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Fluid Running H2Go – App-based Deep Water Running Workout System

The Fluid Running H2Go is an App-Based deep water running workout system that's designed to completely eliminate the harmful impact of running on land by simply offering you App-based coach-led audio workouts that can be performed in any deep water pool. With this awesome and very innovative deep water running workout system, you can work your legs, arms and core while having your body floating inside any deep water pool, and its all thanks to the system's flotation foam belt.

Urikar AT1 Massage Gun – Pro-Grade AI-Powered Percussion Massager

The Urikar AT1 Massage Gun is a professional-grade AI-Powered deep tissue percussion massager that's capable of delivering up to 65 lbs. of no-stall force, 16mm amplitude depth, 8 speed-levels that can be set up to 3800rpm, all while featuring up to 10 hours of battery life. Overall, this massage gun is super easy to use and ultimately, it can make your post-workout recovery process much easier, as well as make it last for a shorter amount of time.

Vioguard Cubby Plus UV-C Disinfecting Chamber

The Vioguard Cubby Plus is a powerful UV-C Disinfecting Chamber equipped with a UV-C bacteria-blasting light that can deliver the precise amount of UV-C light required to destroy infectious agents. Overall, this powerful UV-C Sanitizing Gadget is very reliable, and does a great job at sanitizing just about any small everyday items with its 4 powerful UV-C Light Bulbs, which can completely cover any item's surface from all directions and ultimately kill up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses at the molecular level. Best of all, since both of its Disinfection Cycles only take you either 60 or 90 seconds of your time, that also makes this UV-C Sanitizing Gadget is very quick and very easy to use.

Apollo Neuro – Health & Wellness Wearable Device for Stress-Relief

The Apollo Neuro is a wearable device that can regulate your HRV (Heart Rate Variability) via gentle vibrations in order to improve your resilience to stress, which can ultimately help you to focus, recover, sleep, and more. By wearing this health and wellness device on a day-by-day basis, you can better balance out your body's nervous system in order to more easily help your body recover from stress. Additionally, when used over time, the Apollo can also help your body to naturally improve its resilience to stress and bounce back more quickly whenever a stress-situation is triggered. Ultimately, you can use the Apollo to clear your head, to improve energy, to improve socialization, as well as to help you improve your focus levels, to achieve deeper meditative states, to simply relax and unwind, or ultimately, to get better nights of sleep.

mineralgia Pain Relief Cream – Great for Muscle Pain, Arthritis & More

The mineralgia Pain Relief Cream is a special pain relief cream blend that's formulated of 98% naturally derived ingredients, as well as with Dead Sea healing minerals. This pain relief cream features a purely vegan-based formula that's made of 98% natural ingredients, and as such is both Gluten-free and Paraben-free. All that makes it an extremely gentle and non-irritating pain relief cream that's completely safe for daily use, multiple times per day, and also safe to use for all ages, including people with sensitive or compromised skin.

Hero Pill Dispenser – Automatic Pill Dispenser for Medication Management

The Hero Pill Dispenser is a smart medication management system that can automatically organize, dispense, and track all of your medication, for which you can configure all its medication management functionalities via the Hero App. This all-in-one automatic pill dispenser can be used by yourself, or alternatively, by a loved one to more easily control all of your (or their) medication intake. With it, you can make sure that you (or a loved one) always take your pills at the right time, each and every time.

Visybl SafeTeam – Smart Social Distancing Wristband

The Visybl SafeTeam is a Smart Social Distancing Wristband that can be used to continuously monitor separation between workers to ensure social distancing. With it, businesses all over the world can ultimately have a reliable way of maintaining and reinforcing the mandatory social distancing guidelines requested by gonverments worlwide between all of their workers during any working hours.

Nexvoo Breeze Mask – Transparent Face Mask w/ Fans & UV-C Light

The Nexvoo Breeze Mask is a Transparent Face Mask that's equipped with Ultra-Silent Micro Fans and a built-in UV-C Light for sanitizing and disinfecting the mask. With it, you can have an active-fresh air system integrated within your own personal face mask, making it easier for you to breathe normally during any activity throughout your daily routine while simultaneously bringing you a reliable way of sanitizing the air you breathe.