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    Dualbell – Dumbbell Adapter Attachment for Barbell Weight Strength Training

    Nowadays, working out at home is something that many people enjoy, as it not only lets you save a lot of time between gym trips, but also brings you the convenience of controlling the atmosphere of your workouts, such as choosing your workout schedules, playing the music you enjoy the most, and even wearing whatever workout outfits you prefer. However, if the main focus of your workout routines is strength training and weight training, then there’s one major downside to working out at home, as that’s the fact that you’ll have to purchase basic strength training equipment, which includes not only dumbbells, but also weight plates, barbells, and possibly other things, all of which can all be quite costly. Still, it would be great if you could simply use your dumbbells as the weight plates for a barbell for strength training exercises. Thanks to an innovative and easy-to-use workout solution called the Dualbell, you now can do that very easily.

    The Dualbell is an extremely sturdy dumbbell adapter attachment system made of a super-tough Nylon 66 material which features a simple-to-use clamp design that ultimately allows users to attach dumbbells to a barbell and use them as weight plates for barbell weight strength training exercises.

    By utilizing this dumbbell adapter attachment system, no weight plates are needed for performing barbell exercises, so you’ll be able to significantly reduce the total costs of weights and other strength training equipment that you’d require for being able to properly engage on weight training and strength training from the comfort of your home. With it, you only have to purchase dumbbells and a barbell for all of your weight strength training exercises.

    Now, let’s have a slightly more detailed look at the Dualbell and check out how this dumbbell adapter attachment system is designed to work.


    Starting with the Dualbell’s size, know that each of these dumbbell adapter barbell attachments comes at a fairly compact size, meaning that they’re ultra-portable and super easy to store away when they’re not being used.

    Compact Size & Extremely Sturdy Construction

    Moreover, these dumbbell adapter attachments also feature an extremely sturdy construction, as they’re made of a super-tough Nylon 66 material that makes them capable of holding even the heaviest commercially dumbbells that are currently available on the market.

    On top of that, the Dualbell also features a simple-to-use design that essentially allows it to be perfectly clamped around the handle of a dumbbell.

    Simple-To-Use Clamp Design

    To be a little more specific, the Dualbell is designed to be compatible with dumbbell handles that have with a minimum length of 4.25 inches (108 mm) long, and a maximum diameter of 1.38 inches (35 mm), meaning that this dumbbell adapter attachment system can be used with most dumbbells with standard dumbbell handle sizes.

    DualbellWhat’s more is that the company’s Dualbell full workout set (called The Complete Dualbell Superset) also comes together with a set of interlocking spacers that allows two (x2) Dualbell units to be connected and used together on one side of your barbell by keeping both units (and the dumbbells they’re holding) in place and perfectly parallel to each other.

    Dualbell’s interlocking spacer attachments

    Best of all, the Dualbell can also be locked on your barbell by using either standard barbell weight collars or standard barbell spring clips.


    To use the Dualbell, all you have to do is to place your dumbbell within the unit’s dedicated dumbbell slot, and then close it up. After that, simply pick up each Dualbell unit from the bottom side, and then just slide those onto each side of your barbell.

    Once that’s done, the Dualbell’s innovative design and its smooth rotation will help to keep your dumbbells perfectly in place underneath your barbell while you use it for any weight strength training exercises that are typically done with a barbell.


    After trying out the Dualbell for a workout sessions, we can say that this dumbbell adapter attachment system for barbells is fairly easy to use, and in the end, it ultimately allows users to save a considerable amount of money that they’d otherwise have to spend on purchasing weight plates for their barbell workouts.

    Setting up a double set of Dualbell attachments onto a barbell (Before)

    When it comes to setting up your set of Dualbell attachments onto your barbell, know that the process is quite quick, and should take you no more than just a few seconds to do so.

    Double set of Dualbell attachments fully set-up onto a barbell (After)

    In fact, setting up a set of Dualbell attachments onto your barbell is just as quick as putting on some weight plates onto it.

    Moreover, you can also be assured that your Dualbell attachments will stay perfectly secure onto your barbell during a whole workout session.


    The Dualbell is currently available in two (x2) different sets, which are the Dualbell Pair (i.e. the basic user set), and the Complete Dualbell Superset (i.e. the full user set).

    The Dualbell Pair set includes: 2 Dualbells, a drawstring storage bag, and a workout chart that can help users get started.

    Dualbell Pair set

    The Complete Dualbell Superset includes: 4 Dualbells, 2 interlocking spacers, a drawstring storage bag, and a workout chart.

    Complete Dualbell Superset

    It’s also worth noting that the Dualbell is currently available in two (x2) different color models: Blue and Black.

    If you’re interested in purchasing it, know that each Dualbell Pair set goes for just $39.99, and that each Complete Dualbell Superset goes for just $79.99. You can order yours online right now, directly from Dualbell’s official shopping page.

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