Vinci Nitro Cold Brew
The Vinci Nitro Cold Brew is a nitro cold brew coffee dispensing system which utilizes standard N2 (nitrogen) or N2O (nitrous oxide) cartridges to infuse your cold brew coffee with nitrous gas and create microbubbles, thus giving its cold brew coffee a smooth and thick texture with a natural foamy top, along with a silky and creamy mouthfeel, and also a sweet and bold flavor, featuring a stainless steel Mini Keg that has up to 1.1L capacity, a built-in counterbalanced handle for easy one-handed dispensation, and an included drip mat. By using the Vinci Nitro Cold Brew, you can easily make your own nitro cold brew from the comfort of your home and ultimately avoid the high price tags that are commonly charged for a single cup of nitro cold brew.
Kamado Joe Konnected Joe
The Kamado Joe Konnected Joe is a smart App-enabled digital charcoal grill and smoker, which features an 18-inch circular ceramic grill with 250 sq. in. of cooking space, a 2-Tier Cooking System for cooking various foods at different temperatures, a built-in heating element that quickly ignites your charcoal via an Automatic Fire Starter button, a Kontrol Tower Top Vent that helps control the air flow, a digitally controlled Kontrol Fan system that offers a wide temperature range between 225°F to 700°F, a built-in meat probe for accurately monitoring your food's cooking temperature, and a Digital Kontrol Board that boasts built-in digital controls for precisely adjusting the temperature, a 24-hour digital temperature graphing, notification alerts, multiple cook modes, and accurately monitoring up to 3 meat probes at once, plus Wi-Fi connectivity, and also in-App controls via the Kamado Joe App, from which users can set and adjust the cooking temperature and time, monitor up to 3 meat probes, see their food's cooking progress, and look up recipes. With this smart digital charcoal grill and smoker, you can easily achieve low-and-slow smoking, high-heat searing, or any other style of grilling or barbecuing in between.
Baby Eating Plates & Bowls
The Abiie Octopod Baby Dishware are eating plates and bowls for babies made entirely of silicone (or alternatively wood) which are designed to work on flat surfaces, featuring a built-in suction cup that ensures your baby's dish stays on the table, plus separate food compartments that help keep your baby's meals neatly arranged and ultimately easier to eat. With Abiie's Octopod baby eating plates and bowls, parents can perfectly ensure that their baby's dish and food stay on the table, so they won't need to worry about having their little one tossing their food around the kitchen, which means more time teaching junior how to properly enjoy a meal, and obviously, less time cleaning the floors.
Freezer Food Trays
The Souper Cubes are high-quality stackable portion-friendly freezer food trays made of 100% FDA food-grade silicone and equipped with a snug-fitting lid that feature different amounts of food storage compartments of specific portion sizes, ultimately allowing users to prep, cook in the oven and/or freeze exact portion sizes for each meal or ingredient, for which these food trays are also both dishwasher safe as well as oven safe up to 415°F / 212°C. By using the Souper Cubes, kitchen lovers can have endless versatility to freeze prep any type of food, mix of ingredients, or complete meals, starting right from freeze prepping something as simple as broth or stock, all the way up to freezing soups, casseroles, cookie dough, baked loaves, breast milk, and more.
Abiie Beyond Junior Y High Chair
The Abiie Beyond Junior Y is an ultra-modern wooden high feeding chair for babies made of high-quality beechwood and treated with state-of-the-art pressure-assisted anti-microbial high-temperature sterilization that's designed to grow with your child from infancy (6 months) all the way to their adulthood, as it can have its seat and dimensions seamlessly adjusted into a full-size dining chair in under 20 seconds thanks to its EZ-Seat Technology, featuring a removable tray and footrest, dual restraint systems that can be adjusted to create a 5-point or 3-point harness, water-resistant cushions, and a removable tray cover that's dishwasher-safe. This high feeding chair for babies is an outstanding choice for any parent(s) to go with, as it features a truly ergonomic design that allows for complete adjustability of its seat, footrest and eating tray, plus dual safety systems that perfectly prevent your baby from ever climbing and falling out of the chair, along with the added bonus of having water-resistant cushions and a very easy way of cleaning the chair itself as well as its removable tray.
MeatStick 4X
The MeatStick 4X is a high-end, next-generation smart true wireless meat thermometer equipped with quad temperature sensors powered by a proprietary advanced TrueTemp technology that makes it capable of getting extremely accurate real-time temperature readings, while also integrating a patented Dual-Shell technology that allows the thermometer itself to withstand heat up to 572°F, and its stainless-steel probe up to 212°F, all while featuring a waterproof and dishwasher-safe construction, Bluetooth Connectivity for a wireless range that can go up to 650 ft. / 200 m, real-time temperature readings and smartphone notifications via the MeatStick App, and up to 70+ hours of battery life. This next-generation smart true wireless meat thermometer allows you to achieve perfect meaty results every single time. With it, you'll never have to worry about your meat getting under cooked or overcooked.
VersaWare's smart kitchen appliances are equipped with high-end weight sensors and are also powered by a revolutionary nutrition-focused recipe-AI that can accurately track a user's entire nutritional information with super-precise metrics, ultimately offering people who want to eat healthy an intuitive alternative to frustrating nutrition apps and cumbersome calorie counting tools. VersaWare's smart kitchen appliances also feature Wi-Fi Connectivity and a long battery life.
Glasvin Universal Wine Glass
The Glasvin Universal is an ultra-light and highly elegant all-purpose wine glass with 500 ml capacity that's perfect for drinking every kind of wine, as it features a hand-blown design that helps to bring out the widest range of aromas, while also being dishwasher-safe. If you're looking for the best glass to drink your favorite types of wine in the most appropriate way, then this sleek universal wine glass is the perfect one to do so. Not only will it change the way how you drink your wine, but it will also improve the way how you enjoy all of your wines with family and friends.
AirHood Wireless
The AirHood Wireless is a portable cooking range hood that provides a reliable cooking fumes extraction method, boasting an innovative Dual Filter Technology as it integrates a detachable oil filter and a replaceable activated charcoal filter, along with a powerful motor and fan, as well as a built-in air diffuser at the back, all while also featuring an easy maintenance, a quiet operation, 3 Speed Settings, and up to 480 minutes of battery life, plus an attachable Base Boost accessory that allows you to increase the device's height so that it can clear cooking fumes more effectively. All in all, this is a very neat portable cooking range hood unit, as it offers anyone that currently doesn't have an exhaust hood installed in their kitchen a reliable and effective way to filter out any potential cooking fumes / steam that come from their daily cooking.
Newair Shadow Series Wine Cooler Refrigerator
The Newair Shadow Series Wine Cooler Refrigerator is a freestanding beverage fridge that features enough capacity to store up to 12 bottles of any type of wine and 39 cans of beer or soda, coming equipped with frameless mirrored glass doors integrated with a double pane glass that blocks harmful UV rays to protect your wine’s flavor and aroma, 10 removable beverage racks, a built-in soft Blue LED light that illuminates labels without creating a harmful hotspot, a built-in fan, and a powerful and quiet compressor cooling system that makes it capable of keeping wine properly stored between 37°F to 64°F, plus Dual Temperature Zones, along with separate built-in control panels integrated at the top of each of its glass doors that let you configure the temperature for each zone. All in all, the Newair Shadow Series is a really great choice of a wine cooler refrigerator to go with, as with it, you can easily keep any type of wine properly stored in order to keep all of its qualities well-preserved, while also giving you the possibility to store and refrigerate up to 39 cans of your favorite beers or sodas at the side. The unit is compact, easy to install, and also quite easy to operate.
Ecozy IM-BS260C Ice Maker
The Ecozy IM-BS260C is a portable countertop ice maker machine that can produce a batch of 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes in just 6 minutes, and up to 26 lbs. of ice every 24 hours, featuring a removable ice basket with 26 lbs. capacity, a 1.98 L / 2.1 Quarts water reservoir, the capability to produce its bullet-shaped ice cubes in Small or Large sizes, a low-noise operation at just 35dB, a built-in Control Panel with 2 Button Controls, an Ice-Full Sensor and a Low-Water Sensor that work based on advanced infrared sensor technology, and a Self-Cleaning function that deeply cleans the inside of the unit through water circulation. All in all, this portable countertop ice maker machine is perfect for anyone who enjoys drinking their beverages with a few ice cubes on a regular basis. Not only is it compact and portable, but it is actually capable of producing a large amount of nice bullet-shaped ice-cubes on a daily basis.