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    Gadgets, Equipment, Ideas: How To Host The Perfect Sports Watch Party

    No matter if it’s a huge event like the Super Bowl, a tournament such as the FIFA World Cup, an NBA match, or your local team playing, if you want to host a great watch party, you need the right equipment. From the right screen and sound to special extras and gimmicks, get ready for your perfect watch party with these gadgets and ideas.

    Show the Game on a Big Screen

    The number one gadget you need to host a watch night is a big screen. If you were thinking about upgrading your home entertainment system, now is the time. A large 4K TV would be your go-to to bring the action on the pitch into your living room, as the high resolution even lets you see the sweat on the players’ foreheads. If you have the space in your home, opt for a 55” or larger screen to truly bring the stadium atmosphere to you.

    However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a TV. If you want to take the experience to an even better and more immersive level, get an Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector.

    We have reviewed a 4K UST projector for cinematic-like viewing at home without the need for a big screen. At just 6” the projection size can be adjusted between 80” and 150” to bring the stadium into your home with the click of a button. Just be aware that your friends might not want to leave anymore.

    Create Immersive Sound with the right Sound System

    What would a sports event be without hearing the crowds cheering at the stadium?

    Get a powerful sound system to truly allow for a stadium-like experience in your home that will put you and your guests in the middle of the action. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of soundbars and speaker systems available to choose from, with experts reviewing sound systems for all budgets that offer immersive sound.

    Surround speakers such as a 5.1 Dolby Atmos-enabled sound system create a 3D sound effect and will make you feel like you have front-row seats to the game. With a subwoofer, you can’t just hear the crowd’s roar, but might even feel it.

    Set The Mood

    The stadium experience via image and sound is ready, now it’s time to get the details right to set the mood. First, get themed decorations in your team’s colors, wear your jersey, and prepare (or buy) themed snacks and finger food – it’s the details that matter.

    To create an even better mood, get RGB LED lamps that let you change the colors. Pick your team’s colors or set it to green, to let the pitch shine into your living room.

    If the match is taking place during the day, make sure to have drapes or blinds ready, so everyone can clearly see the screen without any glare. You can get smart motorized shades that won’t just impress your guests, but will also upgrade your level of comfort in your home.

    Have Odds, Stats, and Figures ready

    If you want to add that extra something to your watch party, make sure to have updated stats, figures, and odds ready. You can have them set up on a separate screen to check relevant stats before and during the match. These can be helpful when everybody is making their predictions. You can even add more excitement to the watch party and bet with your friends.

    If you’re watching a tournament like the World Cup, you can place bets on each round and collect points to find out who won the most bets after the finals. For this, stats and odds calculated by bookmakers who look at all kinds of events on and off the pitch can be very helpful. They also offer a platform to place bets directly.

    Experts offer betting site reviews for sports fans from different regions around the world that offer bets on all kinds of sporting events. They list up-to-date odds for teams and players that can offer interesting insights into a certain match. If you want to place bets with your friends on a match, you can either do so manually or make your wagers on a website to add an extra layer of excitement to your watch party.

    Do you have everything set up? Then it’s time to invite your friends and enjoy an immersive watch party like never before that will make you feel almost as if you were at the stadium yourself.

    David Novak
    David Novak
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