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Igloohome Smart Padlock Review & Rating | Smart Padlock Singapore

Singapore startup Igloohome recently released their Smart Padlock, a locking system you can unlock with either a PIN or via an app using Bluetooth. The igloohome Smart Padlock had a rocket-fast launch thanks to its IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign, reaching 175 percent of its $50,000 funding goal in just a few hours.

The mobile app allows you to set up four different options: a permanent code; a one-time PIN, a time duration PIN, and recurring PIN codes. You can also instantly unlock the Smart Padlock when within Bluetooth range.

The Smart Padlock is made of hardened steel and discourages any tampering. It will lock itself after several incorrect PIN code attempts. In case someone’s staring at you when you’re entering your PIN code, you can mask your PIN by entering extra random digits, since the Smart Padlock will only consider the last 8 digits you insert. Use it with bicycles and motorcycles, tool boxes or sheds, garages or lockers, you name it.

Igloo is also compatible with the Airbnb Connect service, automatically synchronizing the owner’s Airbnb properties to the Smart Padlock, and then generating the PIN codes. The PIN codes will only work during the duration of each scheduled booking, expiring at the same time the booking does. This ensures that hosts don’t have to be physically present and protects them from previous lock combinations being used.

Igloohome Padlock

After setting up PIN codes or Bluetooth keys for other people, the owner can share the codes via text or Messenger. Users can also request access from the owner by scanning the QR code on the lock.

The CR2 battery lasts an average of a year. There’s also a 9-volt alkaline backup battery. These batteries can only be accessed after the Smart Padlock is open. The owner gets alerted via the app when a battery needs replacement. If both batteries are dead, emergency contact points can jump-start the padlock with an external battery.

The Igloohome Smart Padlock is shipping now and is available for $109. You can shop here.

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