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Meifigno Magnetic Cases for iPhone 13 & iPhone 12 (MagSafe-Compatible)

The Meifigno Magnetic Cases are magnetic protective phone cases for Apple’s iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 lineups, featuring Military Grade Protection against drops, raised case edges that greatly protect for your iPhone's camera and screen, a non-glossy and skin-friendly coating that helps reduce fingerprints and scratches, a strong magnetic force, 15W Original Charging Experience and Qi Wireless Charging Compatibility with Apple’s MagSafe Charging Stand as well as other Wireless Chargers.By getting yourself a Meifigno Magnetic Case, not only you'll be able to ensure that your iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 stays protected from any unexpected drops and accidental bumps, but ultimately, you'll also be able to ensure the longevity of your iPhone 13 / 12 so that you don't have to swap your Smartphone every other year.

Paperlike iPad Screen Protector for iPad (Available for all iPad models)

The Paperlike is a Screen Protector for iPads that feels just like paper when using your Apple Pencil on it, working based on a patented Nanodot Smart Technology that helps to keep the display screen on your iPad scratch-free. On top of that, this screen protector also features an Anti-Glare Soft Matte finish that helps to prevent reflections as well as any fingerprints in order to keep your device's screen smudge-free. Whether you're an office worker that's simply looking for a paper-free solution to write by hand and take simple notes, or even if you're an artist looking for a more professional and more reliable way of sketching on your iPad's screen, then the Paperlike iPad Screen Protector is THE ultimate office tool to go for, both for creatives and note-takers alike.

GRAY RESKAR Titanium Apple Watch Series 4/5/6 Case & Band

The GRAY RESKAR Titanium Apple Watch Case & Band is a unique Sci-Fi inspired Apple Watch case that blends sporty practicality with an avant-garde design that's focused on longevity. Made with high-end metals for an outstanding durability, this ultra-modern Apple Watch Case perfectly complements your Apple Watch’s leading-edge technology with a brand-new sleek and sturdy exterior. Best of all, this smartwatch case is designed to be fully-compatible with the Apple Watch Series 4, 5, and 6, so even if you have one of the "middle-aged" models, you're still guaranteed to be able to fit it into your beloved smartwatch.

AXS Technologies Power1 – Unified Charging System for iPhone & AirPods

The Power1 is a unified charging system that can recharge, store and protect your iPhone and AirPods together, featuring a built-in Charging Station for your AirPods and Qi Wireless Charging for your iPhone, with both charging methods being powered by a 3000mAh internal battery that can offer your AirPods up to 30 charges and up to 50% more battery life for your iPhone. The device is lightweight, featuring a magnetic door lock that keeps your devices safe, raised edges around the screen for an extra layer of protection, and a microfiber interior that further cushions your iPhone against impacts. There's also also a USB-C fast-charging port for recharging the device's internal battery, which recharges your iPhone, AirPods and Power1's battery all at once. Moreover, the device also integrates a built-in Charge Mode Switch that allows users to direct the power between different devices, with Mode-1 charging your AirPods only, and Mode-2 charging your AirPods and iPhone simultaneously. All and all, the Power1 is the ultimate personal accessory that you'll ever need to keep both your iPhone and AirPods safely protected from any accidental drops and bumps, all while also being able to keep the battery from both of your devices recharged at all times.

Withings ScanWatch – Hybrid Smartwatch with ECG, Heart Rate & Oximeter

The Withings ScanWatch is an advanced hybrid smartwatch that integrates multiple wellness functions such as an heart rate sensor for monitoring cardiovascular health, a medical-grade ECG for detecting normal heart rhythm as well as atrial fibrillation, and also a built-in Oximeter to record blood oxygen levels from your wrist through a high-end SpO2 sensor in only 30 seconds. The ScanWatch can also be used as a sophisticated activity monitor to track physical activity parameters such as steps, calories, elevation, and workout routes (via connected GPS), and it can also automatically recognize more than 30 daily activities such as walking, running, swimming, and cycling. It also offers Fitness Level assessments by measuring your heart's and muscles' ability to convert oxygen into energy during physical exercise. Lastly, the ScanWatch can also be connected with the Withings Health Mate App (and over 100 other third-party Apps) to provide you with data and insights on its monitored health data, as well as to schedule activity reminders, set goals, and manage wellness achievements, all through the App. All that makes the Withings ScanWatch one of the most advanced hybrid smartwatches that you can find available on the market today.

Xplora XGO2 Smartwatch for Kids with Mobile Phone & GPS Tracking

The Xplora XGO2 is a high-end smartwatch for kids from 5 to 12 years old that features mobile phone functionalities like calls and messages from pre-approved contacts, a 0.3MP Camera that allows kids to easily snap pictures, a built-in SOS button that can be used to inform all pre-saved emergency contacts with a child's location via GPS Tracking, and a battery life standby time of around 72 hours. To put it simply, the Xplora XGO2 allows parents to keep their kids reachable at all times while simultaneously allowing them to start becoming familiar with the technology world. Best of all, to ensure that each children that gets this smartwatch for kids has their first-steps into the digital world in the safest way possible, the Xplora XGO2 doesn't come with any of services that aren't appropriate for children, such as internet access, social media and most game-related applications. All that makes the XGO2 the perfect 2-in-1 entry-level smartwatch and mobile phone for kids.

PowerVision S1 Explorer Kit PVS10 – Handheld Smartphone Gimbal

The PowerVision S1 Explorer Kit PVS10 is a handheld smartphone gimbal that combines a 3-axis stabilizing gimbal, a built-in tripod, a power bank with wireless charging, and PowerFollow & AI Tracking technology for automatically shooting photos and record videos through Gesture Commands. The kit also includes a Magnetic Phone Clamp that helps to keep your smartphone secure. With this sleek handheld smartphone gimbal, not only you can easily ensure that your photos and videos stay completely blurry-free, but also make sure that your smartphone (or even your wireless earbuds) stays charged at all times.

Boost Mobile Celero 5G Smartphone – Optimized for Speed & Affordability

The Boost Mobile Celero 5G Smartphone features a remarkably sleek design, an expansive 6.517" screen that offers you an outstanding viewing experience, a 16MP Rear Triple Camera Setup and a 8MP Front Camera, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of Storage Space that can be further expanded by using a microSD Card of up to 2TB, and a powerful 4,000 mAh battery that can offer you up to 36 hours of battery life, while also supporting 15W Fast Wireless Charging. By combining all of these high-end features together with an affordable price-tag, the brand-new Boost Mobile Celero 5G Smartphone fills a void in the mobile device market, thus making it one of the best (if not the best) entry-level 5G Smartphone for anyone that's looking to purchase their first 5G-enabled Smartphone. All and all this 5G Smartphone is awesome, working great for work purposes, for streaming video, or even for gaming on Mobile, meaning that its ideal for entertainment and productivity alike. Best of all, its long-lasting internal battery allows you to stream, browse, share, and navigate all day long.