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Redroad releases Redroad V17 Handheld Cordless Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

Redroad recently released their brand-new Redroad V17 Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Here's all you need to know about the product and the company.

Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus – Smart Self-Emptying RoboVac w/ Sterilizing System

The Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus is a smart self-emptying robot vacuum and mop that comes together with a dedicated dust-collector station equipped with a Sterilizing System that sterilizes common household parasites, microbes, toxic chemicals and also removes any unwanted smells. The robot itself features a strong suction power of 2,700pa, an innovative LDS 4.0 Navigation System that intelligently maps out the layout of your home, and 5200mAh large-capacity battery with 250 minutes of runtime, as well as compatibility with Mi Home, with Alexa and the Google Assistant. At the same time, its dedicated dust-collection and charging station also features a built-in Sterilizing System that's engaged before vacuuming the robot's collected dust into a 3L dust disposal bag that holds waste for 60 days. All that makes this smart self-emptying and self-sterilizing robot vacuum and mop the best possible robovac that you can currently get for your home.

yeedi Vac Station – 3-in-1 Smart Robot (Vacuums, Mops & Self-Empties)

The yeedi Vac Station is a powerful 3-in-1 smart cleaning robot that can vacuum, mop, and also self-empty its dustbin to a dedicated dust-disposing station that can hold up to 30 days of dust before having to be emptied out manually, all while also featuring up to 200 minutes of battery life. All and all, this smart vacuum cleaning robot is extremely versatile, as it can both clean and mop while intelligently mapping out your home's entire layout. Best of all, you can further configure its functionalities within its Smartphone Companion App, and you can also control it either via its App or via a Voice Assistant.

D-Link DCS-8300LHV2 Full HD Wi-Fi Camera – FULL REVIEW

The D-Link DCS-8300LHV2 is a Smart Home Wi-Fi Camera that features Full HD 1080p Video with 360º Adjustability and IR Night Vision, Two-Way Talk, Smartphone In-App Controls, and even support to multiple Voice Assistants. Overall, the D-Link DCS-8300LHV2 makes for a really solid Smart Home Wi-Fi Camera for you to go with. With it, you can monitor your home in a 24/7 basis and see everything that's happening inside it in a Full HD 1080p resolution, all while letting the camera's advanced AI-based person detection functionality notify you and even alert you to any motion detected outside. All and all, this is a great Smart Home camera to go with, especially when considering its very affordable cost, as well as its ease-of-setup, and that goes for whether you’re looking to take care of your children and/or elders, to keep an eye on your pets, or even to keep your home and family protected against any potential intruders.

Atomi Smart Pathway Lights (4-Pack) – Smart Wi-Fi LED Pathway Lights

The Atomi Smart Pathway Lights are a set of x4 10-watt smart Wi-Fi-enabled LED pathway lights that feature programmable lighting with adjustable colors, customizable schedules, and Voice Assistant Support. Overall, these smart LED pathway lights are extremely durable, very easy to install, and extremely easy to configure via their Smartphone App. Featuring a broad spectrum of 16 million hues of different colors, a tunable white light functionality, and Voice Assistant Support, these smart home-exterior LED lights are perfect for everyday use, no matter if its just another regular day or if you're celebrating a special occasion. With them, you can always keep your home's pathway safe to walk at all times, all with an added touch of elegance and coziness.

TableCoaster – The Best Anti-Spill Drink Holder for Office & Living Room

The TableCoaster is an ultra-durable anti-spill drink holder that can securely hold all your favorite drinks, making it the perfect drinking accessory for both your office space as well as your living room's sofa table. Featuring an ultra-durable construction and a super ergonomic design that combines a narrower Drink Adapter piece as well as a larger Drink Holder piece, this sleek anti-spill drink holder can cater to most drinking containers, including mugs and tumblers, as well as bottles and cans. All that makes this the ultimate anti-spill drink holder that you can currently get, which can be used by anyone to prevent spills around furniture, other people or even pets. Best of all, you can use it just about anywhere, starting from the comfort of your home office and living room all the way down to motor-homes or even boats.

Echelon Connect Bike EX-5s – Smart Indoors Exercise Bike

The Echelon Connect Bike EX-5s is a smart exercise bike for indoors use that comes equipped with a 22” HD Rotating Screen, an Ergo-Adjust Resistance Knob with 32 levels of magnetic resistance, a 6” Fore/Aft Seat Lever and a Seat Height Adjustment Lever for adjusting the bike's seat position and height, a set of Adjustable Toe Cages on its pedals, and 2 Power Ports for charging your devices while working out. Coming designed for maximum comfort, smooth functionality and total immersion, this smart exercise bike is simply awesome. Overall, it's extremely comfortable to ride, as well as easy to adjust to different difficulty levels for easier or harder cycling workouts. Best of all, with an Active Echelon Membership, the sky as the limit, as both all of the Live and On-Demand Classes as well as the Echelon's Fitpass Programs can offer all fitness enthusiasts an ultimate away of transforming all of their workouts at home to ultimately get to the fitness level they so desire.

DreameTech Dreame Bot L10 Pro – AI-Powered Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The DreameTech Dreame Bot L10 Pro is a powerful 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mopping smart AI-powered robot vacuum cleaner equipped with two laser LiDAR sensors that allow it to map and memorize its 3D environment, all while also featuring Voice Assistant support to Amazon Alexa. Overall, this robot is very easy to use and does an amazing job at cleaning your entire home in a smart fashion. All of the unit’s functionalities are qutie easy to control (either via its Control Panel or via the App). What's even better is that its Amazon Alexa integration makes it the perfect cleaning robot companion for any Smart Home.