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A VPN Does Much More Than Keeping Out Hackers

With the world facing a global pandemic, people spend more time at home and more time online. This article covers how a VPN can protect you from cybercrime.

JGMaker A5S 3D Printer with Resume Printing Power Failure Protection

The JGMaker A5S 3D Printer features a robust construction and a great performance overall, and offers you a large printing size of 12" by 12" by 12. 6" with several cool printing features. Featuring a fairly easy set up process, as well as several different functionalities and safety features like Smart Assistant Auto Levelling, Filament Run Out Detection, and Power Failure Protection, this 3D Printer literally packs everything you need to get you started on 3D Printing, and that goes for any begginer or expert.

All You Need to Know About Playing Texas Hold’Em Online

Texas Hold’Em is one of the most popular Poker games ever, but playing it requires certain qualities for you to be successful. Here's what you need to know.

Spigen PowerArc ArcStation Pro Wall Charger – 20W USB-C 3.0 Charger

The Spigen PowerArc ArcStation Pro Wall Charger is a 20W USB-C 3.0 Wall Charger that not only supports Fast Charging, but is also the world's smallest 20W GaN Fast-Charging Wall Adapter / Wall Charger.

TEVOLT Swappable Power Bank – Supports 15W Wired Fast Charging & 10W Wireless Charging

The TEVOLT Power Bank is a compact and ultra-portable charging bank that can be directly attached to the back of any Smartphone, offering compatibility with all Smartphone models and supporting both 15W Wired Fast Charging and 10W Wireless Charging.

Dreamfarm Kitchen Gadgets Line – The World’s Best Kitchen Tools

The DreamFarm Kitchen Gadgets Line includes the world’s best kitchen tools that you can find, all featuring unique designs and serving specific purposes.

Hallmark Video Game Controller Ornament & Hallmark KeepSake Ornament Collection

The Hallmark Video Game Controller Ornament is a ready-to-hang Christmas tree ornament that features a cool gaming graphic design and a "Game On!" message. This cool-looking Christmas tree ornament is part of Hallmark's vast KeepSake Ornament Collection, which also includes Disney characters, Star Wars-themed as well as Star Trek-themed ornaments, Pokémon Ornaments, cool Minecraft Ornaments and even Harry Potter-themed Ornaments.

5 College Gadgets You Don’t Really Need for College

College accommodates diverse people across the socioeconomic spectrum. Some students can cater to their tuition and upkeep without any hustle, while some have to take part-time jobs to make ends meet. For such students, having a way to cut down on expenses is certainly a big deal. We will be looking at 5 college gadgets that students think they need, but they really don't.