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    Be the envy of your friends this world cup with these TVs

    Along with many other things, the last few years have proven that only so many atypical events can take place before we begin accepting abnormality as a lifestyle. It’s a strange oxymoronic thought, but given the breakout of war in Europe and the passing of a British monarch so far this year – not to mention an ongoing pandemic – the first ever winter world cup seems to have subsequently fallen below the threshold of what we now consider remarkably unusual. 

    Of course, its poignancy pales in comparison to that of the other two events, but even so – after so much build-up, discussion and controversy, we no longer care about an unprecedented final date set seven days before Christmas – we just want it to get started. 

    Soon the men and women of England will once again unite in the name of Southgate’s tricky Lions. A Foden frisson of Mount mania is on the horizon, and as the hysteria reaches fever pitch, you won’t want to miss a beat, so why not consider upgrading your TV for the best possible experience? There are hundreds of examples out there, including a fantastic range of the best 43-inch TVs UK wide, beckoning buyers in with some very attractive deals. Not sure which TV is right for you? Let us break it down for you.


    When it comes to live sports, the same widely held consensus is carried over from the entertainment experience: a more immersive watch is a better watch. A widescreen TV will allow you to pick out players in greater clarity, spot runs and openings while keeping an eye on who’s holding their line at the back. If you’re looking to take your micromanaging to the next level this world cup, why not upgrade to a 65” model such as the Samsung UE65AU7100 or the Panasonic TX-65JX800B. 

    Of course, bigger isn’t always better. While still providing that favoured immersive experience, a TV with a proportionate size to that of your living room won’t overwhelm you this world cup, keeping eye fatigue at bay and you in the hot seat. A 43” TV would make a great middle-ground model to suit most living rooms or large bedrooms for a reasonable price. Check out the LG 43UP75006LF and the Panasonic TX-43JX600B to get started. 

    Display Quality

    Coupled with a TV’s size, its display quality has a great influence on the immersion value of your watching experience. Didn’t quite catch the name or number on the back of that shirt? A high-quality display will put the whole game into pin-sharp focus and you right in the middle. Along with high resolutions, some TVs these days feature picture clarity settings so you can even remove the blur or judder from your picture, taking your watch to a new place. 

    The Samsung UE43TU7020 is a 43” example boasting 4K ultra HD picture quality, as well as Samsung’s High Dynamic Range, uncovering all the finest details in the brightest and darkest scenes. Alternatively, the LG OLED48A16LA is a 48 inch model that not only presents 4K quality but also uses a deep learning algorithm to enhance colour and detail thanks to its a7 Gen4 Processor. 

    Smart TVs and World Cup

    As always, England’s World Cup matches will be broadcast free-to-air across the nation’s domestic terrestrial channels. While you won’t need a smart tv to tune into the matches, a smart TV will allow you to access additional analysis, news and game replays via a number of streaming services including BBC IPlayer and Youtube. If you want your Lion-clad, lager-laden friends to turn 50 shades of green at the sight of your World Cup setup, Smart connectivity is crucial. 

    The JVC LT-32CA690 is an affordable solution to your Smart connectivity question. The TV costs only £124.99 but is still HD ready and wifi connectable so you can find all your favourite streaming services with ease. Going up the price range, the Samsung UE55BU800 combines all the discussed features in one great package. This example is brand new, and sure to make you the envy of your street this November. 

    David Novak
    David Novak
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