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Cyber Acoustics CA-2890BT – USB & Bluetooth Speaker Bar w/ Integrated Monitor Mount

The Cyber Acoustics CA-2890BT is a USB-powered computer speaker bar equipped with a set of Dual 1.5" Ported Full-Range 1W Stereo Drivers that are capable of producing loud and decent-quality sound, and also a built-in Microphone, all while also featuring a simple plug-and-play setup, an Integrated Monitor Mount that allows you to keep your workspace uncluttered, built-in Controls, Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity for pairing it with Smartphones for hands-free Voice Calls, and compatibility with most Voice-Conferencing Apps. Designed with productivity in mind, this USB computer speaker bar is ideal for small desks and minimalist office setups, offering its users a very decent-quality sound, both for Voice Conferences and hands-free Smartphone Voice Calls (via Bluetooth), as well as for music-listening.

Lumina Webcam – 4K Studio-Quality Smart AI-Powered Webcam

The Lumina Webcam is a smart AI-powered webcam equipped with a 8.3MP ultra-wide camera lens powered by a 4K SONY Image Sensor that can record high-quality video up to a 4K studio-like image-quality and with a Configurable FOV between 65 to 95 degrees, coming together with a magnetic Privacy Cover and an included Screwing Mount that's compatible with 1/4” Tripods, all while also featuring both USB-C and USB-A Connectivity, along with multiple AI-powered video-recording functions, including an Auto Focus Mode powered by depth-sensing technology, an Auto-Framing AI Cameraman that follows subjects in order to perfectly center them within the webcam's video-frame, an Adaptive Color Correction System that helps to repair color deficiencies, and an Auto Light Adjustment that's automatically activated in mid- to low-light scenes. By using this webcam, you can perfectly ensure that you always have a good video-quality from your end when participating in any future video-calls and/or videoconferences.

iLive Indoor/Outdoor Dual Bluetooth Speakers w/ Removable Stakes (2 Pack)

The iLive Indoor/Outdoor Dual Bluetooth Speakers are a set of portable dual Bluetooth speakers that can optionally be used with their removable 10" stakes to have them placed in the ground, featuring a waterproof construction, a set of dual speaker drivers for 360° omnidirectional sound, built-in controls, both an Aux Input port and a MicroSD Card slot for reading and playing music, along with FM Radio, Bluetooth 5 Connectivity with 33 ft. wireless range and TWS Dual Pairing, and a built-in rechargeable solar-panel battery that can be charged via electric-power or via solar-power, with it offering users up to 20 hours of battery life. All in all, these 2 portable dual Bluetooth speakers are perfect for enjoying music both indoors as well as outdoors, which for the latter, goes for just about any outdoors location, whether you're simply looking to throw a party at your back-yard and enjoy some of your favorite tunes, enjoy some relaxing music while at the beach, or even while camping.

EZQuest Ultimate USB-C Multimedia Hub Adapter (13 Ports w/ USB PD 3.0)

The EZQuest Ultimate USB-C Multimedia Hub Adapter is a 13-port Hub adapter powered by a Dual Thunderbolt 3 Power Connector that features two HDMI 4K 60Hz ports, a VGA 1080P 60Hz port, a USB-C 100W PD 3.0 Fast-Charging port, a USB-C 10Gb/s 7.5W port, two USB 3.0 5Gb/s 4.5W ports, two USB 2.0 2.5W ports, along with a 2-in-1 3.5mm Audio Jack with Microphone, one SD Card Reader and one MicroSD Card Reader that can be used simultaneously, and a RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port. All in all, this 13-port Hub adapter can be used to connect a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air to additional external monitors, to re-charge the battery of any iOS devices, as well as to access the stored data on any USB flash drive, SD Card, or MicroSD Card. With it, you can greatly extend the connectivity of a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air in order to ultimately make your laptop a highly-versatile multi-port workstation.

GravaStar Mars Pro Aurochs – Sci-fi Themed Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker (3rd Gen)

The GravaStar Mars Pro Aurochs is a Sci-fi themed wireless Bluetooth speaker that features great sound powered by a 20W Dual Speaker System and a Passive Bass Radiator as well as by exclusive DSP Audio Algorithms, along with built-in Button Controls and Volume Touch Controls, Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity, support to True Wireless Stereo Dual Pairing, and up to 15 hours of battery life. All in all, this awesome-looking Sci-fi themed wireless Bluetooth speaker is a great addition to any Sci-fi-lover's room. Thanks to its simple and straightforward Control Panel, as well as its long-lasting battery-life, you can have it blasting out your favorite tunes for almost an entire day long and with an outstanding audio quality.

Center Cam (Standard Package) – Compact Middle-Screen Computer Webcam

The Center Cam is a tiny adjustable middle-screen webcam powered by eye-to-eye HD camera technology that's designed to operate in the middle of your screen, featuring a high-end f2.1, 6mm lens that can record HD Video in 1080p at 30 FPS and in a 65º HFOV Aspect Ratio, along with USB 2.0 Connectivity and compatibility with Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android. Not only is the Center Cam easy to set-up, but it also extremely convenient to use for any of your video-calls. All in all, this adjustable middle-screen webcam ultimately allows users to have a much better human connection with others while video-chatting / video-conferencing with other people, whether that's family members, friends, or even co-workers.

Andover SpinDeck Belt-Drive Turntable – High-Grade Plug-and-Play Turntable

The Andover SpinDeck Belt-Drive Turntable is a high-grade plug-and-play turntable that can be used right out of the box, featuring a quick and easy set up and offering you uncompromising sound quality for your vinyls. Overall, this sleek belt-drive turntable is perfect for both large and small listening spaces, as it offers music lovers of all backgrounds a straight-out-of-the-box turntable setup that ultimately allows them to enjoy top-notch sound from their Vinyl records with an awesome Hi-Fi sound quality.

Dormi Dream Headphones – Wireless Bluetooth Headband Headphones for Sleeping

The Dormi Dream Headphones are wireless Bluetooth headband headphones that consist of a soft, elastic, breathable, and machine-washable headband equipped with ultra-thin fabric-encased HQ Speakers and a built-in Microphone for hands-free calling, while also featuring built-in Touch-Sensitive Media Controls, Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity and up to 10 hours of battery life. All in all, these wireless Bluetooth headband headphones are great for listening to music, white-background-noise, podcasts, or even ASMR, not only during sleep, but also during meditation sessions or even whenever you're just looking to sit / lie down and relax. They're extremely comfortable, very breathable, easy to use and control, and essentially, a wonder to use on a daily basis!