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PNY 1TB PRO Elite Class 10 U3 V30 microSDXC Card & SD Adapter

The PNY 1TB PRO Elite Class is a high-end microSDXC Card that features ultra-fast read speeds of up to 100MB/s and write speeds of up to 90MB/s. Its peak performance ultimately makes it perfect for fast and smooth HD Photography and 4K Ultra HD Videography. Not only that, but this powerful microSDXC Card also features support to A2 App Performance, which allows you to run almost any App directly from the microSD card, which is able to offer you a faster launch for each of those Apps as well as a flawless performance. Lastly, thanks to its included SD adapter, you can have make this microSDXC Card compatible with pretty much any SD enabled host devices that you can think

WAMA Underwear Line – Organic Underwear made with Hemp

The WAMA Underwear Line is a high-quality, ultra-soft, super breathable and extremely comfortable brand of underwear for both men and women that's mainly made of hemp.

Tactica M.100X Bundle Pack & Tactica M.250 HEX Drive Toolkit

The Tactica M.100X Bundle Pack and Tactica M.250 HEX Drive Toolkit are compact, portable, lightweight and versatile hex drive multi toolkits that can be used for any screwdriver tasks and DIY projects. Overall, these hex drive multi toolkits can be used as your on-the-go companion toolbox for all of your assembly and repairing needs, for any DIY projects that you have planned, or pretty much for any inconvenience that might face throughout your day, no matter where you are. Integrating a ton of versatile features for your everyday use as well as several different hex-head attachments such as a set of Allen keys, TORX bits, and different eyeglass drivers, these are, without a doubt, some of the most complete everyday carry tools you'll ever find available on the market. With either of them, you can easily and conveniently tackle almost any unexpected repair-situations.

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BALL Watch Engineer HydroCarbon Original – Adventuring Diving Watch

The BALL Watch Engineer HydroCarbon Original is a gorgeous and ultra-durable stainless steel Extreme Adventuring Diving Watch that features up to 7,500Gs of Shock Resistance, a value 80,000A/m for anti-magnetism and up to 660 ft. (200 m) of water resistance. Just like any other wristwatch from the BALL Watch brand, this luxurious extreme adventuring diving timepiece is strong, durable and reliable. Thanks to its ultra-durable features, it can easily withstand pretty much any shocks involved with outdoors and/or underwater exploration that come its way. Moreover, its versatile and minimalist design respectively meets the demands of all occasions and styles. Lastly, reading the watch's hour, minute, and second watch hands is fairly easy, and that's basically thanks to the combination of its 30 micro gas tubes with its bezel's Anti-Reflective Convex Sapphire Crystal, which together make reading any information from the watch quite easy by providing users with a very decent illumination for the best possible night reading capability, all without requiring any external light source. Overall, this is a great luxurious extreme adventuring diving watch for both underwater and outdoors use.

KidsConnect KC2 Phone – All-in-One 4G GPS Tracker Security Solution

The KidsConnect KC2 Phone features GPS, LBS, and Wi-Fi connectivity, working as an all-in-one 4G GPS Tracker Security Solution for real time tracking. Working together with its proprietary SECURE TRACKER App, which works specifically as the phone's dedicated and secure GPS Tracker App, this 4G GPS Tracker Phone brings parents several real-time In-App tracking features that are based on the phone's GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi connectivity options. In all honesty, all of the App's features (both tracking and non-tracking features) are extremely useful, and ultimately bring parents with great peace of mind. Overall, both the phone itself (which will be used by kids) as well as its proprietary App (for parents) are fairly easy to use, and when used together, parents are directly connected to their kids's KidsConnect KC2 Phone, thus providing them with real-time tracking for the unit, as well as their children. All that makes the KidsConnect KC2 Phone the perfect All-in-One 4G GPS Tracker Security Solution for concerned parents with young children, thus giving parents the best possible way of obtaining peace of mind while their kids are away from home.

Undergents Men’s Underwear – Sleek, Breathable & Ultra-Comfortable

The Undergents are a premium brand of sleek, extremely comfortable and ultra-soft men's underwear that are breathable, nice and cool, reasonably stretchy, and that fit nice and firmly. Overall, the company's different types of men's underwear are extremely breathable and comfortable, but still stretchy and firm enough to keep your "twig and berries" perfectly in place. So, most dudes would enjoy wearing a pair of Undergents Men's Underwear. It's literally what you'd want to have as a pair of underwear for every day and for every situation, and that even goes for fitness enthusiasts that would be looking to go for the most vigorous workouts ever. Best of all, while these premium-quality men’s underwear are unbelievably comfortable, they also come at a remarkably lower price than most other brands of men's underwear, so you end up saving some cash while ensuring you get the best possible comfortable for your "private parts".

IG Charcoal BBQ – State of the Art Charcoal Barbecue Grill

The IG Charcoal BBQ is a state-of-the-art charcoal barbecue grill that offers you an easy assembly process and features a durable build, a large grill top, foldable side trays, and adjustable heat controls with a lifting mechanism. Featuring a very modern and minimalist design, a combination of Stainless Steel Side Trays and Bottom tray that provide you with additional space for your cooking tools and accessories, an easy-to-clean Ash Collector Tray that can be quickly removed to throw away all of the collected ashes, and a built-in Temperature Control Rotating Handle that allows BBQ cooks to easily raise or lower the grill's charcoal bed at their desired position, this state-of-the-art charcoal barbecue grill is a great choice to go with for any barbecue-enthusiasts out there.