Energy Saving All-For-One Remote Control

The All For One Remote is a universal remote controller, capable of handling up to 4 different AV devices. The remote can then be used to control all 4 devices without needing to find any other remote and can turn off all 4 devices from standby at the press of a button.


The All For One Remote made by One For All has been designed to help save power consumption by allowing all devices connected to it to be turned from standby to off at a single press of a big green button. The company believes that by using this button a person can save up-to 90% of their standby energy consumption.


The All For One Remote has been designed for use with AV devices such as TVs, DVD players,  Satellite/Cable/DVB-T devices and surround sound systems. By ‘tuning’ the control to the devices in your house you can then take control of up to 4 devices from the one remote control.

The remote comes with a plug that can be controlled by the remote and it is this plug that the remote turns off when the Green energy saving button is pressed. Extra plugs can be brought, though the devices could all be plugged into one plug extension 4 gang. The 4 gang could then be plugged into the remote controlled plug allowing the devices to be all turned off through the one remote controlled plug.

Via:  Enviro Gadget