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Samsung teases Concept Devices with Innovative Slidable & Rollable Screens

Just recently, Samsung teased a new line of concept devices that feature what appears to be a new type of innovative flexible OLED screens.

New Google Chrome Features Are Being Tested

Since Google Chrome version 91, many new different and more user-friendly features have being tested. Here are the best features to try out.

Google Maps expands Live Traffic feature to help users avoid mass transit

Google Maps has recently announced the expansion of its Live Traffic Delay feature, which allows users to see how crowded transports will be at time of arrival.

Google Chrome recent Zero-Day Security Flaw urges users to update now

Just recently, Google released an update for its browser Google Chrome, which aims to fix 14 security flaws, including one "zero-day" flaw that's already being actively exploited by an unknown group of hackers. As such, both the tech giant as well as many tech. experts on the Internet recommend that all Chrome users apply that same browser update as soon as possible.

Mozilla Firefox 89.0 brings a much better User-Friendly Experience

Mozilla has just recently updated its browser to the Mozilla Firefox 89.0 Version, which brings users a major update with a better user-friendly experience.

Microsoft announces the retirement of Internet Explorer for 2022

In an official announcement released today, tech giant Microsoft confirmed exactly what most of us were already expecting for a very long time. In its most recent blog post, Microsoft verified that the existence of its long-enduring browser Internet Explorer will soon be coming to a definitive end, for most Windows 10 versions, that is. Still, it's important to note that the company made this announcement quite early on, sharing the news just slightly over a year in advance. According to Microsoft's statement, starting on June 15, 2022, its Internet Explorer browser will be retired and no longer supported on most versions of Windows 10.

5 Ways This New Platform Will Modernize How Product Creators and Crowdfunders Get Sales and Traffic

Online sellers and crowdfunders have realized the power of influencers for some time now, with an ROI of over 18X for those that do it right. But the challenges have always been the same for small and medium size product owners, influencers are too expensive to work with and the business has neither the time nor the resources to devote to doing it properly. Well, that day is done with a brand-new platform just released in January 2021 called RockitBoost.

VARRAM Review: A Smart Pet Fitness Robot

VARRAM is a company that combines technology with pet toys. The Smart Pet Toys manufacturer announced their new Pet Smart Toy in the beginning...