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Blobby’s Pizza Math Card Game – Fun Pizza Eating Game with Monsters

BBlobby's Pizza is a fun and strategic math cards game that is played between different cute pizza-eating monster cards, where you have to eat your way to the highest bill, and get better at fractions, decimals and percentages! However, while that task might first sound somewhat easy, even the best math-heads will have to keep their eyes on their pizza pies, because you never know when another player's monster will be trying to steal your pizza. Overall, this game allows players of almost all ages (recommended from 8 years and up) to learn essential STEM math, including fractions, decimals and percentages, all in a very easy and super fun manner and without you even realizing it.

The Evolution of The Slots Free Spins Bonus Round

Together with Slot Games, casino players have awesome free-spin bonus rounds, which ultimately allows them to get more generous rewards.

The History Of Casino Dice Games

Some casinos offer their users access to casino dice games like Craps or Dice, where they can win some awesome prizes. Here's the history behind the game.

Lander 27″ Complete Skateboard – Light, Strong, Eco-Friendly Skateboard

The Lander 27" Complete Skateboard is a lightweight, ultra-durable and Eco-Friendly skateboard that's made of a special blend of fiber-reinforced Nylon and different recycled materials. Overall, this is a really solid skateboard, proving to be durable and engineered to last.

New Zealand: the Country with a Talent for Leisure Inventions

When it comes to new leisure inventions, the people from New Zealand are definitely pioneers in coming up with new leisure ideas.

Shashibo Shape Shifting Box – 3D Magnetic Puzzle Cube Toy

The Shashibo Shape Shifting Box is a small puzzle cube that's held together by magnets, featuring up to 70 different geometric designs by twisting and turning it, with one multi-colored pattern on the outside and three patterns on the inside.

Amscope IQCREW – Kid’s 85+ piece 120X-1200X Microscope & Camera Premium Kit

The Amscope IQCREW is an all-in-one 85+ piece 120X-1200X Microscope and Color-Camera Premium Kit for kids that features an exclusive Interactive Kid’s Friendly Software. This all-in-one Microscope and Color-Camera Premium Kit for Kids comes perfectly prepared and ready-to-go straight out of the box. It's designed to improve a child’s science and computer skills and works as the perfect educational tool for all kids of ages of 8 or older.

Vaonis Vespera Exploration Station – 2nd Generation Smart Telescope with Camera

The Vaonis Vespera Exploration Station is an ultra-lightweight smart telescope equipped with a high-end camera lens that's also smartphone-connected and app-enabled. This smart telescope can be easily setup within just a few minutes to quickly watch the entire universe in full HD via its Smartphone Companion App.