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5 Ways This New Platform Will Modernize How Product Creators and Crowdfunders Get Sales and Traffic

Online sellers and crowdfunders have realized the power of influencers for some time now, with an ROI of over 18X for those that do it right. But the challenges have always been the same for small and medium size product owners, influencers are too expensive to work with and the business has neither the time nor the resources to devote to doing it properly. Well, that day is done with a brand-new platform just released in January 2021 called RockitBoost.

VARRAM Review: A Smart Pet Fitness Robot

VARRAM is a company that combines technology with pet toys. The Smart Pet Toys manufacturer announced their new Pet Smart Toy in the beginning...

Ford & Volkswagen Work Together To Develop Self-Driving Cars

While car manufacturers and tech giants have been heralding the advent of self-driving cars for years, the technology is still very much in the development stage....

Another Google Outage Occurs

After being down for almost three hours, Google Calendar finally came back online. This happened earlier this last Tuesday, leaving millions of users without...

Twitter’s Desktop App Returns to the Mac

It has been little over a year since Twitter decided to discontinue its Mac desktop app. Recently, the company announced that it’ll be bringing...

Apple Adds Cryptokit Framework to iPhone

Apple has made many announcements during its last press event, most of them related to software, as iPhone’s creator showed us some of the...

Google’s DeepMind AI Wins against Human Player in ‘Quake III’

Artificial Intelligence is improving at a fast rate, becoming smarter and overcoming new obstacles every day. One example is Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence lab, that...