David Novak

Editor in chief

For the last 20 years, David Novak has appeared in newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV around the world, reviewing the latest in consumer technology.His byline has appeared in Popular Science, PC Magazine, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Electronic House Magazine, GQ, Men’s Journal, National Geographic, Newsweek, Popular Mechanics, Forbes Technology, Readers Digest, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Glamour Magazine, T3 Technology Magazine, Stuff Magazine, Maxim Magazine, Wired Magazine, Laptop Magazine, Indianapolis Monthly, Indiana Business Journal, Better Homes and Garden, CNET, Engadget, InfoWorld, Information Week, Yahoo Technology and Mobile Magazine. He has also made radio appearances on the The Mark Levin Radio Show, The Laura Ingraham Talk Show, Bob & Tom Show, and the Paul Harvey RadioShow. He’s also made TV appearances on The Today Show and The CBS Morning Show.His nationally syndicated newspaper column called the GadgetGUY, appears in over 100 newspapers around the world each week, where Novak enjoys over 3 million in readership. David is also a contributing writer fro Men’s Journal, GQ, Popular Mechanics, T3 Magazine and Electronic House here in the U.S.

Latest Articles

WAMA Underwear Line – Organic Underwear made with Hemp

The WAMA Underwear Line is a high-quality, ultra-soft, super breathable and extremely comfortable brand of underwear for both men and women that's mainly made of hemp.

Hero Pill Dispenser – Automatic Pill Dispenser for Medication Management

The Hero Pill Dispenser is a smart medication management system that can automatically organize, dispense, and track all of your medication, for which you can configure all its medication management functionalities via the Hero App. This all-in-one automatic pill dispenser can be used by yourself, or alternatively, by a loved one to more easily control all of your (or their) medication intake. With it, you can make sure that you (or a loved one) always take your pills at the right time, each and every time.

Duracell Bluetooth Lithium-Ion Jump Starter 1100 (with USB Charging)

The Duracell Bluetooth Lithium-Ion Jump Starter 1100 is a portable Car Jump Starter that's powered by a powerful 8010mAh (29.6 Wh) Lithium-Ion Battery, which also works as a USB Power Bank and as a 200 lumen LED Flashlight, and even features Low-Battery Smartphone Notifications via Bluetooth. Featuring a IP65 water-resistant rating, the ability to quickly jump start many different 6L Gas Engines as well as many different 3L Diesel Engines, and even an internal Safety System that runs with a spark-proof operation, which also features several Safety Functionalities, which all include protection against Reverse Polarity, Over-Voltage, Over-Temperature, and Under-Voltage. Additionally, you can also use it together with its proprietary PowerHub App so that you can be notified via your Smartphone whenever the jump starter needs to be recharged. With it, you can be better prepared for any inconvenience while you're on the road.

Playing Online Casinos on Mobile

Nowadays, you can easily play Online Casino Games on your Smartphone via Apps or sites. Here are the main reasons why online casinos are gaining popularity.

New York State launches Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Excelsior Passports

Just a few days ago, the State of New York officially released the very first digital COVID-19 Vaccine Excelsior Passports in the US, which could very well help to fast-track the reopening of many businesses as well as several entertainment venues statewide. Basically, by using NYS Excelsior Pass Wallet App via their Smartphone, NY residents can conveniently use these when required to easily prove that they've been recently tested negative for COVID-19, or ultimately, to even prove that they've already been vaccinated for the disease.

Tactica M.100X Bundle Pack & Tactica M.250 HEX Drive Toolkit

The Tactica M.100X Bundle Pack and Tactica M.250 HEX Drive Toolkit are compact, portable, lightweight and versatile hex drive multi toolkits that can be used for any screwdriver tasks and DIY projects. Overall, these hex drive multi toolkits can be used as your on-the-go companion toolbox for all of your assembly and repairing needs, for any DIY projects that you have planned, or pretty much for any inconvenience that might face throughout your day, no matter where you are. Integrating a ton of versatile features for your everyday use as well as several different hex-head attachments such as a set of Allen keys, TORX bits, and different eyeglass drivers, these are, without a doubt, some of the most complete everyday carry tools you'll ever find available on the market. With either of them, you can easily and conveniently tackle almost any unexpected repair-situations.

Ekster MagSafe Card Holder – Magnetic Cardholder for the iPhone 12

The Ekster MagSafe Card Holder is a iPhone 12 cardholder accessory that's compatible with Apple's MagSafe Charger, which you can use to turn your iPhone 12 into a slim wallet with room for 3+ cards or some cash. Designed with the goal of streamlining your everyday carry experience, this simple, yet ultra-versatile iPhone 12 cardholder accessory is perfect for everyday use. With it, you can exclude the need of carrying a wallet with you and ultimately feel a bit more free while you go on and about throughout your daily commute. Overall, this

Morrison Outdoors Little Mo 20° Down Insulated Baby Sleeping Bag

The Morrison Outdoors Little Mo 20° Down Baby Sleeping Bag is a 20° down-insulated sleep sack that can provide the perfect sleep environment for young babies that are as young as 6 months old or older, all the way up to 24 months old. With it, parents of newborn babies can literally take their little ones anywhere while having complete peace of mind that their babies won't feel any cold whatsoever, thus allowing the entire family to explore the outdoors together without any "freezing concerns" and ultimately enjoy Mother Nature in absolute comfort and coziness.