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IMILAB Smart Video Doorbell – 2.5K HD Video | 2-Way Audio | Voice Controls

The IMILAB Smart Video Doorbell boasts a IP66 Weather-Resistance construction, while also featuring a 4MP Camera with Ultra Clear Night Vision functionalities that's capable of recording at 2.5K Video Resolution in a 150º Ultra-Wide FOV, a Full Duplex 2-Way Audio System with Noise Cancellation, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Voice Assistant support for both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, and up to 6 months of battery life. In addition, this smart video doorbell also comes with a Wi-Fi HUB Station that boasts a built-in Local Storage via the use of a MicroSD Card (up to 256GB) to provide homeowners with a local-storage option for storing the system's recorded video-footage, along with an optional 3-Months (i.e. 90 days trial) Could Storage method that allows homeowners to store up to 30 days of recorded video-footage. All in all, the IMILAB Smart Video Doorbell makes for a great all-in-one smart video doorbell system, as it integrates all the home-security and quality-of-life functionalities that you'd want to have on a modern video doorbell.

Ghost SmartBed 3D Matrix – Luxury Smart Air Mattress w/ Patented Cooling

The Ghost SmartBed 3D Matrix is a 7-layers luxury smart air mattress that combines patented cooling technology with Adjustable Medical-Grade Air Chambers and Smart Biometric Sensors integrated throughout 5 Individual Body Zones which ultimately allow for Customizable Firmness Settings via the GhostBed App. Best of all, via the GhostBed App, users can also accurately track different sleep stats, like their different sleep stages, as well as track how many breaths they performed per minute during each of those sleep stages. All in all, this luxury smart air mattress makes for a great choice of bed mattress for anyone who want's to personally customize their sleeping experience and/or track their sleep data.

bonoch Nursery Bundle – Baby Monitor & Ok-to-Wake Clock

The bonoch Nursery Bundle consists of a smart baby and toddler nursery kit that includes both a smart video baby monitor called the bonoch Baby Monitor and a 3-in-1 smart baby nursery night light, white-noise machine, and a smart clock called the bonoch OK-to-Wake Clock. The bonoch Baby Monitor is a hacker-proof smart video baby monitor equipped with a high-end camera lens capable of recording 720p HD Video with 355° pan, 120° tilt, 4x Zoom and Night-Vision functionalities, along with a 2-Way Audio-System, for which parents can then watch and talk with their baby by using the included 5" HD LCD Color Display via a no-Wi-Fi 2.4GHz FHSS wireless connection within a 1000 ft. range-coverage, as well as a Movement Sensor, an Audio Sensor, and a Room Temperature Sensor. The bonoch OK-to-Wake Clock is a 2-in-1 smart baby nursery night light and white-noise machine outfitted with 25 different soothing sounds that's designed specifically for newborns in order to ensure a good night's sleep, while later working as a time-to-rise training device as your child / children get older, featuring a built-in Child Lock, Wi-Fi Connectivity, In-App Controls, and Voice Assistant support for Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Sensibo AirQ – Smart Air Conditioner Controller w/ Air-Quality Sensor

The Sensibo AirQ is a smart air conditioner controller equipped with a built-in air-quality sensor that's capable of detecting TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), as well as high-levels of CO₂ (Carbon Dioxide) and Ethanol in your air indoors, while also featuring Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity, Voice Assistant support for Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit, and full-compatibility with IFTTT and SmartThings for Smart Home Integration via an Open API. All in all, this 2-in-1 smart air conditioner controller and smart air-quality sensing device allows homeowners to make almost any standard Air Conditioner unit(s) smart in order to control their AC from anywhere via their Smartphone, while simultaneously enabling them to monitor their indoors air quality as well as track any potential indoor pollutants.

Bedol Water Clock Squirt – Eco-Friendly Water-Powered Alarm Clock

The Bedol Water Clock Squirt is an eco-friendly water-powered alarm clock that features an LCD Display and a built-in Memory Chip, along with Time Settings in 12-hour or 24-hour formats, as well as a Daily Alarm and Hourly Alarm functions. All in all, this water-powered alarm clock makes for a great time-piece for your home, or ultimately, a great gift for any college student or office-worker.

Daisy Rain Garden Systems Self-Watering Sprinkler Pots (3-Pot Kit w/ Timer)

The Daisy Rain Sprinkler Pots are all-in-one self-watering plant pots that come together with fully adjustable sprinkler heads which ensure every plant gets the amount of water it needs, along with easy-to-use hand-tightened fittings that let you daisy-chain as many as 25 pots together. All in all, you can use these self-watering plant pots to add any type of plants (whether that's flowers, herbs and vegetables) to any deck, driveway, patio, lawn, garden, or backyard. With the Daisy Rain Sprinkler Pots, you can easily and conveniently grow an entire garden, all without ever having to worry about watering your plants. All that makes this kit perfect for any gardening-beginners that just started their gardening adventure or even for gardening-experts that are looking to start / grow their gardens in smaller spaces.

AirFort – Inflatable Instant-Play Fort for Kids

The AirFort is an inflatable instant-play fort for children that's safe, durable, breathable and very easy to set up in just a few seconds, requiring only a standard box fan to inflate it. Designed with simplicity in mind, all you really need to set up the AirFort is a standard box fan, which makes inflating the unit a quick and easy task. After that's done, kids (and maybe even their parents) will be ready to enjoy countless hours of fun, whether that's with other younger friends or even with the rest of the family as a whole.

Rock & Rocker Electric Pressure Washer Von3.2 (3500PSI | 2.6GPM | 1800W)

The Rock & Rocker Von3.2 is an electric pressure washer equipped with a powerful 1800W motor that can generate up to 3,500 PSI of pressure with a flow rate of 2.6 GPM, while also featuring a built-in Hose Reel with a 26 ft. Hose, a 16.9 oz soap tank, 4 Interchangeable Nozzles, and a Safety Lock Switch on its Water-Trigger Gun that ensures the device stays Off when not in use. Designed with versatility in mind, this electric pressure washer is capable of tackling any light-, medium- and even heavy-duty cleaning tasks, such as cleaning patio furniture or lawn equipment, cleaning a car, an RV, or the inside of a boat, or even cleaning house siding, wooden decks, driveways, cement / pavement, pools, and anything else in between. All in all, this electric pressure washer is perfectly suitable to address all cleaning tasks. With it, you can easily and effectively address and get rid of dirt, grime, mildew (mold growth) and gunk (i.e. algae), as well as oil that may drip from your vehicle(s) and also rust, or even any other type of unwanted substance that could potentially leave marks or stains.