Amp Phone Speaker Boosts Your iPhone’s Audio

Amp Sound booster for iPhone, speaker

While smartphones have speaker sound, the quality of that sound leaves a lot to be desired. A lot of this has to do with the size of the device, and the fact that speakers and microphones have to be crammed in there somehow, so they have to be tiny. Tiny drivers means tiny sound, but some people see it otherwise, namely the company that makes the Amp case.

A Multitude of Drivers

Just as the name suggests, the Amp Phone Speaker is a case that improves your phone’s audio. Basically, it’s two speakers and a digital signal processor that you can clip onto your phone to improve audio performance. Think of it as kind of a small boom box that you can boost the sound volume and quality.

Artificial Intelligence Sound

More impressive is its internal process. Using the companion app, it uses the “hearing fingerprint” it develops to dynamically play back sound so that you can better hear it, whether it’s the music you’re listening to or the call you have to pick up. It also serves as a noise reduction tool for your headphones, which is nice.

Amp Phone Speaker Boosts Audio

Big Audio

The Amp Phone Speaker is great for anyone who uses their speaker feature a lot, or likes to play music at a party. And at $79, available for pre-order, it’s not a bad accessory, nor does it bulk up your phone too much.