E-Commerce Strategy
E-commerce is about developing a healthy business relationship with your customers, starting from piquing their interest all the way to having them make a purchase and coming back for more. Here are 11 tips on how to achieve a successful E-Commerce strategy.
Using ROI Formulas for PPC
Using ROI Formulas for your PPC Campaigns can offer huge benefits, as all the information from knowing your PPC ROI can ultimately help you to optimize campaigns for maximum profitability as well as scale them up to increase their investment return.
10 Reasons Why You Should Use Videos for Your Social Media
Social media platforms support short to long-form video content backed by its algorithm. With easy-to-use advertisement templates, you can create video ads, businesses can integrate videos on social media to connect with the audience, and get more leads, and sales. This blog will show you ten reasons for using videos on social media
A pop-up is a screen that appears when a consumer is watching a web page to catch the customer's attention. Using pop-ups can help keep visitors on your website, help to improve business sales by up to 30%, and can also help to raise the conversion rate for around 8-10%, or sometimes up to 50%!
Video Marketing Strategy
Video marketing is a great way to increase your chances of success. You can use it to drive traffic to your website, build your brand, and generate leads for your business. The problem is that there are so many companies and business owners using video marketing. It can be extremely hard to stand out against your competitors. However, there are many ways to help make your video marketing strategy stand out from the crowd. The most important thing is to make sure that you're focused on what makes your company unique and authentic.