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Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gun – Percussion Massager for Recovery

The Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gun is a professional-grade deep tissue percussion massager that can deliver up to 56 lbs. of stall force with a maximum amplitude depth of 16mm, featuring 5 different speed-levels that can be set between 1400 RPM and 3200 RPM for swapping between low or high intensity for deep-tissue massage, all while offering you up to 8 hours of battery life. Featuring an ergonomic design for better handling and reach that greatly helps to reduce arm fatigue, a fairly powerful stall force of 56 lbs., and an ultra-low and whisper-quiet operation, this massage gun is simply fantastic. It's both perfect for those that just started their fitness journey, as well as perfect for fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes alike.

Kane Revive Active Recovery Shoes – Slip-On Active Recovery Footwear

The Kane Revive are slip-on active recovery shoes made from renewable and Eco-sustainable materials that are designed as injection molded sneakers for active recovery. They're super-comfortable, ultra-durable, extremely breathable and very supportive. With them, you can greatly improve your recovery process from almost any physical activity, as our feet are the foundation of our fitness performance, and that goes for casual fitness lovers as well as for professional athletes, whether you're at home or even at the gym right after a workout.

Doop Toothbrush – Recycled & Recyclable Head-Removable Toothbrush

The Doop Toothbrush is a recycled and recyclable toothbrush that's designed with sustainability in mind, coming with washable and removable heads equipped with Nylon Filament FDA-approved bristles. Featuring both recycled and recyclable attributes due to its Eco-friendly design while also coming an ultra-durable handle, removable Nylon Filament bristle-heads, and packaging that are all dishwasher-safe, this extremely sustainable toothbrush is designed as a much more Eco-friendly option when compared to your traditional plastic toothbrushes. With it, you'll never again have the need to replace a whole toothbrush.

How Can Cannabis Boost Your Creativity And Improve Your Mood

Cannabis has been used for centuries for its medicinal effects. This article tells you how cannabis can boost your creativity and improve your mood.

Top CBD Oil Applications And How We Benefit From Them

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is one of the many cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant’s makeup. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. This means that you can take CBD without experiencing a “high” but you can still enjoy the cannabis plant’s benefits. CBD oil is pure CBD, extracted from the cannabis plant. There are many health benefits that can be derived from consuming CBD, including reduced inflammation and pain. This article will explore some of the top CBD oil applications and how we can benefit from them.

Pete & Pedro Stubble Buddy – Beard & Manscaping Trimming Vacuum Tool

The Pete & Pedro Stubble Buddy is a beard and manscaping trimming vacuum tool that allows you to quickly vacuum any trimmed hair so that you can keep your hair trimmings from creating a total mess. Overall, this beard and manscaping trimming vacuum tool is can quickly and very quietly vacuum any beard hair or any other trimmed hair in just mere seconds. With it, you'll never again have to deal with clogged drains, as well as wear a temporary "beard bib", or even waste tissues or strips of toilet paper just to clean your sink from leftover beard hair.

Scentlok Sock Line – Odor-Controlling High-Performance Socks

The Scentlok Sock Line is a line of odor-controlling high-performance socks that use Silver Alloy technology to destroy foot odor and help prevent the build up of odor-causing bacteria. These odor-controlling high-performance socks are designed to give you all-day comfort, confidence and even the second wind you need...all without the stink. Overall, these high-performance socks are extremely comfortable to wear throughout the entire day and they're very good at keeping both moisture and odors away, thus keeping your feet cool and dry all day long, while also keeping your boots and/or shoes smelling nice and fresh.

Fellowes AeraMax Pro AM3S PC – High-End Smart Air Purifier

The Fellowes AeraMax Pro AM3S PC is a high-end smart air purifier equipped with a 4-Stage True HEPA Filtration System that's capable of automatically responding to occupancy and air quality levels, showing business owners exactly when the air indoors is clean and safe to breath. Best of all, according to independent laboratory testing, the Fellowes AeraMax Pro AM3S PC is also rated to be effective in reducing aerosolized airborne concentration of Human Coronavirus 229E in a test chamber, reaching 99.99% airborne reduction within 1 hour of operation, which ultimately makes it 99.99% effective against coronavirus. Overall, this is an awesome portable smart air purifier for shared spaces like offices, conference rooms, classrooms, restrooms, waiting rooms and any other enclosed shared spaces that you can think of. The air purifier is easy to setup and easy to use, and it is also very easy to maintain.