João Matos

Content Director, News Writer / Editor, and Social Media Manager

Soon after getting his Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, João Matos joined the GadgetGram team on May 2019. Since then, he has been working as the Content Director, with the main goal of publishing thorough reviews on all sorts of newly released tech-products. In addition, João has also been been working as a proficient News Writer and News Editor at Gadget Gram, as well as the Social Media Manager for the company's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Latest Articles

Blazy Susan Susan’s Own Full Spectrum CBD Muscle Balm

The Susan's Own Full Spectrum CBD Muscle Balm is a non-greasy and fast-acting 3,000mg CBD muscle balm that's formulated to be stronger and penetrate deeper than other balms on the market, allowing you to treat body areas in pain in a flash. Formulated specifically for targeted relief within any body area other than one's face that's experiencing muscle soreness or muscle pain, this fast-acting CBD-infused muscle balm will immediately go to work, relieving and relaxing sore muscles and muscle pain, all without leaving behind a greasy mess.

RYSE SmartShade – Smart App-Enabled Automated Window Shades System

The RYSE SmartShade is a smart App-enabled and electric-powered smart-home device that can completely automate any existing standard window shades that you have installed at home, featuring precise and easy-to-use built-in Button Controls, Bluetooth Connectivity, and In-App Controls via the RYSE App. Cleverly designed to be powered by software that leverages AI, sensors, and weather data, this smart automated window shades system can intelligently control your home's window shades to optimize your home's energy-usage and your family's overall comfort while at home.

Why Consumers now expect Instant Transfers when Shopping or Selling Online

Instant transfers are a permanently available electronic payment solution that's used to credit the value of online transfers between businesses and their costumers.

Scosche PowerUp 32K – 32,000 mAh/115Wh Portable Power Station

The Scosche PowerUp 32K is a lightweight and ultra-durable portable power station equipped with a powerful 32,000 mAh/115Wh Lithium-Ion battery which features a built-in Digital Display that indicates battery-level, along with a 20W USB-C PD Output port, a 30W USB-C PD Input / Output port, a 12W USB-A 5V / 2.4A Output port, and a 110V AC Output port, as well as a bright built-in 3W LED Light for illumination during nighttime. Whether you’re planning to go RVing or camping, to take a road trip, or even if you're simply looking to enjoy a sunny weekend in your backyard, this portable power station can be used to recharge and/or power up multiple battery-powered devices at once. Not only that, but you can also keep it fully-charged and ready for any unexpected power outages when you're at home.

Best Live Casino Technology Providers in the Gambling Industry in 2022

This article explains why live casino technology providers are necessary for casino websites to run their games, and discusses the 5 best companies to date.

New Zealand’s Best Kiwi Online Casinos for 2022

For New Zealanders looking to find the Best Kiwi Online Casinos in 2022, there are a couple important things to keep track of before choosing . Here's what to look for.

The 10 Best Online Casinos in Ireland in 2022

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