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Gourmia Robotic Cooker Review

Gourmia Robotic Cooker stirs automatically

The Gourmia Robotic Cooker ($119-$299) (GCR1700) is a 10-in-1 Multi-Function Cooker, which makes a striking first impression thanks to its design and aesthetics. The multicooker’s exterior looks very space-age, and it comes complete with a removable arm that stirs dishes for you.

Gourmia, a leading maker of of innovative kitchen countertop appliances, came up with the Gourmia Robotic Cooker to take the work out of cooking healthy meals thanks to innovative features and technology such as its aforementioned built-in hands-free stirrer, the 3D cooking technology and pre-programmed controls. These technologies allow you to cook mails virtually hands-free.


“No matter what their skill level, the Gourmia 10-in-1 Multi-Function Robotic Cooker is every cook’s new best friend,” says Sam Ash, chief marketing officer for Gourmia. “It’s like having an extra pair of hands in the kitchen, and in many ways an extra kitchen stove as well. Loaded with innovative thinking and a host of advanced features, it is unquestionably a must-have for culinary enthusiasts, healthy-eating devotees, and techies disguised as foodies. With its ultra-modern techno design, the Gourmia Robotic Cooker looks as if it belongs in a Hollywood blockbuster.”

Gourmia Robotic Cooker cooks automatically


Gourmia Robotic Cooker Features

The Gourmia packs a ton of features. Firstly, let’s discuss the 3D cooking system. It consists of a couple of parts: A hot air system, which surrounds food with heat energy so that items cook better, faster and more efficiently. As a consequence, less oil is needed, which is obviously a healthier benefit. Secondly, it has a base-mounted heating system that maximizes the searing effect of foods.

Next is the 10-in-1 Multi-function. With this feature, you can prepare fantastic food with 10 different styles to choose from: roast, slow cook, stir fry, stew, pan fry, sauté, steam and bake. You can even make sauces and soups. And the pre-programmed control panel, with effortless one-touch button settings, makes cooking with the Gourmia Robotic Cooker as simple as possible. You simply prep the food, stick it in the Gourmia Robotic Cooker, press a function button, and you’re done. Walk out of the kitchen, and when you return, you meal is ready.

Gourmia Robotic Cooker has easy view lid


In our minds, perhaps the most innovative feature is the Hands-Free Stirring system. The Gourmia Robotic Cooker eliminates the need for time-consuming manual stirring and mixing. Rather, this function is taken care of thanks to a direct-drive, top-mounted self-operating stirrer system, the first on the market designed specifically for the home kitchen. It helps make perfect dishes such as scrambled eggs, soups, stews, risotto, Asian dishes…even stir-fry.

Gourmia Robotic Cooker stirs automatically

Bottom Line

The Gourmia Robotic Cooker is a pretty slick little kitchen cooker, and the reduced price makes it even a better deal.  Besides that, it looks great in a kitchen, it has easy-to-read gauges and it has an EasyVue lid allowing you to see how your food is cooking. Clean-up wise, the Gourmia doesn’t  disappoint either. the auto stir spatula is dishwasher safe, and it has removable contact points for easy cleaning. You can purchase the Gourmia Robotic Cooker here.

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