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Hepper Pod Bed – Modern & Comfortable Elevated Cat Bed

The Hepper Pod Bed is a modern and ultra-comfortable pod-shaped elevated cat bed that's warm and cozy, featuring an ultra-soft upholstered fabric exterior made of flexible molded EVA foam, and a machine washable interior bed liner made with soft sherpa fleece and microfiber. By getting this pod-shaped elevated cat bed, cat owners will ultimately provide their cats with a high-end and extremely comfortable cat bed that their furry companions will love to nap on. All and all, this pod-shaped elevated cat bed is designed to provide kitties with a luxurious and extremely comfortable napping space where they'll feel warm and safe, all while keeping securely perched above the floor-level inside their own plush cat condo.

Skout’s Honor Pet – Trusted Natural Pet Products

Skout’s Honor Pet is a website dedicated to selling trusted natural pet products for your furry friends, with products ranging from cat shampoo to dog flea removal lotions.

ZuluTails – Breakthrough Pet ID System & Lost Pets Finding Service

ZuluTails is a breakthrough Pet ID Platform that combines advanced cybersecurity protocols and technologies with an Identifying Pet Collar and a smart Universal Pet Identifier tag that both link directly to each pet’s private data profile via its Web App, thus offering anyone the ability to communicate with each pet’s owner instantly, securely, and privately without having to share any personal information. All and all, ZuluTails’s lost pets finding service can be used by anyone to help pet owners find their lost pets. By getting a membership, pet owners have a more reliable way of ensuring that they'll be able to be quickly reunited with their pets if they ever end up going missing and/or getting lost.

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher – Electronic Ball Launcher for Dogs

The PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher is an electronic interactive fetch system for dogs that features Customizable Launch Settings for launching anywhere between 8-30 feet, Motion Sensor Safety to protect your dog when in front of the launching area, an Automatic Sleep Mode that prevents dogs from over-exercising , and also Audible Training Tones. This electronic ball launcher for dogs is designed to provide any pups weighing over 10 pounds with interactive exercise as well as great aid in "Fetch" training. Moreover, this electronic interactive fetch system for dogs can be used both indoors and outdoors. With it, dog owners have a reliable solution that not only helps to give their throwing arm a break when playing "Fetch" with Fido, but also provides any high energy dogs with a fun and exciting way for them to stay busy, happy, and entertained throughout the day. All and all, the PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher makes for a great gift for any passionate dog lovers, as well as for their four-legged friends, of course!

Sure Petcare Felaqua Connect – Smart Drinking Monitoring System for Cats

The Sure Petcare Felaqua Connect is a smart water delivery and drinking monitoring system for cats that allows owners to easily monitor their cat's drinking habits and also keep track of their daily water intake via a mobile App, with the system regularly providing cats with a source of fresh water. The way this device is designed to work is by having each cat registered to the system's internal memory via their microchip to record each cat’s drinking behavior such as which cat drank, what time it drank, and how much it drank. By using the Felaqua Connect, cat owners can have a much easier way of keeping an eye on their cats’ drinking habits, which ultimately allows them to ensure that their cats can always stay well hydrated on a regular basis.

Rocki Robot – Smart Companion Robot for Pets (Feed, Interact & Play)

The Rocki Robot is a smart companion robot for pets that's controlled via an App, featuring a built-in Automatic Pet Feeder, an integrated HD Camera with Night Vision, a 2-Way Talk System, and a Switchable Robotic Toy Arm that can be equipped with different types of pet toys, all working with up to 5 days of battery life. With this smart companion robot for pets, pet owners can easily stay connected with their pets at home and keep an eye on them while they're away, at anytime and from anywhere, no matter if they're at work, going for a quick trip to the groceries, or even during a weekend out. Moreover, the Rocki also allows pet owners to play and interact with their furry family members thanks to the device's Robotic Toy Arm, which comes equipped with a laser as its default pet toy.

Cheerble Board Game – 3-in-1 Board Game for Cats

The Cheerble Board Game is a 3-in-1 board game for cats that combines a built-in Synthetic Fiber Cover Scratching Pad with a Fluffy Pom Pom Stick and a Cheerble Interactive Cat Ball that automatically moves around to keep your cat(s) entertained all day long. This brand new 3-in-1 board game for cats is designed as a one-size fits-all toy set for cats that's perfect for exercising as well as resting, and it is great both for keeping your cat happy as well as active during the whole day. With it, your little fluffy kittens are offered an interesting play board that they can happily mess around with to satisfy their natural instincts and work off any accumulated stress.

Mud Daddy 8 Litre Portable Dog Washing Device & Paw Cleaner

The Mud Daddy is a compact and portable washing device for removing mud or dirt from your dog's paws and coat, featuring a large-capacity 2.1 Gallon (8L) water tank that can keep water warm for up to 2.5 hours. Working simply by using manual pump pressure rather than any type of motor for its stored water to flow out of it, this portable washing solution is silent and requires no electricity to work. The device's Long Reach 6 ft. Heavy-Duty Hose can be equipped with an included Brush Shower Head Attachment that features firm bristles to transform it into a portable dog shower. All that makes the Mud Daddy the perfect dog-washing solution for all dog owners to easily and conveniently remove wet mud or dirt from their dog's coat and paws. Still, you can also use this device to wash and clean up any other animal or object. All and all, the Mud Daddy makes for a great all-in-one washing solution for rinsing off mud and dirt from just about anything.