Motorola XT701 (aka Sholes) plus MT710 and XT800 Android smartphones get official

3Honestly, you sit around waiting for one Motorola tablet and a few drop into your lap at once. SlashGear reader Dion flagged up three new Motorola devices seemingly headed for the Chinese market, including one which looks to be the touchscreen handset formerly known as the Sholes: the Motorola XT701, the MT710 and finally the XT800. All three run Android and have sizeable 3.7-inch 854 x 480 displays like the Motorola DROID.

Of the three, the most interesting to us are the XT701 and the XT800, since the MT710 uses China’s own TD-SCDMA wireless standard and thus is unlikely to make it to US or European shores. In contrast, Motorola have given the XT701 HSDPA/HSUPA and the XT800 actually gets dual-mode GSM/EVDO, along with WiFi b/g, Bluetooth and 5-megapixel autofocus cameras. The XT701 gets a Xenon flash to go with it, while the XT800 makes do with dual-LED, but the latter does pack an HDMI output for 720p HD.

Each is powered by an ARM Cortex A8 processor and has just about all the sensors, accelerometers and ports we’ve come to expect from a current Android smartphone. They’ll apparently arrive on all three of China’s various networks – the XT701 to China Unicom, the MT710 to China Mobile and the XT800 to China Telecom – but we’re still nowhere near hearing about a release anywhere else.(Via: Slash Gear)