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    Premom Ovulation Calculator App – The First Quantitative Ovulation Tracker

    With the beginning of a new year, many women will start planning to grow their families. However, family planning can be a stressful and confusing time for a lot of women. That’s where the Premom Ovulation Calculator App comes in handy.

    Premom is an ovulation predictor App that both tracks and predicts ovulation with high accuracy, automatically syncing BBT temperatures (Basal body temperature – lowest body temperature attained during rest) while also charting all other fertility signs.

    The Premom App may very well be the perfect solution for women who wish to take control of their fertility in 2020.

    Let’s take a detailed look at the App, see how it works and check out all of its features.


    The Premom Ovulation Calculator App is the first ovulation tracker App. The Premom App can accurately track and then predict ovulation with high accuracy by reading your LH Level (luteinizing hormone level) quantitatively after scanning your ovulation test results.

    Getting pregnant isn’t as easy as it sounds. To get pregnant fast, women need to know when to ovulate. A woman’s ovulation cycle varies greatly from one to another. That’s why having a quantitative ovulation tracker is extremely helpful.

    A quantitative ovulation tracker lets women know the LH level (luteinizing hormone level) numerically when it increases from low to peak, prior to the ovulation day. LH is made by your pituitary gland. In women, the pituitary sends out LH during the ovulation part of the menstrual cycle. This tells the ovaries to release a mature egg.

    The luteal phase occurs after ovulation and before a woman’s period starts. A woman’s luteal phase length normally won’t change cycle by cycle.

    Therefore, the Premom App‘s ovulation prediction (Accurate Ovulation Calculator) is enhanced by the integration of the easy-to-use-and-read Period Tracker, a smart BBT Chart (auto charting for basal body temperature) and a quantitative ovulation tracker.

    Premom App - All Features
    Premom App – All Features

    These are the App’s four main features, which we’ll now discuss. There’s one extra compatibility feature too, which makes the Premom App compatible with a Smart Thermometer. Let’s have detailed a look at all these cool features.


    Accurate Ovulation Calculator

    The Premom App features an Accurate Ovulation Calculator that predicts a woman’s ovulation 5 days before it actually occurs. It incorporates all effective methods in one single platform, including: an Ovulation Tracker, a BBT Chart and a Period Calendar.

    Premom App - Accurate Ovulation Calculator
    Premom App – Accurate Ovulation Calculator

    Ovulation Tracker

    The Premom App’s Ovulation Tracker features Hormone Progression Tracking, allowing the App to accurately track three key hormones: LH (luteinizing hormone), PDG (Progesterone) and HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – important in the early stages of pregnancy).

    Premom App - Ovulation Tracker
    Premom App – Ovulation Tracker

    You can also visualize the progression for the whole menstrual cycle and ovulation cycle at any time.

    BBT Chart

    The Premom App’s BBT Chart removes the need to manually input your data on paper, consequently eliminating the need of paper charting. Just take a quick picture of your Ovulation Test right after its done, upload that picture to the App, and save the result. All your results will be aligned.

    Premom App - BBT Chart
    Premom App – BBT Chart

    This brings convenience to any woman who’s looking to accurately chart their fertility signs. Within the Premom App there’s no confusion on the generated BBT Spike or cover line. Your BBT temperature (Basal body temperature) is automatically synced to the App’s detailed BBT Chart. The App will also do auto charting and cover line for you.

    Period Tracker

    The Premom App is by far the easiest and least time-consuming App for period logging.

    Premom App - Period Tracker
    Premom App – Period Tracker

    In just three seconds women can track their period, store all the important data, and re-visit the App whenever they want to analyze and better understand that data. All you have to do is tap, drag, and then save the period.

    Premom App - Period Tracker
    Premom App – Period Tracker

    Compatible with the Easy@Home Smart Basal Thermometer

    The Easy@Home Digital Basal Thermometer is a Bluetooth enabled oral basal thermometer that directly connects to the Premom App.

    The Smart Basal Thermometer allows you to obtain your basal temperature for fertility prediction. You can easily track your cycle, increase your chances of conception or avoid pregnancy naturally by using it.

    Premom App - Compatible with the Easy@Home Smart Basal Thermometer
    Premom App – Compatible with the Easy@Home Smart Basal Thermometer

    The Premom App will make your trying-to-conceive journey easier when paired up with the Basal Thermometer’s powerful and integrated functions which include: Seamless Temp Sync and Smart BBT Charting, LH/HCG/PdG Test Analyzer and a Fertility Calendar.


    If you’re a woman that’s planning to start a family or even a man that wants to help out your wife, girlfriend or partner, then the Premom Ovulation Calculator App will help you do just that by tracking and predicting ovulation with high accuracy, while automatically syncing BBT temperatures and charting all other fertility signs.

    The Premom App is the perfect solution for women who wish to take control of their fertility, packing four amazing features for an easy period logging, including: an Accurate Ovulation Calculator, a Period Tracker, a smart BBT Chart and a quantitative ovulation tracker.

    Premom Ovulation Calculator App
    Premom Ovulation Calculator App

    If you’re interested in getting it, the App is available to download for free on both the App Store (for iOS) and the Google Play Story (for Android).

    If you’re looking to get the Easy@Home Digital Basal Thermometer to pair up with your Premom App, each unit is currently discounted from its normal price ($30), costing you just $26 (saves you $4). You can find it available at Premom’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link.

    If you’re looking to buy some Ovulation Tests to use with your Premom App, the Premom’s official shopping page also have those available in different quantity packs. Depending on what pack you choose to go with, your pack’s price tag can go anywhere from $7.85 during discounts/sales (lowest normal price is usually $15, saving you $7.15), all the way to $24 ($27 when discounts are disabled). You can check all available Ovulation Tests on this page.


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