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    UberClub Portable and Discrete Golf Course Bathroom

    UroClub Golf Course Portable Toilet

    If you golf, you know that it can be a long day out there, and if your bladder isn’t, shall we say, able to hold a lot of content, then your day can seem like eternity. Seskin company was inspired to create the UroClub after hearing from male patients who golfed, but who also suffered from frequent urinary issues.

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    The UroClub has a triple-sealed screw-top hollow grip, that can hold over half a liter of liquid – twice the volume of what is commonly urinated, apparently.

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    It comes with a privacy shield, which is a little towel-like piece of fabric that hangs down in front of your pants. The idea is that when the need hits you, you just open up your UroClub, snug it up under the privacy shield, fumble around under there a bit, then just stand there and look like you’re giving a lot of thought to your next swing. The reservoir grip is actually your comode.

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    The UroClub is modeled after a 7 Iron and costs $24.95.  Sorry ladies, no invention for you yet.  (

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