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BlazePod Flash Reflex Training System – Smart LED Light Training System

The BlazePod is a smart light-based reflex training system that allows users to train physically and cognitively, working based on vibrant, touch sensor Pods that can be controlled via the BlazePod App. Designed to work as a modular touch capacitive workout tool for high-intensity interval training, this smart reflex training system can ultimately offer users of any fitness level a fun way to improve on different fitness skills such as agility, balance, coordination, reaction time, strength, and more. All and all, the BlazePod makes for a great extra fitness tool that you can add to any type of fitness workout, and with it, you can pretty much improve on any specific fitness skill.

Hydrogen Sports Proton – Compact High-Performance Smart Ball Machine

The Hydrogen Sports Proton is a portable lightweight smart ball machine that can hold up to 100 balls at a time, featuring high-performance 3000 rpm motors that shoot balls at 70 mph, and a battery that can shoot 1000 balls on a single charge. Unlike many of the now-outdated ball machines on the market today that still use outdated technology like complicated knobs and switches commonly found on models from the 1980s, which also tend to be bulky and heavy, and hard to transport to the court, the Hydrogen Sports Proton is nothing like that. The Proton integrates a Digital Control Panel with a simple interface that's easy to use, and also works together with an App that features multiple functionalities for practicing your tennis swing in many different ways.

Sublue Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit & Triple-Engine Support Handle

The Sublue Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit and WhiteShark Tini Triple-Engine Support Handle are modular water-exploration gadgets that are designed to make your above-water and underwater exploration much better.

Terra-Core – 2-in-1 Balance Trainer & Fully Functional Fitness Bench

The Terra-Core is a 2-in-1 workout solution that works as balance trainer and also doubles as a fully functional fitness bench, featuring full compatibility with dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX, and any other fitness accessories. Working together with an awesome dedicated Smartphone Fitness App that gives you access to several different workouts and hundreds of different exercises that you can choose from, this is simply one of the most versatile fitness equipment that you'll ever find available. Overall, this versatile workout solution allows you to easily and conveniently engage both your body and mind, all right from the comfort of your own home.

Echelon Connect Bike EX-5s – Smart Indoors Exercise Bike

The Echelon Connect Bike EX-5s is a smart exercise bike for indoors use that comes equipped with a 22” HD Rotating Screen, an Ergo-Adjust Resistance Knob with 32 levels of magnetic resistance, a 6” Fore/Aft Seat Lever and a Seat Height Adjustment Lever for adjusting the bike's seat position and height, a set of Adjustable Toe Cages on its pedals, and 2 Power Ports for charging your devices while working out. Coming designed for maximum comfort, smooth functionality and total immersion, this smart exercise bike is simply awesome. Overall, it's extremely comfortable to ride, as well as easy to adjust to different difficulty levels for easier or harder cycling workouts. Best of all, with an Active Echelon Membership, the sky as the limit, as both all of the Live and On-Demand Classes as well as the Echelon's Fitpass Programs can offer all fitness enthusiasts an ultimate away of transforming all of their workouts at home to ultimately get to the fitness level they so desire.

KOM Cycling RPV2 – Full-Motion Rocker Plate for Indoors Cycling Trainers

The KOM Cycling RPV2 is a full-motion rocker plate designed for indoors cycling trainers that helps riders move with their indoors bike by offering both front and back movement as well as side-to-side movement to their cycling trainer. Offering you both 13 degrees of horizontal float as well as nine inches of forward and aft motion (fore/aft movement) to your bike, this full-motion rocker plate is capable of bringing you a more immersive and dynamic indoors riding experience, all while still being capable of decreasing the static pressure on your joints while you crank out your indoor sessions on indoors cycling trainer. All that ultimately makes it one of the best (if not the current best) rocket plate model on the market.

Deeper START Smart Sonar Fishfinder – Perfect for Casual Fishing

The Deeper START is a lightweight and easy-to-use smart sonar fishfinder that works together with a Smartphone App, which can be used to determine fish location, as well as bottom structure and bottom vegetation, allowing you to quickly find a decent fishing spot and enjoy more time spent fishing. With it, you'll never again have to go through the hassle and disappointment of trying out multiple potential fishing spots that end up turning out empty, meaning that with the Deeper START, you can ultimately spend less time looking and more time catching and relaxing. Overall, this smart sonar fishfinder is fairly easy to use, making it perfect for beginners and experienced fishermen alike, and ultimately, you can use it to spend less time searching for a decent fishing spot and more time doing what truly matters - relaxing and enjoying a nice fishing day alone or together with family and/or friends.

Tactica M.110 Bike Multitool – Portable Bike Multitool Kit for On-Road Repairs

The Tactica M.110 Bike Multitool is an ultra-portable and versatile hex-bits bike multitool kit that cyclists can use for just about any screwdriver bike tasks and for on-the-road repairs. Featuring a ton of versatile bike-repair features, as well as four different Hex Key Bits, and even some other convenient features for your everyday use, the Tactica M.110 Bike Multitool is fitted with pretty much all the tools and accessories that cyclists need to quickly fix any minor mechanical issue while they're still on-the-road. Thanks to all of that, cyclists can leave their bulky bike repair kits at home and set off for a bike ride without having to worry about any inconveniences.