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Monoprice SB-300 Virtual Dolby Atmos 2.1 Soundbar

The Monoprice SB-300 is a compact 2.1 soundbar that offers you a great sound quality with support to Virtual Dolby Atmos, while also featuring 2 HDMI Inputs, an HDMI eARC output and both Optical Digital and Coaxial inputs, as well as 4K HDR/DV Passthrough, Bluetooth and USB connectivity for streaming. Best of all, you also get an included IR Remote Control for easily controlling all of its functionalities. When accounting for all of the features and functionalities offered by this 2.1 soundbar and then taking its extremely affordable price-tag into consideration, this is probably one of the best deals (if not the best currently available) you'll ever find for a soundbar that gives you this many quality-of-life features.

LG XBOOM 360 RP4 – Omnidirectional Bluetooth Speaker w/ Mood Lighting

The LG XBOOM 360 RP4 is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that's designed to deliver an omnidirectional sound with crystal-clear quality in a complete 360º degrees and without any sound distortion, regardless of the sound range, all while also featuring a Mood Lighting that can be programmed to work in different modes with one of 16 million colors to choose from, as well as support to Dual Pairing via Bluetooth and up to 10 hours of battery life. Unlike many conventional Bluetooth speakers that combine multiple sound-drivers to achieve a standard-level 360º sound experience, the LG XBOOM 360 RP4 utilizes a patented 360° Panorama Sound Technology which works flawlessly by combining a 1" Titanium Tweeter with a 5.25“ Glass Fiber Woofer to ultimately achieve a true 360º omnidirectional sound experience that doesn't have any sound distortion at all (which many conventional Bluetooth speakers actually tend to have). With it, you can have an authentic 360º listening experience without any sort of spatial restriction, no matter how you're current living room setup is configured.

bluetium LitZERO Smart Bluetooth Touch Controller (for all Smart Devices)

The bluetium LitZERO is a portable smart Bluetooth touch remote controller that can be used to control just about any smart device by simple touch gestures, including Smartphones, iPads, tablets, PCs and laptops. Featuring a whooping 72 hours of battery life on a single charge and 5 different Modes that are suitable for all purposes and to control just about any smart device, the LitZERO Smart Bluetooth Touch Remote Controller can be used as a Computer Mouse, as a Multimedia Controller, as an E-Book Controller, as a Presentation Remote and as a Directional Key and Mouse via its Experiment Lab Mode. With this simple, yet innovative smart Bluetooth touch controller, you can more easily control any of your personal devices during any sort of task, whether you're working or studying, driving, working out, cooking, or anything else in between.

Transparent Light Speaker – Portable Lantern Bluetooth Speaker

The Transparent Light Speaker is a portable glass lantern Bluetooth speaker that combines a glowing and vibrating LED Light with a 2.5" Full Range Sound Driver and a 3" Subwoofer for an outstanding 360º Omnidirectional Sound, featuring up to 10 hours of battery life, along with support to True Wireless Dual Pairing via Bluetooth 5.0. Designed specifically for all music lovers that are passionate about traveling and outdoors exploration, this sleek portable Bluetooth Speaker is perfect to take with you in any of your travels, whether you're planning to go on a road-trip, spend some time at the beach, going for a camping excursion, or anything else in between.

Heyup Boxe Portable 1080P Mini Smart Projector w/ Big-Screen Power

The Heyup Boxe is a portable 1080p mini smart projector that can play video at native 1080p, while also featuring support to 4K resolution for any type of media files, and also comes with a built-in Advanced LED Light that smoothly diffuses brightness to give your eyes a gentler and more relaxed experience, a set of Bluetooth Speakers for great sound quality, and even features multiple input options (USB-C, USB-A 2.0, HDMI and a 3.5mm Audio Jack), as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity. This portable 1080p mini smart projector can cast a stunning image into a giant 120-inch screen size, delivering fantastic cinematic-quality visuals with excellent contrast ratio, impressive brightness and accurate colors. Not only that, but thanks to its Android-based operating system FengOS, this portable 1080p mini smart projector even supports Screen Mirroring both from iOS as well as from Android Smartphones.

AAXA M7 Pico Projector – Portable 1080p Full HD DLP Movie Projector

The AAXA M7 Pico Projector is a portable DLP movie projector that's capable of playing video at 1080p Native Full HD, and is also 4K Ready for video-playback at 30 FPS, featuring a maximum brightness of 1200 LED Lumen, multiple input options (HDMI, USB-C, USB, microSD, and Composite AV) and up 3 hours of battery life. This high-end portable DLP movie projector can be used for big-screen projections, supporting up to a 200” Screen Size, making it perfect to bring a cinema-like experience either for home or outdoors use. With a portable DLP movie projector like the AAXA M7 Pico, you'll never again have to be bothered about messing with cords or cables whenever you're looking to enjoy a nice movie with your family and/or friends. All and all, the AAXA M7 Pico makes for a great portable DLP movie projector for whatever media playback purposes you might have, whether that's watching a movie indoors or outside, or even for any sort of business presentations.

MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3 – Systemized Electrical Drum & Rhythm Game

The MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3 is a systemized electrical drum set that works like a rhythm game with SMART software installments to teach users about drumming. Working together with a Smartphone Companion App that teaches you about the basics of drumming with interactive lessons recorded in 7 different languages, this revolutionary smart electrical drumming set ultimately allows users to master the art of drumming by simply playing a rhythm game via the App, which works in a somewhat similar way to how the renowned Guitar Hero games work. The main difference between this systemized smart electrical drum and the Guitar Hero games is that, unlike the Guitar Hero series, you won't be pressing any buttons on a plastic guitar. Instead, you’ll actually get to play real drums by using drumsticks, and as such, you'll ultimately get a much more immersive and realistic feeling of how drumming works. Finally, since the set's rhythm game is color based (just like your typical Guitar Hero games are), from the time you're able to get a grip on how to catch that moment of the color bar touching the red line, you are all set to becoming a master of drums. All and all, this is an outstanding entry-level drumming set, which can actually be used by beginners and users of all ages to learn and enjoy drumming with ease. Ultimately, by using the MOPlay Smart Drum D3, you can learn how to play the drums and even master several different songs, all while tons loads of fun during your entire drumming experience. The best part about this electrical drumming set is that thanks to its rhythm-based game, learning new songs with it is much, much easier to follow and understand than by reading your typical music sheets or even by watching online videos of drumming tutorials.

OAXIS myFirst Sketch Book – Portable Drawing Pad with Instant Digitisation

The OAXIS myFirst Sketch Book is a sleek and ultra-versatile portable digital drawing pad for kids that comes equipped with a  10-inches LCD screen and a built-in memory with an Automatic Recording Function that allows children to save their notes and drawing into JPEG files. Coming with an ultra-durable leather case that keeps the drawing pad protected and a Smart Electromagnetic Stylus Pen that allows for Fine Line Drawing, all while also featuring built-in controls like One-Key Erase and an Instant Save Button, this portable digital drawing pad is the perfect gift for any young kid. Best of all, via its Mobile App, users can have a more personalized drawing experience where they can choose from different pen-fonts, as well as adjust the font thickness, tip size, and color, all of that to ultimately create a different feeling both for writing and drawing, and the App also allows users to save their drawings into digital files in the form of JPEG files, and even allows parents to enable the myFirst Sketch Book's Video Playback Mode, where they can see the replay of their kids' drawing process. With this digital drawing pad that's made with our little one's hands in mind, your kids can giving wings to their creativity in a total Eco-friendly manner, where they can draw out memorable sketches and drawings without ever using a single piece of paper and without any mess whatsoever. All and all, this digital drawing pad makes for the perfect gift for kids that love to draw.