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EverLights Permanent Christmas Lights – Great For All Holiday Celebrations

The EverLights Permanent Christmas Lights are a fully-waterproof and widely customizable smartphone-controlled lighting system that integrates up to 200 color-changing light bulbs which can be set to work in one of 250 unique color/brightness combinations at a time. This smartphone-controlled lighting system can be easily installed outside any home, no matter the shape or size of your house roof. Best of all, via the Everlights App, users can pick from already-existing preset patterns or control each light individually to design specific lighting patterns for different occasions such as holidays, birthdays or anything of the sorts, no matter if that's to celebrate Christmas, to commemorate nationhood during Independence Day, or even to embrace the Halloween spirit with spooky lighting effects. All and all, the EverLights Permanent Christmas Lights look fantastic on any home, as they're hardly noticeable during the day, but greatly pop-out at night with a clean, distinct and very cheerful look. In other words, these are the best permanent holiday lights that you'll ever find.

Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress – Perfect to Prevent Back Pain

The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow is an hybrid mattress that combines a top-side QuickCool Cover that helps to prevent overheating with 3 layers of breathable foams, a supportive layer reinforced with gel pods that helps to keep your spine perfectly aligned in any position, and a final layer of resilient springs that add extra lift, support, and airflow to the mattress. All and all, this awesome high-end hybrid mattress is comfortable, breathable, and extremely supportive to keep on, and with it, not only can you stay comfortably cool and sweat-free throughout the night, but you can also ensure that you wake up with your back feeling completely pain free, which is all thanks to its multiple ergonomic zones.

Serta Arctic Medium Hybrid Cooling Mattress – Perfect for Hot Sleepers

The Serta Arctic Medium Hybrid is a premium cooling mattress designed for hot sleepers that's super comfortable and extremely supportive, featuring a Reactex System heat-absorbing layer that's designed to offer you up to 15 times the cooling power of a standard mattress. This premium cooling mattress from Serta combines a total of 4 specialized layers that are all designed to offer hot sleepers an exceptional cool pressure relief, thus allowing them to have a much cooler and much more comfortable sleep all night long.

Yowel – Resuable Eco-friendly Towel System w/ Washable Towels

The Yowel is a unique and innovative Eco-friendly towel dispensing system that's completely reusable, as it uses machine-washable towels that are durable and long lasting, holding up to 40 towels per dispenser. This Eco-friendly towel dispensing system was designed to provide any Eco-concious person with a much more sustainable towel dispensing solution. Unlike your traditional roll of paper towels, the Yowel uses machine-washable towels. By using the Yowel, you and your family can completely eliminate the need to repeatedly buy paper towels. With this Eco-friendly towel dispensing system, not only can you easily save money every time you go to the groceries store, but more importantly, you can also help to protect the environment and reduce waste.

TreePod Cabana – Portable Hanging Lounger / Retreat (Spacious & Stylish)

The TreePod Cabana is a portable hanging lounger that's super-stylish and extremely spacious, coming in different diameter-options of 4, 5 or 6 feet and working only with one single hanging point. Whether you’re simply looking to escape everyday life on your own front-porch or backyard or even if you're planning a weekend trip to the mountains, this portable hanging lounger is designed to give you the comfort of a luxurious bungalow, along with the phenomenal floating experience of a hammock. All and all, the TreePod Cabana takes the evolution of the hammock to an entirely new level. With it, you and the rest of your family are offered a beautiful hanging retreat where you can relax and stay away from your daily concerns.

X-Sense Home Security System – Alexa-Enabled Wireless Alarm System

The X-Sense Home Security System is a Alexa-enabled wireless alarm system that combines a Base Station HUB, a Motion Sensor, 2 Entry Sensors, and a Remote Control together to allow homeowners to easily keep track of what’s going on in their house. Featuring a fairly easy installation / set-up process and requiring absolutely no additional contracts or any subscription fees, this is without a doubt one of the he best (and possibly even the best) Home Security Systems that you can get during 2021. With it, homeowners can better manage their security devices and quickly respond to any potential emergencies related to unwanted intruders, and all of that can be easily done via the X-Sense Home Security App.

Pozio Listening Blockers – Privacy Control Gadgets for Smart Devices

The Pozio Listening Blockers are listening-blocking devices designed specifically to render the privacy intrusions from Smartphones and Smart Speakers completely obsolete. Designed specifically for blocking-out privacy intrusions from Smartphones, we have the Pozio Cradle Smartphone Blocker, while for blocking-out privacy intrusions from Smart Speakers, we have the Pozio Shield Smart Speaker Blocker. With these two ingenious listening-blocking devices, you can ensure in a completely safe way that never again will your Smartphone or your Smart Home Speaker take away your privacy.

BROOMBI – Smart Multi-Functional Silicon Broom w/ 4 Cleaning Blades

The BROOMBI is a smart multi-functional silicon broom that comes equipped with a set of four silicon edge blades that can accurately capture any sort of particles, even fine dust, while also keeping it from disbursing. Coming at a super-lightweight and working based on static electricity, the quadruple silicon edge blades on this smart multi-functional broom can sweep up any sort of particles, making it great for cleaning dust, as well as pet hairs, spilled powdered coffee, as well as spilled liquids, or even broken glass shards. Best of all, its Adjustable Length Handle allows you to use this smart multi-functional silicon broom to tackle any cleaning job around the house, whether that's simply cleaning the floors or even cleaning under a bed or couch, cleaning up rugs, your bathroom and kitchen walls, or any windows in the house. With the BROOMBI, you'll never again need to buy or use any more rags, washcloths, scrapers, or any other sort of cleaning equipment, including traditional brooms.