Optoma HD66 3-D Home Theater

Optoma HD663D is a very popular concept, and now reality, in the video arena, particularly cameras, gaming devices, video players, and now TV and home theater projectors.  3D is set to become the new HD within the next couple of years – and with that in mind, Optoma has introduced its HD66 digital projector at CES – a $699 home theatre projector capable of showing 720p content in 3D with a max image size around 300″.Optoma HD66 2

All of media is rushing to add an extra imesion to every conceibable content stream, and where 3D was a dead subject decades ago, it has now become the future standard every CS manufacturer is racing to offer. The Optoma HD66 digital projector is 720p-capable, the image is bright and clear (2500 ANSI lumens, 4000:1 contrast ratio), and the 3D effect is great when viewed through active-shutter glasses. Max image size is 300″ (minimum 23″), which will suit most lounge rooms. It’s small and easily portable, and can accept most normal video inputs up to 1080p (HDTV, EDTV, SDTV, NTSC, PAL, SECAM). It’s got a small speaker in it if you need to use it as a standalone unit, and comes with a remote.Optoma HD66 3

Naturally, it only works with a 3D source, 3D content and active shutter 3D glasses – which are not included. That’s annoying, because active shutter glasses are expensive – but then, it lets you choose your own 3D goggles, and has helped Optoma keep the price down to US$699. The HD66 is shipping now. (www.optoma.com) (video courtesy of AVForums.tv)