BEZGAR Remote-Controlled Monster Trucks
The BEZGAR HM163 and BEZGAR TB141 are high-performance remote-controlled monster trucks equipped with sturdy body frames that are capable of achieving great acceleration and high speeds thanks to their powerful built-in brushed motors which provide strong horsepower to their drive system, for which both models are powered by dual high-capacity rechargeable batteries. Whether you're an adult looking for a reliable remote-controlled car or even if you're a parent searching for a decent entry-level remote-controlled car for your kid(s), you can bet that you'll surely dig either (or even both) of these high-performance remote-controlled monster trucks.
The Yardball a is throwing ball that's uniquely designed to be used by anyone, with it coming at a slightly larger size than a traditional baseball, while its construction basically combines a baseball and a leather glove into a lightweight throwing ball that consists of a wool center and a hand-stitched genuine-leather exterior. All in all, the Yardball makes for an amazing throwing ball for playing catch with friends and family alike. Best of all, thanks to its light weight and ultra-durable construction, you can throw it both indoors and outdoors, so you can basically play catch with it pretty much anywhere you see fit!
Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller
The Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller is an interactive screen-free audio toy for children aged 3 to 10 years old that comes pre-loaded 48 original Audio Stories, giving kids over 3 hours of content to create and listen to unique audio stories, while also featuring up to 8 hours of battery-life. This educational story-teller toy can be used both at home as well as while on-the-go, and offers children an immersive story-listening experience in a very creative way. This device makes for a great companion for young kids, as it can greatly foster their creative world. It's great option for long trips, bedtime stories or just anytime during the day. All in all, the Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller encourages kids to use their imaginations and create stories of their own. It also teaches them about all the different elements (such as characters and places) that are necessary to make a story.
Toniebox Playtime Puppy Starter Set
The Toniebox is an interactive audio system for children aged three and older that's designed to play children stories and music on-the-go, featuring simple child-friendly controls and up to 7 hours of battery life. To be a little more specific, this interactive audio system works together with little hand-painted audio characters called Tonies, which can be magnetically attached to the top of the Toniebox. Each Tonie character already comes with a children's story or a set of children's songs already pre-recorded into it, and there are a ton of Tonies to choose from, including some of the most popular characters ever from Disney Movies or traditional children stories. All in all, the Toniebox is designed to offer young children a screen-free listening experience that can greatly inspire your kids’ imagination in ways that over-stimulating flashing screens would never do. It's the perfect story-time companion for tiny hands and young, active imaginations.
Best Apps on a Smart TV
With most streaming Apps now being available for Smart TVs, many people have started upgrading to Smart TVs. Here are some of the best Apps on Smart TV.
The CMY CUBE is a super intriguing and satisfying sensory toy that allows you to explore the concepts of color subtraction, optics, and physics all in a simple yet compelling way. By simply using the three standard primary colors - Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, hence the toy's "CMY" designation - and then combining those with the concepts of optics and physics to create an ever-changing spectrum of color, this magical sensory cube toy ultimately allows you to create new and more complex colors within different optics, and these can help you view both life and light through an entirely different lens. Thanks to its unique and innovative design, this extremely curious and utterly magnificent sensory toy can easily keep you engaged to ultimately provide you with endless hours of enjoyment, all while simultaneously helping you in stimulating critical and creative thinking. The CMY CUBE makes for a great sensory toy, as it always delivers an awesome engaging experience, each and every time you play with it. Moreover, while this cube can easily keep you engaged and entertained, it also makes for a great piece of art / decoration for your desk-space. It's perfect for kids and adults alike, and it also makes for a great and unique gift.
TOSY Flying Duo
The TOSY Flying Duo is a 2-in-1 set of flying toys that combines a brilliant Flying Disc with a high-tech boomerang, and both of these flying toys come equipped with 360 Adjustable LED Lights for different lighting environments, including night-time play. Featuring a smart packaging that allows you to easily carry both the TOSY Flying Disc and the TOSY Boomerang together, a set of 360 Adjustable LED Lights for each device that makes night-time play much more fun with Adjustable Brightness Levels and Timer Modes to have their 360 LED Lights suit a user's preferences and surroundings, and a Ultimate Game Mode where the light will flash after 10 seconds if the disc isn’t thrown, this 2-in-1 set of flying toys will simply blow you away. Ultimately, the TOSY Flying Duo allows you to always bring both a Flying Disc and a Boomerang with you that can be used to explore a variety of playing styles. Best of all, two flying toys make for a great outdoor game that's suitable for people of all ages.
OAXIS myFirst Sketch Book
The OAXIS myFirst Sketch Book is a sleek and ultra-versatile portable digital drawing pad for kids that comes equipped with a  10-inches LCD screen and a built-in memory with an Automatic Recording Function that allows children to save their notes and drawing into JPEG files. Coming with an ultra-durable leather case that keeps the drawing pad protected and a Smart Electromagnetic Stylus Pen that allows for Fine Line Drawing, all while also featuring built-in controls like One-Key Erase and an Instant Save Button, this portable digital drawing pad is the perfect gift for any young kid. Best of all, via its Mobile App, users can have a more personalized drawing experience where they can choose from different pen-fonts, as well as adjust the font thickness, tip size, and color, all of that to ultimately create a different feeling both for writing and drawing, and the App also allows users to save their drawings into digital files in the form of JPEG files, and even allows parents to enable the myFirst Sketch Book's Video Playback Mode, where they can see the replay of their kids' drawing process. With this digital drawing pad that's made with our little one's hands in mind, your kids can giving wings to their creativity in a total Eco-friendly manner, where they can draw out memorable sketches and drawings without ever using a single piece of paper and without any mess whatsoever. All and all, this digital drawing pad makes for the perfect gift for kids that love to draw.