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Noke U-Lock iPhone Bike Lock

Noke U-Lock works with smartphones

Noke takes the standard U-lock bicycle lock, used by millions for years against would-be bike thieves, and ramps it up with twenty-first century technology, essentially smartening it up with modern smartphone connectivity. The company calls it the Noke U-lock.

Noke U-Lock has GPS

Noke U-lock Advances standard U-lock

The Noke U-lock is pretty straightforward. It’s a standard U-lock, with a few extras including handlebar-esque accents, and more importantly, the ability to pair it to your phone’s Bluetooth. It also has built in GPS, so if you can’t remember where your bike is, the app will guide you to it. If you want to give a friend access to your bike, or you share a bike with a group of people, you can also share access.



You can unlock it with your phone or by entering a code with a dot-dash system. It’s got a battery designed to last for years that you can recharge with a micro-USB cable. The Noke U-lock even ships with a bike mount to get it on your bicycle.

Noke U-Lock is update to standard u-lock


The Noke U-lock gives you all the functions you need from your lock into one package. And the price is a show-stopper as well at $99 on Kickstarter.  Check out the site for additional information, availability, and stay tuned for a full review.  Noke also makes the smart Padlock.

Noke U-lock has bluetooth