Scout & Zoe's Super Fly
Scout & Zoe's Super Fly products consist of a delicious jerky, whole larvae snacks, a ground larva powder food topper, and also an oil extract, all of which are created using black soldier fly larvae, making them high in protein and lauric acids, and also rich in ten essential amino acids, unsaturated fats, and other minerals. Scout & Zoe's Super Fly pet food products ultimately offer pet owners and their pets a very sustainable source of protein that doesn't have a negative impact on the environment. All of Scout & Zoe's Super Fly pet food products ultimately offer pet owners and their pets a very sustainable source of protein that doesn't have a negative impact on the environment. Not only are these ultra-sustainable pet food products really nutritious for dogs and cats, but they're also an awesome protein source for birds, as well as for chickens, and also for reptiles and amphibians. Furthermore, they also make for great alternatives of high-protein pet foods and snacks for pups and cats with allergies, as some pets might end up developing allergies to beef and chicken because they're overexposed to those foods.
Vitakraft Lick 'N' Lap Snacks
The Vitakraft Lick ‘n’ Lap Snacks are lickable low-calorie creamy cat treats made only with real chicken and salmon that are packaged in single-serving squeezable sachets and specifically designed for handfeeding, which can be enjoyed straight from the end of the sachet, squeezed onto a plate, or even onto your finger. Not only are these delicious lickable low-calorie creamy treats great for cats of all ages, but they're also recommended by experts to be a great option of treat both for bonding with your cat and also for training them.
City Loo Starter Kit
The City Loo is a modern indoor and outdoor dog potty solution specifically designed for dogs weighing 20 pounds or under that allows pups to use the bathroom on their own schedule, featuring a sanitary closed enclosure design, and coming equipped with an odor-absorbing tray and potty pads, plus artificial grass pads that are cut to fit perfectly inside it. By having this clever dog potty solution at home, dog owners can ultimately ensure that their pup's potty needs are always taken care of. This is a really useful dog potty solution for dog owners living in condos, apartments, high-rises, on yachts/boats, near the water, on the water, and more.
Fluff Trough & Silicone Insert Set
The Fluff Trough & Silicone Insert Set is an elevated pet feeding trough that's ergonomically designed to help flat-faced, elderly, and disabled dogs and cats to eat their food more easily than by using a standard feeding bowl, featuring a veterinarian-approved silicone feeding bowl insert made with non-toxic materials that stands 5.5 inches off the ground and measures 10 inches wide, while also coming equipped with non-slip silicone feet for stability, and both its base and silicone insert are also dishwasher safe. Whether your pet struggles to eat from a feeding bowl at a floor-level, or even if their just a messy eater by nature, this elevated pet feeding trough can make your pet's mealtime much more comfortable, much less straining for their bodies, and obviously, fairly less messy.
PetSafe Teach & Treat Remote Reward Trainer
The PetSafe Teach & Treat Remote Reward Trainer is a battery-powered and remote-controlled reward-based behavior training device for dogs that allows dog owners to easily reward their pups whenever they show good behaviors, featuring a treat-dispensing functionality that works via interchangeable treat dispensing disks from which small or large-sized kibble or premium treats can be dispensed up to 30 yards away, while also coming together with a collapsible target accessory that can be used for training good behaviors, for games, and even for more advanced activities. This behavior training device for dogs is ideal for teaching dogs of all ages new skills as well as for practicing already-existing good behaviors and helping pups improve on them, thus making it a perfect dog training tool for dog owners who want to have a hands-on role in training their dogs. With it, dog owners can easily teach their dogs important good behaviors like sitting, staying, keeping calm, and even responding to different verbal commands.
Badlands Ranch Premium Dog Superfood Products
Badlands Ranch is a premium dog nutrition brand that sells superfood-packed dog food and treats formulated only with all-natural and fresh ingredients specifically for promoting a well-balanced diet and ultimately a better canine health, all of which are made following safe and responsible food preparation practices by slow-cooking, and then respectively air-drying (for their superfood dog food) or freeze-drying (for their superfood dog treats) their products to ensure maximum freshness and nutritional quality.
Zoop Pet Products
Zoop is a brand of non-toxic pet grooming products that are specifically formulated using only natural ingredients, and containing absolutely no harmful and/or unpronounceable ingredients, which makes them perfectly safe for all pets and their owners, while also including unique proprietary odor-neutralizing ingredients that give these pet grooming products a maximum strength application for a deep clean in order to help eradicate any foul smells. Zoop's pet grooming solution include a variety of products, from easy-to-use odor grooming wipes and grooming towels, a complete all-in-one natural pet shampoo and conditioner, as well as an all-in-one natural bath freshening spray for after giving your pet(s) a bath, a fast-acting odor eliminating spray, and much more!
Walkee Paws DELUXE Easy-On Dog Leggings
The Walkee Paws DELUXE Easy-On Dog Boot Leggings are all-in-one waterproof dog boot leggings that feature an “Easy-On" design thanks to their wide leg openings and smooth seams which ensure nails don't get caught, water-resistant leggings, TPE-molded waterproof rubber boots which are cotton-lined for comfort and insulation and that can withstand cold down to -40°F and heat up to 302°F, an over-the-back connector that allows for a customized-fit for every pup, and also a heart-shaped connected for a stronger and more secure fit. All in all, these all-in-one waterproof dog boot leggings provide dog owners with a great and super-reliable way of keeping their dog's paws, paw pads, and legs completely protected from harsh weather conditions and different weather elements, as well as from any harsh chemicals, germs, and allergens.
Reggie Dog Supplements
The Reggie Dog Supplements are everyday dog supplements and chew treats that are both scientifically studied and veterinary-approved which are formulated with human-grade, functional, sustainable, and active natural ingredients to ultimately provide dogs with a wide range of healthy vitamins and minerals, all day long. Each of the active ingredients used to formulate Reggie's different dog supplement products have all been heavily studied in pet care for the treatment of stress and anxiety. Beyond pets, those same ingredients have also been relied upon for centuries to not only aid physical wellness, but also mental wellness in humans. Results even show that those ingredients can also help to reduce anxiety, fear, and restlessness, while also helping to increase calmness, happiness, and balance - and that is no exception for dogs and other animals.
Happy Habitats Halo
The Happy Habitats Halo is a small pet ball carrier for smaller breeds of hamsters and mice that's equipped with a carrying handle and magnetic kick-out stands, plus a detachable safe exercise roam ball with increased airflow thanks to its 2mm ventilation holes which are small enough to prevent any potential paw trapping, along with a safety lid integrated with a secure two-step locking mechanism that ensures your pet stays safely inside during transportation. All in all, this unique pet carrier for hamsters and mice gives you a safe and reliable way to carry your little furry friend with you, whether that's to the vet, or even outside your home so that you can enjoy a little bit of sunlight together.
Slypod Dog Poop Caddy
The Slypod is a portable dog poop caddy leash accessory that features an expandable silicone design which allows it to accommodate filled dog poop bags from even the largest dog breeds, while also coming equipped with a locked-and-sealed lid that ensures foul smells stay trapped inside, plus an integrated aluminum carabiner that allows it to be clipped to your dog's leash or harness, or even to your own belt, bag, or backpack for a hands-free use. By using this portable dog poop caddy leash accessory, you'll never again have to worry the way you carry your pup's poop, neither you'll have to feel weird and/or nasty when doing so.
Dandylion Dog-Grooming Products
Dandylion's Dog-Grooming products are all formulated with a fragrance-free and pH-balanced all-natural formula composed solely of plant-based ingredients to ensure a gentle clean of a dog's fur and gently nourish their coat without stripping their skin of its natural oils. Not only are all of Dandylion's dog-care grooming products free from potentially sensitizing ingredients for dogs' fur and skin (such as artificial fragrances and dyes, essential oils, harsh sulfates, and drying alcohols), but they were also all developed together as well as safely tested and approved to be safe for bathing and grooming dogs by a board-certified veterinary dermatologist during each product's development phase.