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OnePlus 8T Smartphone (T-Mobile) – 256GB Storage, 5G-Enabled and w/ 65W Fast Charging

The OnePlus 8T Smartphone is a durable and lightweight 5G-enabled Smartphone that features a high-performance 6.55 inches fluid AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with a 120Hz refresh rate, a long-lasting battery life that offers you up to 35 hours of talk time and around 127.2 hours of standby time while also supporting 65W Fast Charging, as well as integrating a 48MP Quad-Camera Setup at the back and a single 16 MP Selfie camera at the front.

Gabb Wireless Z2 Phone – The Perfect First Phone for Younger Kids

The Gabb Wireless Z2 Phone is an affordable internet-free phone that's perfect for kids or anyone else who doesn't want to get sucked into the online world. It's a great "dumb" phone for any parent that doesn't want to expose their kids to social media, Internet addiction and online bullying, as younger children are still too young to deal with that. All that makes the Gabb Z2 Phone the perfect "dumb" phone for parents that want to keep it simple for their kids for as long as they can, as it allows them to keep their kids away from the Internet, all social media, and even the few dangerous Apps that sometimes end up in Google's Play Android App Store.

5 Ways to Make Your Smartphone Smarter

Your smartphone is a very versatile gadget that you can use for a wide array of purposes. Here are 5 ways to make your Smartphone smarter.

CAT S42 Rugged Smartphone (REVIEW) – Great for the Hard-Working Lifestyle

The CAT S42 Rugged Smartphone is an ultra-resilient Smartphone that's both water- and dust-proof, featuring a super-bright 5.5" HD+ Display, 48 hours of battery life, and both Bluetooth 5.0 and Dual-Band WiFi Connectivity (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz). You also get a standard of 32 GB of Storage Space (which is expandable up to 128GB) and 3GB of Ram, while its powerful 1.8GHz Quadcore Processor runs smoothly on Android 10. All that makes the CAT S42 Rugged Smartphone a remarkable workhorse, and the perfect choice for an ultra-tough, go-anywhere Android Smartphone. Overall, this is a pretty nice Smartphone to pick up, especially if you’re in the police force, or if you're a first responder that works hard and on-the-clock to keep all citizens safe. The same goes if you’re a construction worker or if you work in any job that's part of the Industrial Sector or ultimately, if you're passionate about the outdoors lifestyle and outdoor activities.

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G-Enabled Smartphone for T-Mobile (FULL REVIEW)

The Samsung Galaxy A71 Smartphone features a crystal-clear 6.7" Infinity-O Display, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of Memory Space (expandable to 512 GB), 102 hours of battery life, a 32MP Punch-Hole Selfie Camera, and a 64 MP Quad-Camera Setup. There's also 5G connectivity, which is probably one of the Galaxy A71's best features, perfect for 2020's emerging 5G technology. All of that makes the Samsung Galaxy A71 the perfect choice of Smartphone for 2020.

Mobile Edge Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

The Mobile Edge Wireless Charging Mouse Pad is a 2-in-1 desktop solution that works both as a mouse pad and as a Qi-enabled Wireless Charger for your Smartphone. This Wireless Charging Mouse Pad is fully compatible with the iPhone 8, the iPhone X and with just about any Qi-enabled Android device. Overall, this is a great 2-in-1 desktop solution for anyone that spends a lot of time working on their computer or laptop while also using their Smartphone a lot throughout the day by taking calls and/or checking some other information within their phone.

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