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Allbirds Men’s Tree Dashers – Sustainable Performance Running Shoes

The Allbirds Men's Tree Dashers are ultra-lightweight athletic-performance running shoes that are carbon neutral, as they're solely made via sustainable practices by only using natural and renewable materials. Not only are these athletic-performance running shoes designed for the maximum energy return possible, but they're also very durable, extremely breathable, super-comfortable, and very, very flexible, and they're also machine washable. Thanks to all of that, you get one of the best (if not the best) pair of sustainable running shoes that you can currently find available on the market, while simultaneously knowing that you're contributing to the overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Quench Smart Plant-Watering Sensor System (Corrosion-Resistant)

The Quench is a smart plant-watering sensor system that's able to detect exactly when your plant needs water, for which the system will then notify you with a gentle audible tone. Overall, this simple, yet ingenious moisture-detection solution can make it very easy for you to take care (or better care) of your plants. With it, not only can you completely avoid over-watering your plants, but you'll also never forget to water your plants ever again!

Indosole Sandals – All-Terrain Slip-On Footwear made of Recycled Tire

The Indosole Sandals are a line of super-comfortable, high-quality, all-terrain waterproof slip-on sandals that are solely made of sustainable, organic and recycled materials. Overall, these sustainable all-terrain slip-on sandals would make a great choice for a pair of sustainable footwear that can be used for everyday wear.

Merge Cube – App-Enabled AR/VR Smart Cube for Teaching & Learning

The Merge Cube is an App-Enabled AR- and VR-powered Smart Cube that can be used both for teaching and learning, as it allows kids to hold virtual 3D objects in their hands. Overall, the Merge Cube is simply one of the best STEM-leanning tools that you can currently find available, as it allows allow students to learn effectively about many different subjects by having them interacting with digitally created virtual 3D objects for their educational content of choice, which can include Biology, Anatomy, Engineering, the Universe, and much, much more.

Clutch V2-Lightning – Ultra-Thin Lightning Power Bank for iOS Devices

The Clutch V2-Lightning is an ultra-thin lightning power bank that features a built-in Lightning Charging Cable that allows you to keep the battery on your iOS devices fully-charged at all times while you're on the go. Overall, this super-thin Apple-Lightning Charger is a great portable Lightning-enabled power bank to have around, as its sleek design and wide compatibility with most iOS devices ultimately make it the perfect power-charging solution for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Airpods. That said, it’s the perfect backup Apple-Lightning Charging Solution to bring with you while you're traveling and to take to work, as well as for going out to festivals, concerts, and sports events, or even for whenever you’re going out camping, to the beach, or to a picnic with family and friends.

IOGEAR GearPower Dual USB 4.2A (20W) Wall Charger

The IOGEAR GearPower Dual USB 4.2A (20W) Wall Charger features two 2.1 USB-A (10W) USB Output Charging ports, which come configured to provide fast-charging for all current Apple products, and that even includes all generations of iPad. With this Fast-Charging 20W Dual USB-A Wall Charger you can easily keep the battery of all of your personal devices recharged at all times.

iRoller Screen Cleaner – Reusable Liquid-Free Touchscreen Display Cleaner

The iRoller Screen Cleaner is a compact, portable and reusable liquid-free touchscreen display cleaner that requires no liquids or cloths to be used, featuring a unique griping surface that can easily remove fingerprints, smudges, dust and debris from your device's touchscreen. Overall, this touchscreen display cleaning solution is a great alternative to disposable wipes, microfiber cloths, and even to liquid cleaners.

California Cowboy Men’s High Water Shirt – Aloha-Themed Summer Shirt

The California Cowboy Men’s High Water Shirt is part of a unique stylish line of Aloha-themed summer shirts that are very breathable and super comfortable to wear, featuring both a slim fit and svelte features. Coming together with a few summer-related features like a Water-Resistant Dry Pocket for your personal device, a Reinforced Bottle Pocket that can carry a beer bottle with ease and without ever spilling its contents, a Sunglasses Secure Loop, and a specially designed bottle opener and storage pocket, these Aloha-themed summer shirts are the perfect clothing choice for a hot summer day.