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    The Best Gadgets from CES 2023 rated by GadgetGram

    With the start of another new year, tech lovers all around the world know that pretty much all tech companies out there are planning on releasing brand-new gadgets and devices that are powered by newer and/or better technology. As any passionate technology enthusiast would likely expect, there’s no better place for tech companies to announce their upcoming new products than Las Vegas’ CES (Consumer Electronics Show), which takes place on the first week of every year and is known globally as “the most influential tech event in the world”. That was exactly the case with CES 2023.

    As such, with the coming of 2023, another CES has already taken place. We at GadgetGram were fortunate enough to be able to see those gadgets first-hand at CES 2023 while taking a big walk around the whole venue. That was all thanks to GadgetGram’s very own Editor-In-Chief, David Novak, who was able to have a very close look at a ton of innovative tech during the first week of 2023.

    GadgetGram’s Editor-In-Chief, David Novak, attending CES 2023 in person

    While many products announced at CES 2023 won’t be available till later this year, a handful of cool gadgets and everyday devices can already be found available for purchase.

    On that note, let us tell you more about what we consider to be the very best gadgets that were presented (or at least announced) to the public during CES 2023.

    The Best Gadgets from CES 2023

    LG Artcool Gallery – Mini-split AC unit w/ Customizable 27-inch LCD Screen

    LG’s brand-new LG Artcool Gallery is a wall-mountable mini-split AC unit that comes integrated with a built-in 27-inch LCD Screen, which can be easily customized to display any sort of image (such as family photos or even digital art pictures – whether they’re static or animated) just like you’d be able to do with any smart digital photo frame that you can find available on the market. Users can easily upload their pictures to their LG Artcool Gallery’s 27″ LCD Screen via the LG ThinQ App. No pricing or release date has been announced so far.

    LG Artcool Gallery
    LG Artcool Gallery

    Twinkly Smart Decorative Lighting

    Italian smart lighting manufacturer Twinkly looked to shine a light within CES’s corridors with its Tinkly Smart Decorative Lighting products. Available in a wide range of smart decorative lighting systems of different shapes and sizes, including Flex, Dots, Curtain, and Strings, as well as its newest smart decorative lighting system called Twinkly Squares, Twinkly’s smart decorative lighting products work based on a unique AR light-mapping feature that allows you to literally paint custom lighting patterns that will ultimately be displayed by Twinkly’s smart decorative lighting systems. Thanks to that, homeowners can easily create a perfect atmosphere inside or outside their homes. Users can play around with multiple light effects and light animations from their smartphone via the App, and can even create complex installations by grouping devices.

    Twinkly Smart Decorative Lighting
    Twinkly Smart Decorative Lighting

    Prices for Tinkly’s Smart Decorative Lighting products range from just $49.99 (for small light-packs) and can go up to $750 for Twinkly’s smart lighting XMAS trees.

    Twinkly also announced its brand-new Entertainment Hub, which is a new and innovative desktop software (i.e. a desktop platform) that’ll feature an innovative algorithm that will give anyone – from gamers and streamers to musicians and entertainers – the ability to seamlessly connect their Twinkly lights to audio and even video content, thus making users able to turn anything into a deeply immersive experience.

    Twinkly Entertainment Hub
    Twinkly Entertainment Hub

    Key features include:

    • Accurate Audio Synchronization (for visual lighting effects that are synchronized and responsive to audio and/or music)
    • Screen Mirroring (for mirroring on-screen visuals (such as a video) into a screen of Twinkly LED lights)
    • Real-time Control (brings users keyboard shortcuts used via the Twinkly App for selecting and controlling light effects)
    • RGBfy Synchronization (for connecting your entire range of Twinkly products using external RGB-supported devices and peripherals and choosing between the 16+ million available colors).
    Twinkly Entertainment Hub
    Twinkly Entertainment Hub (Software View)

    LG Tiiun – Smart Freestanding Indoor Gardening Appliance

    Originally announced at CES 2022, LG’s Tiiun is a high-end smart freestanding indoor gardening appliance that enables even the most novice of gardeners to cultivate vegetables, herbs, and even flowers right from the comfort of their own homes.

    Designed as a completely self-contained unit, the LG Tiiun features two shelves, for which each shelf can hold up to six all-in-one seed packages along with three different kinds of seed kits. With each seed package containing 10 holes for seed germination, users can grow a variety of greens simultaneously in just four to eight weeks of time, making it a faster micro-green growing process with less mess than you’d usually have growing micro greens via conventional methods, and its all thanks to the magic of LG’s advanced technology.

    LG Tiiun
    LG Tiiun (at the bottom) & LG Tiiun Mini (at the top)

    Furthermore, above the LG Tiiun installed at their CES 2023 booth, LG was also showcasing a tabletop version of the main device, called the LG Tiiun Mini.

    While the LG Tiiun is currently only being sold in Korea, LG’s representative at CES booth mentioned that the company is planning to make its smart freestanding indoor gardening appliance available for purchase within the US later this year, for which each unit will be priced at around $1,300.

    Shelly Plus Smoke – Smart Smoke Alarm w/ Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity

    Then, for homeowners looking to get into Smart Home products or even looking to upgrade their Smart Home level of security indoors, why not start the year with simple Smart Home solution like a smart smoke alarm. While the smart smoke alarm market has been seeing quite the competition with options from Google Nest and First Alert currently being rated as the best that are currently available, those options still come at a fairly expensive cost.

    For a more affordable and still very capable option of a smart smoke alarm, you could simply go with the newly-released Shelly Plus Smoke. This smart battery-powered photoelectric smoke alarm is integrated with both sound and light indicators (alarms), is capable of automatically sending homeowners a smartphone notification whenever it detects smoke by utilizing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity, and even works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Home Assistant, and a few other Smart Home platforms, all thanks to its open APIs. This ultimately allows homeowners to create scenes that can do things like unlocking their front door, starting their AC, turning off power to appliances, as well as turning on all the lights if smoke is detected.

    Shelly Plus Smoke
    Shelly Plus Smoke

    The company confirmed that the Shelly Plus Smoke is available for purchase both in the US and European markets, and will respectively go for $49.90 / 44.90€.

    Last but not least, as a Plus device, it should also be updated to support Matter (Shelly stated that all of its Plus and Pro devices will support Matter with an optional firmware update that will roll out at the end of Q2).

    Aventon Aventure.2 Ebike

    For urban residents looking to reduce their carbon footprint within their daily commute, the Aventon Aventure.2 Ebike is a great transportation option. This high-end electric bike is perfect for city riding, equipped with 4” fat tires, a front suspension fork, pre-installed fenders for a rider’s extra protection, a rear rack for carrying all your stuff, a set of integrated lights for illumination in low lighting conditions, and a torque sensor powered by intuitive technology that amplifies your pedaling cadence, ultimately promoting a more natural riding experience. Users can switch between 4 levels of pedal assist and throttle to be able to get more of what’s out there without breaking a sweat.

    Aventon Aventure.2 Ebike
    Aventon Aventure.2 Ebike

    This e-bike also integrates a full-color LCD Display that shows all important metrics while riding it, including speed, distance traveled, pedal assist level, and more, and the bike also boasts turn signaling functionalities for letting those behind you know which direction you plan on going. Most importantly, the Aventon Aventure.2 Ebike also comes equipped with a powerful 1130W rear hub motor that’s powered by a 720Wh high-capacity battery which makes this e-bike capable of covering any type of ground, whether that’s city pavement, asphalt, sand, rock, or snow with ease.

    For anyone interested in getting it, you’ll be happy to know that Aventon’s brand-new Aventure.2 electric bike is already available for purchase, and is priced at $1,899 per unit.

    1-on-1 Interviews with other Tech Companies Attending CES 2023

    Furthermore, Novak conducted a couple of interviews with representatives from other tech companies, for which we’ll be covering each of those interviews in greater detail over the next few days including:

    1. CELITECH B2B platform that helps travel-related companies offer branded international cellular data plans using one-click eSIM technology that can be easily deployed on any web or mobile app. (CELITECH Announces World’s First Digital-Only Cellular Data eSim Platform at CES 2023).

    2. Davensi Labs Next-generation of Web3 financial services providing smart sustainable solutions for high-performance digital asset trading, portfolio management, and investments, through its carbon-efficient proprietary Centralized/ Decentralized Finance (CeDeFi) aggregation platform. (Davensi announces DV Invest App, a Safe Web3-Based Smart Investments App).

    3. Clover Gaming Clover Gaming has been working on an interactive, immersive metaverse gaming platform with fully interoperable technology that utilizes advanced XR (extended reality) technology to virtually deliver the sensation of a real casino. This revolutionary project from Santo Domingo-based firm JM2 Clover Gaming offers players the ability to gamble native CLOV tokens, level up gains with dedicated NFTs, attend top-of-the-class events, and socialize with other users to create an authentic casino experience in a metaverse environment. (Cloverland Revolutionizes Online Gambling w/ Metaverse-powered Casino).

    4. ATBHash ATBHash is a Paris-based tech company debuting a revolutionary domestic-violence reporting app at CES 2023, based on its innovative blockchain technology system to secure intellectual property. CEERTIF, the brainchild of a veteran expert in the legal field, is a hundred-percent safe digital platform that protects the intellectual property of both companies and individuals. With CEERTIF, any worries about getting hacked or losing your files are put to rest. (ATBHASH announces Domestic Violence Reporting App “NanShe” at CES 2023).

    5. MACA MACA has engineered strategic partnerships with Red Bull Advanced Technology and SEGULA Technologies and is set to introduce their sleek, progressive new design for the French startup’s S-Eleven (S11), the first hydrogen-powered flying race car, made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Unlike competitors, MACA deploys clean-burning hydrogen-based fuel cells for longer flight times and green energy sustainability while bringing a level of technological innovation no other flying car developer can deliver. (MACA announces MACA S11, the World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Flying Racecar).

    6. Rollkers Rollkers are the ideal personal mobility device that allows people to reduce their trip times by doubling the walking speed. Enabling speeds up to seven miles per hour with a range of 30 minutes. Featuring instinctive control algorithms, users are able to walk naturally, as though on a travelator, with no training required. Using Tracks technology, Rollkers are stabilized with no loss of balance. Because Rollkers are small, lightweight, and easy to travel with, they provide real seamless intermodality. Users can carry these personal mobility devices with them everywhere they go to. (Rollkers – Battery-Powered Under-Shoes Personal Mobility Device).

    7. VersaWare VersaWare, the next generation of smart kitchen appliances, is an intuitive alternative to frustrating nutrition apps and cumbersome calorie-counting tools. The startup democratizes nutrition with its smart mixing bowl and cutting board which are enabled with nutrition AI, smartphone connectivity, and a long battery life that makes it easy to sync data to VersaWare’s mobile application. The brand’s automated nutrition engine is built into the sleek, modern kitchen products, when paired with the app, allows users to custom-create any meal in real time to meet their nutritional goals. (VersaWare – Next-Generation Smart Kitchen Appliances w/ Built-In Nutrition AI).

    8. TechLock Solutions / Laplok A laptop is lost or stolen every 53 seconds, with more than 1,600 laptops stolen daily. LapLok’s mission is to combat grab-and-go theft with simple, convenient solutions to keep your laptop secure and protected, wherever you work. LapLok is a new pocket-sized security guard that’s compact, lightweight, and easy to use, and super-strong, as its built out of ultra-strong materials that can withstand the brute force from would-be thieves. When not in use, LapLok’s size and weight is about the same as a full-sized smartphone for compact portability. LapLok’s intelligent design also features an optional alarm and software-enabled password recovery system. (LapLok – Portable Anti-Theft Security Device w/ Alarm for Laptops & Tablets).

    9. ALIA TechnologiesALIA (Active Lift in Alignment) combines cutting edge technology with luxury Italian design to produce a line of high-fashion, men’s and women’s shoes that are widely embraced as the most comfortable and best fitting on the market. A collaboration between orthopedic surgeon Dr. Taryn Rose (known for her eponymous collection that marries fashion with function) and Italian footwear designer, former architect Enrico Cuini, their designs are crafted using ALIA’s patented and proprietary technology, while providing personalized, made-to-measure fits through computer vision and trade secret algorithms. Their shoes dissipate pressure across a greater foot surface area to dynamically allow for pressure relief, stability and energy return, making even the highest, sexiest stilettos comfortable. (Enrico Cuini announces Custom High Heel Shoes w/ ALIA Support Technology).

    10. Skyted Skyted has designed a disruptive sound absorbing open-air mask that provides privacy for silent and confidential calls and meetings. The pandemic-driven proliferation of remote and hybrid work has underscored the need for such a device beyond the initial target of travelers, incorporating office workers, gamers, and more. Skyted allows secure calls that are ideal for hybrid work providing total comfort and speech privacy in a multitude of settings, also offering a respite from noise in crowds. The mask is engineered with an aerospace-sourced acoustic absorber that absorbs 80% of voice vibrations. (Skyted announces Skyted Silent Mask, a Sound Absorbing Mask for Private Calls).

    João Matos
    João Matos
    Soon after getting his Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, João Matos joined the GadgetGram team on May 2019. Since then, he has been working as the Content Director, with the main goal of publishing thorough reviews on all sorts of newly released tech-products. In addition, João has also been been working as a senior news writer and news editor at Gadget Gram, as well as the Director of Social Media.

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