed Phreak is a high-performance Tri-Bike that's light, stiff and durable, making it an adaptable ride for a variety of road conditions. Overall, the Speed Phreak is a great entry-level tri-bike for any triathletes out there that are looking to take their tri-cycling game to a whole new level. It’s ultra-solid frame and overall construction give it a lot of stability during rides, even when pushing yourself to go at the highest possible speeds. While its wheels are of extreme quality and are ensured to endure countless hours of cycling (both for practicing and competing), the bike’s brakes are also very reliable, meaning that they can be used quickly and smoothly, without any concerns whatsoever.

FitNation Slim Line Treadmill – Folding Walking Treadmill w/ Safety Stop

The FitNation Slim Line Treadmill is a high-quality flat-folding walking treadmill equipped with an ultra-slim 5" H base that features multi-speed adjustments for variable paces from 0.4 to 3.7 MPH. This high-end walking treadmill is fairly easy to use. Both its built-in Control Panel and included Remote Control offer users an easy way of controlling the treadmill's walking speeds, while at the same time, its Emergency Safety-Stop Function keeps users perfectly safe, giving them a realiable andd immediate way of helping them to recover their stability.

Nexersys Cross Body Trainer Home – Interactive Double-End Boxing Bag

The Nexersys Cross Body Trainer Home is an interactive double-end boxing bag that works together with its Cross Body Trainer App, which can offer you different progressive and dynamic boxing workouts as well as detailed strike telemetry reports that can ultimately help you improve your punching and boxing-cardio skills. Overall, this interactive double-end boxing system works as a great cardio and explosive strength training equipment, and can be the perfect home-gym boxing piece for anyone who loves boxing workouts.