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Nove Trident Automatic – Ultra-Slim Automatic Luxury Diving Watch

The Nove Trident Automatic is a stylish, highly-durable and ultra-slim automatic luxury diving watch that can withstand up to 660 ft. of water resistance, all while featuring a Swiss-made Automatic R150 Movement as well as Super Luminous technology for high visibility. Not only is this automatic diving watch extremely durable and very resilient underwater, but the luminescent coating from its Super Luminous technology on its index and hands also helps to create a vibrant glow for easy visibility in the dark, which ultimately offers users an easy time-telling, at anytime and anywhere. All that makes the Nove Trident Automatic the perfect diving watch for deep sea diving, even for darker waters. It's the perfect gift for any diving enthusiast that's been looking for their next premium timepiece.

The Second Hand: Why Is It Useful?

The second hand on your watch may be more important than you think. Check out this article to learn about watch hacking and how the second hand is used for this.

IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming KeyMander 2 Mobile – Keyboard/Mouse Adapter for Apple Devices

The IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming KeyMander 2 Mobile is a high-end keyboard and mouse adapter for Apple Devices that makes it possible for mobile gamers to play any mobile games that typically support the use of a controller with a keyboard and mouse. With it, mobile gamers can play any of their favorite mobile game tittles with a keyboard and mouse, including games from Apple Arcade games, Google Stadia games, and App Store Apps, and that ultimately offers them improved accuracy, increased character speed and much better functionality both over controllers and especially traditional touch controls.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus brings CPU Performance Improvements

Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 888 Plus processor brings a 20% boost in clock speed that's expected to help with streaming video, game-playing, and more.

Noopl – Airpod-Based Hearing Enhancement Accessory for iPhone

The Noopl is an easy-to-use high-end plug-and-play hearing enhancement accessory for iPhones that's designed to work as your go-to directional hearing device when used together with your Apple Airpods Pro earbuds. In sum, this device allows you to easily and very accurately reduce the background noises within any crowded areas so that you can better listen to what those that are accompanying you are saying. With it, you can have a much better way of listening to anyone that's close to you whenever you find yourself present in loud environments and/or crowded areas.

CASETiFY iPhone 12 MagSafe-Compatible Custom Cases

The CASETiFY iPhone 12 MagSafe-Compatible Custom Cases are ultra-durable and sustainable protection cases for all iPhone 12 models that are rated to be Drop-Proof up to 9.8 ft., featuring both an antimicrobial layer that keeps these cases 99% germ-free as well as full-compatibility with Apple’s brand-new Qi Charger, the MagSafe Charger. Overall, these iPhone 12 Protection Cases offer any iPhone 12 model from the iPhone 12 Series a great level of protection against any unexpected drops or any potential bumps. Additionally, they're fairly comfortable to hold and very easy to maintain a grip of, all while their antimicrobial layer keeps the cases 99% germ-free. All and all, these iPhone 12 Protection Cases are a great choice for you to go with.

Catalyst Total Protection Case for iPhone 12 Series (Waterproof & Drop-Proof)

The Catalyst Total Protection Cases for iPhone 12 Series are fully sealed and submersible protection cases for all iPhone 12 models that are both waterproof and drop-proof, as well as fully-compatible with Apple's brand-new Qi Charger, the MagSafe Charger. Overall, these Protection Cases for the iPhone 12 Series are without a doubt some of the best waterproof and drop-proof cases that you can get for any iPhone 12 model, and that goes for whether you're planning to go diving, snorkeling, or even hiking.

Xiaomi Mi 11 5G Smartphone (128GB Storage 8GB RAM) – FULL REVIEW

The Xiaomi Mi 11 is a powerful 5G Smartphone that features a WQHD+ 6.81 inches AMOLED Display with a 1440p resolution, up to 128GB with 8GB RAM, a 108 MP Triple-Camera Setup at the back and a 20MP Selfie-Camera at the front, close to 24 hours of battery life, and wide support to different types of Wireless Charging. While its WQHD+ 6.81 inches AMOLED Display Screen boasts a 3200x1440 resolution with a 120Hz Refresh Rate, and the phone also features support to HDR10+. Not only that, but the Xiaomi Mi 11 also comes equipped with a In-Display Optical Fingerprint Sensor that allows you to unlock the phone in a safer way. Additionally, this awesome 5G Smartphone also integrates a 108 MP Triple-Camera Setup at the back that allows you to record video in 4K, and it also has a Single 20MP Selfie-Camera at its front side that's capable of shooting photos and video in 1080p. Last but not least, while its 4,600mAh Battery can offer you close to 24 hours of battery life, its battery not only supports 55W Wired Fast Charging, but also 50W Wireless Fast Charging and 10W Reverse Wireless Charging, thus making this phone very versatile when it comes to its recharging functionalities.