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tomtoc 11-inch PadFolio Eva Case for iPad Air/Pro – Protective Tablet Case

The tomtoc 11-inch PadFolio Eva Case is a portable protective tablet case for the iPad Air and iPad Pro that features a sturdy outer shell made of ultra-durable water-repellent fabrics that ultimately makes it capable of withstanding drops from 4 feet high, along with a smart storage system that can house all of your iPad's accessories and other personal essential items. With it, you can easily keep a standard tablet or even a 2-in-1 tablet and laptop perfectly protected against the potential damage that could come with any accidental drops and/or bumps. All in all, this protective tablet case offers your tablet the ultimate protection for times when you're looking to bring it with you, all while also allowing you to carry all of your iPad's accessories as well as any other personal essential items that you might need throughout your day. It's simple, super-durable, very versatile, and overall, extremely practical.

5 Best VPNs for UAE & Dubai in 2022 that Work to Avoid Detection

Accessing the Internet has become highly convenient for accessing entertainment, communicating, and learning essential skills and knowledge that can be highly useful in different areas of life. However, you may come across restricted content on the Internet based on your geographic location, where content from other countries is restricted for view only for members of the specific countries allowed. In such instances, using VPNs comes in handy in gaining access to restricted content since they provide secure networks based on hiding your IP address location. Best VPN UAE allows people to access blocked content and provides users with quality protection of their networks from being hacked by other users.

IMILAB Smart Video Doorbell – 2.5K HD Video | 2-Way Audio | Voice Controls

The IMILAB Smart Video Doorbell that's boasts a IP66 Weather-Resistance construction, while also featuring a 4MP Camera with Ultra Clear Night Vision functionalities that's capable of recording at 2.5K Video Resolution in a 150º Ultra-Wide FOV, a Full Duplex 2-Way Audio System with Noise Cancellation, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Voice Assistant support for both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, and up to 6 months of battery life. In addition, this smart video doorbell also comes with a Wi-Fi HUB Station that boasts a built-in Local Storage via the use of a MicroSD Card (up to 256GB) to provide homeowners with a local-storage option for storing the system's recorded video-footage, along with an optional 3-Months (i.e. 90 days trial) Could Storage method that allows homeowners to store up to 30 days of recorded video-footage. All in all, the IMILAB Smart Video Doorbell makes for a great all-in-one smart video doorbell system, as it integrates all the home-security and quality-of-life functionalities that you'd want to have on a modern video doorbell.

6 Veteran Tips for Transitioning to Civilian Life

Once a US soldier is ready to finish their military-career, it's time to start preparing to transition back to the typical civilian life. Here are 6 tips that can help US military veterans do just that.

Ghost SmartBed 3D Matrix – Luxury Smart Air Mattress w/ Patented Cooling

The Ghost SmartBed 3D Matrix is a 7-layers luxury smart air mattress that combines patented cooling technology with Adjustable Medical-Grade Air Chambers and Smart Biometric Sensors integrated throughout 5 Individual Body Zones which ultimately allow for Customizable Firmness Settings via the GhostBed App. Best of all, via the GhostBed App, users can also accurately track different sleep stats, like their different sleep stages, as well as track how many breaths they performed per minute during each of those sleep stages. All in all, this luxury smart air mattress makes for a great choice of bed mattress for anyone who want's to personally customize their sleeping experience and/or track their sleep data.

8 Benefits of Payment Automation for Your Produce Business

Payment automation is any process that helps businesses computerize the process of receiving and making payments. This often involves the use of digitized payment systems, which manage the approval of payments, automate payment processes, and confirm payment. Basically, this process is used to improve the speed and ease of payment, and reduces the amount of human error present in payment transactions. These are just the basic effects of payment automation though, and there are a lot more benefits to automating your produce payments.

Fintech Explained

Fintech (Financial Technology) means software and technology businesses use to offer computerized monetary services. As times change, more and more people are embracing Fintech for their service delivery, consequently leading to the industry’s growth. This recent trend has prompted numerous companies to adopt Fintech to battle the tedious conventional fiscal methods. The rapid increase in Fintech has been witnessed in multiple sectors and here are some of them.

MODL Outdoors Infinity Tool – Modular Multi-Tool Carabiner & Gear Tie

The MODL Outdoors Infinity Tool is an ultra-flexible multi-functional tool made of highly-durable silicone that can be used as a carabiner, a gear tie, and more to clip and loop outdoors gear together, with it being capable of supporting up to 70 lbs. of weight in a single wrap, or even more weight by wrapping it around your gear additional times. Best of all, its modular design also allows users to connect multiple units together in order to create even longer and stronger zip-tying like solutions for fastening / strapping on their outdoors gear. All in all, this flexible and extremely versatile multi-functional tool can be used as a gear tie, carabiner, and anything else in between to fasten, strap, or cinch almost just about any outdoors gears or essential accessory.

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