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Time Concepts ProTek FIELD Series 3003 – All-Terrain Military Titanium Watch

The Time Concepts ProTek FIELD Series 3003 is a high-end all-terrain military-grade watch featuring an ultra-durable Titanium construction that's also rated to have a Water-Resistance Rating up to 100m, all while also boasting a self-powered ProGlo Swiss Illumination technology that provides a non-stop continuous glow for its watch hands and dial numbers for up to 25 years, plus an impressive 4-Year Battery. Built to have an outstanding durability and great style, all while also offering an elite performance for outdoors use, ProTek's Series 3000 FIELD line of high-end all-terrain military-grade wristwatches are perfect for outdoors enthusiasts from all background, no matter what your favorite outdoors activity (or activities) might be.

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Videos for Your Social Media

Social media platforms support short to long-form video content backed by its algorithm. With easy-to-use advertisement templates, you can create video ads, businesses can integrate videos on social media to connect with the audience, and get more leads, and sales. This blog will show you ten reasons for using videos on social media

Petcube Bites 2 Lite – Smart HD Pet Camera w/ Treat Dispenser

The Petcube Bites 2 Lite is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart pet camera and treat dispenser equipped with a HD camera lens that can record 24/7 full HD 1080p live video at a 160°wide-angle view with TLS 128-bit Encryption, while also featuring 8x Digital Zoom, an Automatic Night Vision function, 2-Way Audio, and both Motion Detection and Audio Detection functions with instant Smartphone Notifications, plus a built-in treat-storage container with 1.5 lbs. capacity from where pet treats can be dispensed, either manually via In-App Controls or automatically via programmed schedules, access to a 3-Day Video History, and also access to a 24/7 online Vet Chat that lets pet owners consult a professional veterinarian at any time. All in all, this smart pet camera and treat dispenser is an outstanding device for any concerned pet owners that want to stay closely connected to their beloved pets throughout the day from anywhere in the world. With it, owners can see, talk to, and fling treats to their pets to keep their furry friends engaged and ultimately prevent anxious behaviors.

Goliath Defender Backpack – Rain-Proof & Tear-Proof Outdoors Tactical Backpack

The Goliath Defender Backpack is a military-grade outdoors tactical backpack that features either 32L or 42L Capacity with the capability of carrying Big Axes, a Belt Strap for extra support, and also a tear-proof and rain-proof construction made of High-Grade Ballistic Nylon that's combined with Waterproof Zippers, plus an Internal Velcro Separation System, a 17" Laptop Sleeve, along with a MOLLE System for carrying extra pouches and essential survival gear, and also a Velcro Front to conveniently attach any Velcro-padded gear or patches. All in all, the Goliath Defender Backpack is built with military-grade durability, great versatility, and also with outdoors-usability in mind, which ultimately makes it an outstanding tactical backpack for outdoors use and outdoors exploration.

Time Concepts ProTek Dive Series 1004O Diving Watch

The Time Concepts ProTek Dive Series 1004O is a high-end and ultra-durable quartz diving watch that features a Water-Resistance Rating of up to 300m, all while also boasting an impressive 10 Years Battery plus a self-powered ProGlo Swiss Illumination technology that provides a non-stop continuous glow for its watch hands and dial numbers for up to 25 years. Built with both versatility and durability in mind, this amazing diving watch is simply one of the best models that you can currently find available.

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit 2.0 – Portable 360º Smoke-Free Outdoors Fire Pit

The Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit 2.0 is a medium-sized portable fire pit that can fit logs up to 19.5" long, featuring a Double-Walled Design powered by a 360° Signature Airflow Technology which offers superior airflow and a prime secondary burn that respectively helps to eliminate smoke and create flames up to 4 ft. tall, along with a Removable Ash Pan that catches loose ash in order to prevent clogging. All in all, this outdoors fire pit is easy to use and light-up, as well as fairly easy to clean, which makes it perfect for hosting outdoor gatherings at home, or even to create bonfires outdoors, whether you're at the beach, out camping or even when you're tailgating.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro + 400W Portable Solar Panel – Portable Power Station

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro is a high-end portable power station and back-up home battery unit powered by a built-in LFP battery system rated to have a cycle life of 6500 cycles which boasts a 3,600Wh capacity that’s expandable up to 25,000Wh, integrating a built-in LCD SCreen, along with a versatile connectivity panel that features a 1800W (120V~15A) AC Charging Input port which can ultimately work at 3000W (240V~12.5A), a 1600W (11-150V~15A) Solar Charging Input port, a 8A (12V/24V) Car Charging Input port, and also a 12.6V~30A Anderson Input port, along with a total of 14 different output ports, all while also featuring 6 different recharging methods, including via home electricity, via the kit's included 400W Solar Panel, via an EV station, and more, and the unit can even Multicharge by combining multiple charging methods to achieve a rapid 6500W charge, plus both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity to pair it with the EcoFlow App where you can check a detailed breakdown of your energy habits, and even customize your energy usage for different situations. By using the EcoFlow DELTA Pro, homeowners can be assured that they'll always be able to power up any of their home appliances as well as recharge any smaller devices whenever they require to do so.

Playwright vs Selenium

Web automated testing tools can make it easier for developers to test Software while also saving them time. They allow QA teams to adopt low-code or scriptless test automation, by eliminating the need to rely on written code. They also facilitate faster and leaner application releases. Depending on your need you can find free tools or Paid automation tools. While Selenium and Playwright both make for great open-source testing frameworks, there are still a few differences among them. Here's how Playwright is getting better than Selenium in some areas, and how Selenium is much better than playwright in others areas.