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Targus 15.6” Mobile Tech Traveler EcoSmart Rolling Backpack (REVIEW)

The Targus 15.6" Mobile Tech Traveler EcoSmart Rolling Backpack is a 2-in-1 traveling backpack and roller case that can be converted from a large XL backpack to a roller case, expanding from 35L to 40L capacity, all while also featuring a dedicated laptop compartment equipped with a SafePort Sling Protection System. Not only that, but this convertible backpack and roller case also features several other extra zipper pockets that can be used to store your personal items / essentials, as well as a hidden Water Bottle Pocket at the side.

What Is Desktop as a Service and How Does It Work?

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a model of desktop computing for delivering data over the internet in which a third party provides the hardware- and software-resources needed to deliver a personal computing experience to the end-users. Essentially, it's a way to outsource the management and storage of data to a third party. With DaaS, businesses can focus on their core competencies and leave the management of data to a specialist.

Magnahoodie – All-In-One Jacket, Scarf & Hat

The Magnahoodie is an all-in-one jacket, scarf and hat that uses a patent-pending magnetic closure system in place of traditional hoodie strings to securely close out the gaps around your face in order to keep your head, neck and ears perfectly protected and warm in any weather conditions. Not only that, but the Magnahoodie is built with a special Double-Hooded layer, which greatly helps to keep you extra cozy and warm on those super cold days. Thanks to its unique and ingenious design, you'll never again end up with a cold neck, nor will you ever again have to deal with having an obstructed peripheral vision or the annoying hoodie strings that come with wearing traditional hoodies. All in all, the Magnahoodie truly beats wearing traditional drawstring hoodies, not only to keep the cold, wind and rain out, but also for performing any outdoors activities (such as running, cycling, or even exploring the outdoors) as its patent-pending magnetic closure system ensures that its head-cover never obstructs your view.

KIZIK Shoes – Hands-Free Step-On Modern Sneakers for Men and Women

The KIZIK Shoes are hands-free modern sneakers for men and women that basically put themselves on thanks to their patented External Cage technology, which enables you to step on their retractable Springback Heel and slide your feet right into them. As such, unlike casual slip-on shoes, the KIZIK require no tying, no pulling, no heel crushing, and no use of your hands to put them on. In other words, you can easily put on the KIZIK Shoes without having to touch them at all, making these the easiest shoes to put on that you'll ever see. All in all, these hands-free step-on sneakers are extremely comfortable, super breathable, and also very stylish.

Geekey Multi-tool – Compact Stainless Steel Key-Shaped Pocket-Tool

The Geekey is a pocket-friendly key-shaped multi-tool made of Stainless Steel which boasts over 16+ unique functionalities that can quickly and conveniently aid you in many different scenarios. It features a Scoring Tip for cutting and opening objects, a Multi-Head Driving Tip that not only fits most screw- and bolt-head styles but also doubles as a Can Opener Tip, a Serrated Edge, an Open Wrench that also works as a Bottle Opener, a built-in Smoking Bowl and Smoking Pipe, an integrated Linear Edge File, a Ruler and a Protractor, a built-in Bit Driver Hex Pocket, a Closed Wrench, a Bike Spoke Key-Wrench that can also be used as a Wire Bender, and a Wire Stripper with a sharp wedge that doubles as Lanyard Hole for your key-chain. All in all, this pocket-friendly key-shaped multi-tool comes equipped with everything you need to face a multitude of everyday handyman scenarios, no matter if you're simply looking to give a quick-fix to your mountain-bike, or even if you're looking to explore the outdoors and enjoy Mother Nature while always remaining versatile.

Is it worth getting an electric car?

If you're considering to get an electric car, then this article can tell you in great detail all the Pros and Cons of owning an EV.

Noisy Clan Wee Stand – Ultra-Foldable Portable Music Stand

The Noisy Clan Wee Stand is an ultra-foldable portable music stand that's extremely versatile, featuring Adjustable Height via Tension-Lock Legs, Tilt-Touch Angle Positioning, Sheet-Saver Tabs, Swivel Clips, and a Central Clip for having music sheets placed side-by-side. Thanks to its revolutionary foldable design, this portable music stand can be easily carried by hand or stored inside a bag and opened up to a full height in seconds, and users can also quickly open it up and set it between a compact tabletop form and a full standing height position. All in all, the Noisy Clan Wee Stand is perfect for all musicians, no matter their level of expertise, as it was ultimately designed to let musicians get straight to playing their art.

ARROE Smart Charging System – App-Enabled 20000mAh Power Bank

The ARROE Smart Charging System is a portable App-enabled 20000mAh power bank that can be used to charge your laptop and all of your other devices, featuring multiple connection options as well as both Wired and Wireless Charging. Best of all, since this smart charging system is App-enabled, you're also offered an Optimized Charging feature that not only helps you keep the batteries on your devices charged between 20%–80%, but ultimately also allows you to extend the lifespan of your devices' batteries. The App also allows you to monitor and manage all your devices' battery-levels, and the App even provides you with Charging Notifications and Reminders via your Smartphone to respectively let you know that you're devices are either done charging or that they need to be re-charged when their batteries are detected to be running low on power. All and all, this smart charging system is compact, ultra-portable, and very easy to use thanks to its Smartphone Companion App. It's perfect for any digital workers that a spend most of their time on-the-go.