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    TickTalk 4 – Advanced 4G LTE Kid’s Smartwatch Phone w/ GPS Tracking

    If you’re a parent looking for a way of staying in touch with your kid during the day, then know that a kids’ smartwatch phone is a much safer and more reliable option than getting your kid a smartphone. Smartphones can be seriously dangerous for young children, not only because your kid can become addicted to using the device for entertainment such as watching YouTube videos and playing mobile games, but also because smartphones give kids direct access to unsafe websites and potentially dangerous Apps, and also allow any any phone number to text or call their smartphone. Unlike smartphones, kids’ smartwatch phones do not feature internet access, making them a much safer device option. Moreover, kids’ smartphone phones also allows parents to stay in touch with their children at all times, and also give parents the ability to keep track of their kids location in real-time thanks to GPS tracking. Best of all, kids’ smartwatch phones also integrate many useful parental controls that allow parents to control their kids’ use-time of their smartwatch phone, and also them to keep an eye on their child’s safety and security while using the device. So, if you’re looking for a children’s smartwatch phone that’s reliable and easy to operate, then have a good look at the TickTalk 4.

    The TickTalk 4 is an advanced children’s smartwatch phone for ages 5 to 12 that’s rated to have a IP67 Water Resistance Rating, while also featuring a high resolution 1.54″ TFT color touchscreen, a 5MP Selfie camera and a 5MP front camera, a powerful 64-bite quad-core processor, 8GB storage and 1GB RAM, 4G LTE Connectivity for voice calls and texting via an included free SIM card that offers an affordable no-contract monthly plan, GPS Connectivity for real-time location tracking, Wi-Fi Connectivity for 2-way voice and HD video calling and also Bluetooth 4.2 Connectivity, approximately 64 hours of battery and up to 100 hours of standby time, along with over 20 parental controls via the TickTalk App from which parents can approve contacts and block unknown numbers, configure SOS contacts and automated 911 calling, and even enable a Firewall to allow communication only with parent-approved contacts, plus encrypted in-app messaging, over 50 pre-programmed reminders, customizable alerts, a Do Not Disturb Mode, free music streaming via iHeartRadio Family, and also a built-in Activity Tracker and Daily Step Goals.

    Featuring all the positive aspects of a smartphone without the usual distractions of the internet, mobile games, or social media platforms, this feature-packed children’s smartwatch phone enables parents to easily stay in touch with their child throughout the day without sacrificing peace of mind, while simultaneously allowing them to check on their child’s location in real-time whenever necessary via GPS tracking to know that they’re safe.

    Now, let’s have a closer look at the TickTalk 4 and talk about everything that this advanced children’s smartwatch phone has to offer to parents and their children.


    Starting with the smartwatch’s size, this children’s smartwatch phone comes at a fairly compact size in order to comfortably fit children’s wrists, measuring just 1.75 inches long by 1.63 inches wide by just 0.62 inches thick (44.5 x 41.5 x 16 mm). Note that the TickTalk 4 supports wristband sizes (i.e. a child’s wrist circumference) ranging between a minimum of 5 inches to 7.48 inches in diameter at most.

    TickTalk 4
    TickTalk 4 – Dimensions

    Furthermore, the TickTalk 4 is also rather lightweight, weighing just 2.39 oz. (68 g), which makes it very light and also quite comfortable for kids to wear without them ever feeling that their wrist is overburdened.

    In terms of its design, the TickTalk 4 sports a modern and kid-friendly design, with its main body coming in one solid color, which can be either Black, Blue, or Pink.

    Child-Friendly Design

    In addition, this children’s smartwatch phone also features an extremely durable construction, as its outer rubber shell is completely built of a mix of heavy-duty materials, which ultimately make it drop-proof and shock-proof, and consequently, entirely kid-proof.

    Durable Drop-Proof & Shock-Proof Construction

    What’s more is that the TickTalk 4 is also rated to have a IP67 Water Resistance Rating, meaning the smartwatch can withstand being submerged underwater up to a maximum depth of 3.28 ft. / 1 meters for up to half an hour (30 minutes).

    Rated to have a IP67 Water Resistance Rating

    Moving on to the smartwatch’s different components. Starting at the center of the TickTalk 4, we have a built-in high resolution 1.54″ TFT color touchscreen that boasts a 320 by 320 pixels resolution, which also supports screen-animations.

    High resolution 1.54″ TFT color touchscreen

    Then, integrated above its 1.54″ touchscreen, there’s a built-in 5MP Selfie Camera that kids can use to take selfie photos, and there’s also a 5MP front camera that allows kids to take memorable photos of what’s around them. All pictures are saved into a system-native image gallery, which kids can check at any time to revisit those memories.

    Integrates a 5MP Selfie Camera and a 5MP front camera

    Finally, when it comes to the smartwatch’s remaining hardware specs, know that the TickTalk 4 utilizes a powerful 64-bite quad-core processor as its CPU.

    Additionally, this children’s smartwatch phone boasts a 1GB RAM and a total storage space of 8GB.

    Lastly, for its operative system, know that the TickTalk 4 comes running on TickTalk’s proprietary TOS 4.0.1 Operative System.


    Then, regarding the TickTalk 4’s interface, note that this children’s smartwatch phone also features a very kid-friendly user interface, which makes it easy and intuitive for children to use.

    The TickTalk 4’s 1.54″ TFT color touchscreen is what’s used as the smartwatch’s main control panel.

    Power button & SOS button

    Additionally, integrated at the right-side of the smartwatch, there’s also its dedicated On/Off Power button, as well as a special SOS button that can be used for automatically calling emergency contacts, meaning that help is just a button press away.

    Holding down the smartwatch’s Power button for a total of 5 seconds will turn the smartwatch On or Off. Holding its Power button longer for a few extra seconds will reboot the TickTalk 4 back to factory settings.

    Holding down the smartwatch’s SOS button for a total of 5 seconds will trigger the TickTalk 4 to automatically call either a pre-programmed SOS contact (such as a parent or another family member), or ultimately, to contact an official emergency entity (such as 911 or any similar emergency entity). Note that these SOS contacts are pre-programmed by the parents via the TickTalk App (discussed with more detail further ahead).

    SOS Call via the smartwatch’s SOS button

    Finally, located at the back-side of the smartwatch, we have its Nano SIM Card slot.

    Nano SIM Card slot

    It’s worth mentioning that the TickTalk 4 comes together with an included free SIM card, from which parents can get their kids an affordable monthly plan (starting at $9.99 per month) that requires no activation fees and no contracts at all, meaning you can pay as you go and cancel at any time if you ever wish to do so.


    For the TickTalk 4’s connectivity methods, this children’s smartwatch phone boasts 4G LTE (cellular) Connectivity for performing voice calls and texting, with support to both LTE (B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B12/B17/B66) and also UMTS (B1/B2/B4/B5) frequency bands.

    It’s important to note that for U.S. customers, the TickTalk 4’s included free SIM card utilizes either AT&T or T-Mobile’s networks. Alternatively, for international customers, know that the TickTalk 4 is compatible with global GSM carriers and requires a regular cell phone plan with talk, text, and data.

    he smartwatch also boasts GPS Connectivity for its real-time GPS location tracking functionality, plus Wi-Fi Connectivity for 2-way voice calls and HD video calling (supporting the most common Wireless Standards (802.11 a/b/g/n)).

    In a similar fashion, can also FaceTalk watch-to-watch (i.e. perform HD video calls) with other children wearing a TickTalk smartwatch phone thanks to the device’s 5MP Selfie camera.

    Lastly, the smartwatch also features Bluetooth 4.2 Connectivity (Low Energy), which is used for establishing a wireless connection with the TickTalk App for setting up the smartwatch’s settings and its many parental controls.


    For its power, the TickTalk 4 utilizes a 1000 mAh Lithium-ion battery (5V Input) that can ultimately offer your kid approximately 64 hours of battery and up to 100 hours of standby time (both time-estimates depend on which functionalities they use and how regularly they use the smartwatch throughout the day).

    Kids can easily check the smartwatch’s battery level whenever they require.

    Whenever the smartwatch’s battery is running low on power, parents or their kids (or ultimately their parents) simply have to connect the smartwatch’s included USB magnetic charging cable directly to its USB magnetic charging port, which is located at the back-side of the device.


    To configure the smartwatch’s different child-safety settings and its many parental controls, parents simply have to download the TickTalk App to their smartphones, which is available to download for free for both iOS and Android devices.

    Via the TickTalk App, parents are offered over 20 parental controls which they can fully configure according to their preferences. Those parental controls include approving contacts and blocking unknown numbers, configuring SOS contacts and 911 contacts for automated SOS calling, enabling a Firewall to allow communication only with parent-approved contacts, amongst many other useful parental controls.

    TickTalk App
    TickTalk App

    Parents can also check on their child’s current location in real-time thanks to the smartwatch’s GPS location tracking.

    Moreover, parents can also video call their children at any time via the TickTalk App.


    Encrypted In-App Messaging

    The TickTalk 4 also boasts encrypted end-to-end in-app messaging for both individual and group in-app messages, in which kids can send Talk-To-Text dictated messages, preset quick responses, voice recordings, photos, colorful cartoon emojis, and even GIFs.

    Encrypted In-App Messaging

    On that note, we’d also like to point out that this children’s smartwatch phone is also rated to be a COPPA Safe Harbor Certified product for its methods of data security. This certification essentially ensures that this product fully complies to the collection, use, maintenance and disclosure of personal information from children under the age of 13 are consistent with principles and requirements of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

    Pre-Programmed Reminders & Custom Alerts

    Furthermore, this children’s smartwatch phone also comes with over 50 pre-programmed reminders, which kids can easily configure and utilize (with their parents’ help if necessary) to more easily remember any important things they have do to throughout the day, such as walking the dog, reading a book, doing their homework, etc.

    Pre-Programmed Reminders & Custom Alerts

    Moreover, kids can also configure customizable alerts in order to keep track of time and ultimately ensure they don’t forget to perform other important tasks or chores.

    Do Not Disturb Mode

    Another really cool function offered by the TickTalk 4 is that this children’s smartwatch also features a Do Not Disturb Mode, which can be used to set specific time frames during which the smartwatch’s other functions are paused and any incoming notifications are ignored in order to ultimately encourage kids to stay focused on any matter they have at hands, such as studying or finishing their homework.

    Do Not Disturb Mode
    Free Music Streaming

    The TickTalk 4 also offers children free unlimited streaming of thousands of kid-friendly songs, podcasts and awesome children stories, all via iHeartRadio Family at no extra cost. Note that this functionality is only available for U.S. residents.

    Free Music Streaming via iHeartRadio Family
    Free Music Streaming via iHeartRadio Family
    Built-in Activity Tracker

    Last of all, the smartwatch also features a built-in Activity Tracker with customizable Daily Step Goals, which parents can make good use of to encourage their children to have a healthy and active lifestyle.

    Built-in Activity Tracker

    Moreover, kids themselves can compete in a healthy manner with any of their friends that also own a TickTalk smartwatch, from which they can earn the gold, silver, or bronze medals via the Step Championship platform.


    When accounting for all of its kid-friendly functionalities and its many useful parental controls, it’s safe to say that this is an outstanding children’s smartwatch phone which parents can gift to their kids so that they can stay in touch with them throughout the day and also be able to check on their children’s location when required.

    TickTalk 4
    TickTalk 4

    The TickTalk 4 is currently available in three (x3) different stylish color models: Titanium Black, Galaxy Blue, and Laser Pink.

    If you’re interested in purchasing it, know that this children’s smartwatch phone goes for just $189.99. You can order yours online right now, either directly from TickTalk’s official shopping page, or alternatively, you can also get it from Amazon, if you’d prefer.

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