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Litter-Robot 3 Connect – Self-Cleaning Smart Cat Litter Box

Smart pet gadgets have improved a lot over the last few years, featuring state-of-the-art technology that aims to improve overall quality of life for...

Spleash Leash – Multi-Purpose Dog Leash Handle w/ Water Compartment

The Spleash Leash is a versatile multi-purpose dog leash handle equipped with a water compartment that can be used to quench Fido's thirst as well as to keep off-leash dogs away with a simple and safe water spray. Overall, this multi-purpose dog leash handle provides dog owners with an easy and reliable way of keeping their dogs hydrated while also equipping them with a nice way of protecting themselves and their pup(s) from any other potentially off-leash dogs.

Feeder-Robot – Wi-Fi-Enabled Automatic Pet Feeder & Food Dispenser

The Feeder-Robot is a Wi-Fi-enabled automatic cat feeder and dog feeder that allows pet owners to monitor and control their pet’s feeding habits right from their Smartphone. With it, pet owners have a reliable and bullet-proof way of controlling their pets' diet and feeding habits, as well as a convenient way to always feed their pet's a small and healthy portion of pet food whenever they're still away from home, whether that means they're still stuck at the office finishing some extra work hours or out for a quick run to do some groceries shopping.

GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4 Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs

The GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4 is an automatic ball launcher for dogs that’s specifically designed with dogs' safety in mind, featuring an Exclusive Safety Arc design that keeps your dog safe and ball activated Auto-Stop functionalities. This automatic ball launcher for dogs is without a doubt one of the safest models on the market that you can find currently available, and will surely provide endless hours of fun for both dog owners and their dog(s). All that makes it a great pet gadget to have around whenever your dog is feeling super energetic and wants to play for more hours than you can handle (either because of work, or your own energy), or even when you have an elbow injury and don’t want your dog to be sad and left alone without playing his daily game of “Fetch”.

Halo Collar – All-in-One Smart Dog Collar & Boundary System

The Halo Smart Dog Collar is an effective dog containment solution that lets owners create virtual wireless fences by using Halo's GPS or via the Halo App. With it, dog owners can have an awesome smart dog collar that not only features great Activity Tracking functionalities, but that also doubles as the perfect dog boundary training system and dog containment solution for any dog.

Wrist Dispenser – Wrist Band w/ Integrated Hand Sanitizer Bag-Dispenser

The Wrist Dispenser is a stylish and discrete wrist band that comes equipped with a refillable hand sanitizer bag and an integrated dispenser nozzle. With it, you can always be prepared for any inconvenience throughout your daily routine that would require you to wash/sanitize your hands. Ultimately, this comfortable wrist band provides pet owners with the perfect always-ready wearable solution for them to sanitize their hands in a hands-free fashion right after picking up their pup’s “mess”.

PupPod Rocker with Feeder – Interactive Mental & Physical Game for Dogs

The PupPod Rocker with Feeder is a 2-piece App-enabled enrichment puzzle toy system for dogs that provides dog owners with a powerful tool to encourage their dogs to stay active and healthy.

SwiftPaws In-Stock for the Holidays for the First Time Ever

The SwiftPaws Home is a safe-to-use lure coursing machine home-kit for dogs that’s designed to be set up at your home’s backyard and used at a regular basis so that Fido can stay healthy and fit.