2C Solar-Powered Baseball Cap

I recently received a 2C Solar Cap to review, and I must say that I was very impressed with it. You’d expect it to be a silly gadget without any real purpose… but actually, it works perfectly for map reading at night. If you’re out hiking or camping, you usually need both hands free to do something, such as pitching a tent, cooking, or map reading. The 2C Solar Cap perfectly angles the bright white LED lights in front of you, making the cap very practical.

The cap is really well made, using a quality baseball cap, and a robust waterproofing for housing the electronics. There are 2 bright white LEDs, a large solar panel on the top of the cap, and a solid on/off switch to turn the lights on and off. The cap is as comfortable as any other good quality baseball cap. It certainly doesn’t feel like a low quality cap with a solar panel stuck on top.


Now you need to read the instructions for the other light modes, but there is also an SOS attention-getting mode, as well as the ability to adjust the brightness of the lights. For the SOS mode, you just push the on/off button twice. The lights rapidly flash in such a way that would easily grab someone’s attention. For the dimmer mode, you just push and hold the on/off button until the light dims to the brightness you want. Really easy, and really simple.

I really like the 2C Solar Cap, and although it costs $34.99, I can see why it’s worth that much. This is not a cheap or pointless eco gadget. The solar cap has genuine functionality, and I can see that it would be really useful when I’m camping. If you’re in the UK, you can get it for £29.99 from Solar Light Cap directly.

Via:   Enviro Gadget