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VIZIO OLED65-H1 65” 4K HDR Smart TV (2021 Model) – FULL REVIEW

The VIZIO OLED65-H1 is a 65” 4K HDR Smart TV that features ultra-vivid color tones from up to a billion colors, as well as great shadows and brightness levels, all coming with extreme details in a 4K Ultra HD quality. With this high-end Smart TV you can easily improve your viewing experience for your favorite content, as you’re guaranteed to get a breathtaking picture-quality for any of your favorite streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Furthermore, with support to HDR Gaming at 120fps, the TV's built-in eARC port makes this Smart OLED TV very "Gaming-friendly”. All that makes the VIZIO OLED65-H1 the perfect entertainment centerpiece for any family that’s enthusiastic about their Smart Home.

FitNation Slim Line Treadmill – Folding Walking Treadmill w/ Safety Stop

The FitNation Slim Line Treadmill is a high-quality flat-folding walking treadmill equipped with an ultra-slim 5" H base that features multi-speed adjustments for variable paces from 0.4 to 3.7 MPH. This high-end walking treadmill is fairly easy to use. Both its built-in Control Panel and included Remote Control offer users an easy way of controlling the treadmill's walking speeds, while at the same time, its Emergency Safety-Stop Function keeps users perfectly safe, giving them a realiable andd immediate way of helping them to recover their stability.

Atomi Smart Color String Lights – WiFi-Enabled Color Changing LED Lights

The Atomi Smart Color String Lights are WiFi-enabled Color-Changing heavy-duty waterproof LED lights that can be controlled with the Atomi Smart App or via Voice Controls. Overall, this smart color-changing light system is pretty easy to install and to use, and it's also a pretty cool adition to have integrated in your Smart Home setup if you're a fun of bright, color-themed backyard parties. Alternatively, you could also use it to set up the perfect romantic outdoors dinner table and ultimately surprise your loved one with an amazing night. Additionally, the system's Atomi Smart App makes all of the light bulbs' color and brightness settings and color-themes super easy to control.

Nexersys Cross Body Trainer Home – Interactive Double-End Boxing Bag

The Nexersys Cross Body Trainer Home is an interactive double-end boxing bag that works together with its Cross Body Trainer App, which can offer you different progressive and dynamic boxing workouts as well as detailed strike telemetry reports that can ultimately help you improve your punching and boxing-cardio skills. Overall, this interactive double-end boxing system works as a great cardio and explosive strength training equipment, and can be the perfect home-gym boxing piece for anyone who loves boxing workouts.

Logitech Circle View Wired Video Doorbell – Apple HomeKit-Enabled

The Logitech Circle View is an easy-to-use wired video doorbell that features HomeKit Secure Video with Face Recognition, best-in-class Logitech TrueView video, 160° FoV head-to-toe HD video with HDR, and color night vision to capture every last detail.

WeatherFlow Tempest Weather System – AI-Powered Weather System

The WeatherFlow Tempest Weather System is an affordable high-end Smart Home weather system that works together with a powerful AI-Powered weather App to accurately forecast any upcoming weather. By having this ingenious Smart Home weather tracking system installed at your house, you're offered an easy and reliable way of forecasting the weather for the upcoming days. This smart weather system can measure literally any weather statistics (like rain, wind, temperature, humidity, etc.).

Echelon FitNation Flex Bike Ultra – All-In-One Workout Cycling System

The Echelon FitNation Flex Bike Ultra is an all-in-one workout cycling system that allows you to perform both upper and lower body workouts while you cycle. Basically, this all-in-one workout cycling exercise bike features multiple levels of adjustable magnetic resistance that ensure you can challenge yourself and work harder on your lower body, while also coming equipped with built-in resistance bands that allow you to work on your upper body at the same time. Additionally, the bike also integrates an LCD display that features six different tracking functions that you can conveniently use to track your progress, and those include speed, time, distance, scan, calories, and pulse.

RotoShovel – 22-Inch Battery-Powered Shovel & Handheld Auger/Drill

The RotoShovel is a 22-inch battery-powered shovel that doubles as a handheld auger/drill, working both as a simple handheld shovel and as a powerful electric auger for precision digging. With it, you can perform digging and scooping tasks with ease and take all of the work out of any basic gardening tasks, and as such you'll be able to avoid getting dirty during any gardening days while also having some more free time to relax after you're done planting on your garden.