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8 Benefits of Payment Automation for Your Produce Business

Payment automation is any process that helps businesses computerize the process of receiving and making payments. This often involves the use of digitized payment systems, which manage the approval of payments, automate payment processes, and confirm payment. Basically, this process is used to improve the speed and ease of payment, and reduces the amount of human error present in payment transactions. These are just the basic effects of payment automation though, and there are a lot more benefits to automating your produce payments.

MODL Outdoors Infinity Tool – Modular Multi-Tool Carabiner & Gear Tie

The MODL Outdoors Infinity Tool is an ultra-flexible multi-functional tool made of highly-durable silicone that can be used as a carabiner, a gear tie, and more to clip and loop outdoors gear together, with it being capable of supporting up to 70 lbs. of weight in a single wrap, or even more weight by wrapping it around your gear additional times. Best of all, its modular design also allows users to connect multiple units together in order to create even longer and stronger zip-tying like solutions for fastening / strapping on their outdoors gear. All in all, this flexible and extremely versatile multi-functional tool can be used as a gear tie, carabiner, and anything else in between to fasten, strap, or cinch almost just about any outdoors gears or essential accessory.

Combating Inflation: Why Are Energy Prices Rising & What to Do About It?

The current rising cost of inflation has been directly impacted by the rise in energy prices, which consequently has also led commodity prices to increase. Here's why that is.

How to Buy Ethereum Max?

In comparison to Ethereum, Ethereum Max (or Emax) is more a digital token than a cryptocurrency, and is mainly used and promoted by celebrities.

8 New Smart Home Devices Emerging in 2022

Thanks to modern technology, the concept of a Smart Home is quickly becoming a worldwide trend. Here are 8 new Smart Home devices that are trending in 2022.

Instagram releases new Parental Controls to help parents protect children

Just recently, during this past Tuesday (June 14th, 2022), Instagram released new Parental Controls for users in the UK, which ultimately empower parents / guardians of Instagram users under the age of 18 to have a better control over how their children use the App. These new Parental Control features for Instagram came shortly after The Wall Street Journal had released a report last September that indicated top executives at Instagram had been warned by researchers about the potential harmful impacts of the social media App to young users. Instagram's new Parental Controls for parents and/or guardians of under-aged Instagram users (aged under 18) include the ability of setting a Daily Time Limit, scheduling Break Times, along with receiving detailed information on reported accounts directly reported by their children's accounts, and also having access to all the Follow Information related to their children's accounts.

Types of Robots that Have Revolutionized the Manufacturing Industry

Robots are increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives. They have been in manufacturing for decades and are now making their way into other industries such as healthcare and education. There is a wide variety of robots that manufacturers can choose from, but it's important to understand which type would be the best fit for your facility. There are different types of robots, each suited for a specific task. This article explores the main types of industrial robots and their applications in the manufacturing industry.

Applications of Modern Tech Easing the Stress of Buying a House

Nowadays, buying a house is easier than what it used to be in the past. Here are some of applications of modern technology that can facilitate that process.