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JVC to Announce Android Auto Receiver at CES 2018

JVC Android Auto is cool

In 2017, Google was hinting at developing a wireless Android Auto technology. In fact, it was discussed pretty regularly in the news, and then suddenly, the stories stopped coming in. Well they’re back, and it appears that JVC has just announced that it plans to show off devices which support wireless connectivity for Android Auto at CES 2018, which starts January 7th.

JVC announced very little in the way of details beyond the fact that this device will feature a 720p screen and support both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.  Having said that, it will likely be a while before this receiver hits the market since technology announced at CES usually doesn’t ship until some time after the show. However, we’re sure JVC will fill the public in on what their plans are with the Android Auto lineup and projected release dates.

While JVC also didn’t offer any details in price, it’s suspected that this receiver will not be cheap since it will be the first of its kind. Alpine’s Apple CarPlay wireless receiver runs around $700, so the JVC model will probably weigh in at around the same price point. Incidentally, JVC’s receiver will also support Apple’s ecosystem as well.

JVC Android Auto works wired and wirelessly

Android Auto is cool for many reasons, but perhaps the biggest selling point is that many users can simply plug in an Android phone and start using it. This is a much more cost-efficient option than going wireless. Those who want wireless, JVC’s wireless receiver would free them from the dongles and cords immediately. Beyond that, there’s no reason to think that this technology will be costly for too long. As more companies enter the market, prices will drop as the technology becomes easier to produce.

JVC Android Auto will run $700

Even with wires, Android Auto is a super service for those cars that support it. Those driving an unsupported model aren’t left out in the cold either as some manufacturers are selling wired receivers for about $400. Most of these devices will also allow you to make phone calls, compose text messages, find directions and more, all hands-free, making driving safer and easier.

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