2010 Easton

Easton has introduced their new Tri-Zone bats, the one-piece Synergy Tri-Zone and the 2-piece Stealth Tri-Zone designs. Tri-Zone is a segmented barrel technology, localizing each inch, created to increase the hitting area and flexibility along the length of the 13.5-inch barrel.

The Stealth features the ConneXion Design System (CDS), which creates a true two-piece design by isolating the handle from the barrel to eliminate vibration with an elastomeric rubber cushion between the two. The Synergy offers the same performance as the Stealth, but uses a one-piece design deemed Single System Technology.

Now, I don’t play pro ball, but the Easton Tri-Zone bats I tested kept me at the batting cage longer than I planned. I was smackin’ the leather off of faster pitches because the design literally creates an increased virtual sweet spot. Also the bats’ ability to dampen vibration was quite noticeable. I compared Easton’s line-up with a wooden bat, and the difference upon connection during the hit even sounded more solid. It’s true that a highly-advanced bat can improve your game tremendously. ($299-$399, www. www.eastonbaseball.com)