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    Shashibo Shape Shifting Box – 3D Magnetic Puzzle Cube Toy

    Shashibo Shape Shifting Box – 3D Magnetic Puzzle Cube Toy

    This next gadget is for those that are passionate about solving puzzles. If you’re a puzzle enthusiast that just loves cube games and you’ve been looking for something just a little more creative, then the Shashibo Shape Shifting Box (by Fun In Motion Toys) might be right up your alley.

    The Shashibo Shape Shifting Box is a small puzzle cube that’s held together by magnets, featuring up to 70 different geometric designs by twisting and turning it, with one multi-colored pattern on the outside and three patterns on the inside.


    This cube was originally invented by the renowned sand artist Andreas Hoenigschmid. Sand artist by day, Shashibo mastermind at night. Inspired by his love of design, geometry, and sand art, Andreas wanted to create a magnetic puzzle toy that would be accessible to people of all ages and recreational tastes, including even those that are vision impaired.

    Once Andreas figured out how to magnetically combine the several puzzle units onto each other (with strategically placed magnets on each piece), he then realized this was exactly the product and idea that he had been waiting for his whole life. Finally, the Shashibo Shape Shifting Box was born!

    Now, without further ado, let’s have a more detailed look at the Shashibo Cube and check out everything that this 3D Magnetic Puzzle Cube Toy has to offer you.


    Starting with the Shashibo Cube’s exact size, this is a 2.4 inch magnetic puzzle cube. The cube itself features a very solid build, as every single one of its composing pieces is made from a high-quality injection mold. Additionally, it’s colorful design comes in a gorgeous glossy finish.

    Shashibo Shape Shifting Box
    Shashibo Shape Shifting Box

    The cube’s corners are actually rounded, which makes the cube perfectly safe for children of ages of 8 (or higher) to play with it without parents having to worried about their kids getting their hands hurt.

    As mentioned before, the Shashibo works like a magnetic puzzle cube/toy, and as such, the cube itself comes equipped with a a total of 36 rare earth magnets (marked in the picture below with orange circles).

    Ultimately, these magnets are what allow you to gently twist and turn the cube to go through its several different shapes, allowing you to transform the Shashibo Cube into over 70 shapes. Thanks to that, you can unlock every mystery of the Shashibo Cube and have fun with its multiple creative shapes!

    Lastly, it’s worth to mention that the Shashibo Cube comes available in several different color patterns and breath-taking colorful designs. Right now, the company (Fun In Motion Toys) has the Shashibo Artist Series available for sale, which was completely designed by the renowned American Artist, Laurence Gartel (who also created the Official Artwork for the 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards back in 2014).

    The Shashibo Artist Series includes a total of nine (x9) different beautiful multi-color patterns for you to choose from.

    No matter what design you decide to go for, each Shashibo Cube has a total of four (x4) art designs for its several shapes, including both its main outer design (when the cube is sitting in its original form; i.e. a cube) as well as three (x3) different inner designs that shape-shift, change and transform each and every time that you give the Shashibo Cube a new shape.


    For those that want to fully learn and master the Shashibo Cube, the company has an Online Step-By-Step Guide available that’s very detailed about every single combination that players can shape-shift the cube through.


    Additionally, the company also has available its very own Smartphone Companion App, called the Fun In Motion Toys App, which is available to download for free for both iOS and Android devices.

    The App itself offers players several different menus, and each menu corresponds to each of the company’s toy products, including the Shashibo Cube, of course.

    By selecting the App’s Shashibo Cube Menu, players are offered video demonstrations (guides / tutorials) of different levels of interactions with the cube. Furthermore, they can also select different challenges with different level difficulties for them to take part and try to solve the cube by themselves.


    The Shashibo Shape Shifting Box is a small puzzle cube that’s held together by magnets, featuring up to 70 different geometric designs by twisting and turning it, with one multi-colored pattern on the outside and three patterns on the inside.

    Overall, I had a blast playing around with this magnetic puzzle cube toy. This little gizmo is perfect for children of ages 8 or higher, as well as extremely fun for any adult that just loves puzzle toys. No matter how many times I solve it, I simply cannot get tired of how fun the experience is, especially when considering that the cube offers me over 70 shapes to go through.

    Lastly, I should also mentioned that you can combine 2 or more Shashibo Cubes to build even larger and taller shapes and funny-looking structures, which, ultimately, create more possibilities for you to play around with.

    If you think that you can master this awesome shape-shifting magnetic cube toy and you’re interested in getting it, each single unit is currently going for just $19.99 each. You can order yours online right now, directly from the company’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link.

    Shashibo Shape Shifting Box
    Shashibo Shape Shifting Box

    Finally, for those that are already looking forward to play around with multiple Shashibo Cubes in the nearby future in order to create these crazy-looking multi-cube structures, I’d like to mention that the company has a Shashibo Box Set (4-Pack) that comes with a total of 4 differently colored cubes for you to solve and play with. The Shashibo Box Set comes at just $79.99 and you can get here via this link.

    Shashibo Box Set (4-Pack)
    Shashibo Box Set (4-Pack)

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